1 Easy Step To Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

Long live 2015! It’s time to start figuring out your resolutions for the new year. Are you working to improve your body? Your mind? Other people’s lives? Either way, everyone here at myWebRoom knows that the best way to commit to a resolution is to TELL PEOPLE ABOUT IT. 

The best way to achieve a personal goal is make it a specific, achievable act that you can put in a short sentence and let people know about it. Push it to Twitter. Broadcast it on Tumblr. Share it with friends over coffee. Once you make it known you can figure out your first, small step to making good on your word. Those short-term, easy goals help. But seriously. TELL SOMEONE.

True to form, we at myWebRoom HQ have decided to share our new year’s resolutions with you all out there. Have fun getting to know us through our uplifting and sometimes weird life goals. Oh, and in case that isn’t good enough, we all listed our favorite websites of the year so we can help you get your 2015 off to a good start with a bunch of bookmarks to add to your rooms. Bon appetit!

John Gonzalez, myWebRoom Co-Founder

San Francisco entrepreneur and co-founder of myWebRoom John Gonzalez goes into style and mustache technique.

“For my 2015 New Years Resolutions I would like to establish and maintain healthier eating habits and turn my six pack of beer belly to a six pack of muscle. Ideally, I want to be able to run at least a half marathon by the end of the year. Oh, and of course get myWebRoom through a seires A round of funding. And maybe read at least 12 books. Ok, I’m done.”

Website of the Year: myWebRoom (of course)

mywebroom co-founder John Gonzalez's home away from home.Artem Fedyaev, myWebRoom Co-Founder

Artem Fedyaev and Daria Rebenok of the primary myWebRoom crew. See their New Year's resolutions and more at the blog!

So many things to get done! Mybiggest resolution is to manage my diet and get back in shape! I’m trying to play more soccer and tennis throughout the week I want to get back to running a daily 5k!

Website of the Year: myWebRoom! (Shocking, I know.)

mywebroom co-founder Artem Fedyaev's home away from home.

Daria Rebenok, Head of Marketing

myWebRoom head of marketing, Daria Rebenok.

“My New Year’s resolutions are to continue being fit, start exercising every single day, and enroll myself into the Italian Institute of Culture to participate in italian evenings (as I’ve started to slowly forget Italian).”

Website of the Year: ShopStyle

ShopStyle made the list for myWebRoom's best websites of 2014!

Ling Lim, UX Visionary

myWebRoom's UX designer Ling Lim chows down on some much-deserved ice cream.

“There are so many things I want to be better at (and I want it now!!), but the biggest thing for me is to work on patience and to be comfortable with sitting in zones of uncertainty. My New Year’s Resolutions are to enjoy the process and to understand that achieving goals takes time. If everything goes well, I would like to speak at a design event, compete in a powerlifting meet, and eat 3000 calories daily while staying lean.”

Website of the Year: Google, and everything under that huge umbrella

Google made the list of myWebRoom's best websites of 2014.

Lianne Krusemark, Content Chieftain

Lianne Krusemark, content editor at myWebRoom.

Since I moved to SF, I’ve had to end my membership at my amazing yoga gym. I hate regular gyms, so I’m trying to get back into a regular exercise routine.  I also want to make more dinners at home and pack lunches for work! And more nature adventures!

Website of the Year: theBERRY

theBERRY made the list of myWebRoom's best websites of 2014.

Kris Lichtenstein, Digital Marketing Manager

myWebRoom's digital marketing manager, Kris Lichtenstein

“I used to exercise every day by walking my dog for 45 minutes but since I moved and my commute has gotten much longer, I’ve run out of daylight and fallen off of the wagon. So my resolution is to figure out a solution and start walking with her every day again.”

Website of the Year: MindBodyGreen

MindBodyGreen made the list of myWebRoom's best websites of 2014.

Camille Cobbs, Marketing Intern and Copywriter

Marketing intern and copywriter Camille Cobbs at the myWebRoom Blog!

“This year, I have enjoyed food way too much. I mean come on, pizza is delicious. Despite the temptation of more slices, I would like to begin living a healthier lifestyle – starting with the food that I eat. Veggies and juice cleanses, here I come!”

Website of the Year: StyleCaster

StyleCaster made the list of myWebRoom's best websites of 2014.

 Shawn Goff, Content Writer

Content copywriter Shawn Goff at the myWebRoom blog new year's resolution compilation.

“The last few weeks have been full of deliciousness and the waist of my pants seem to be closing in on me! I have to get back to eating better and exercising regularly.”

Website of the Year: Joystiq

Joystiq made the list of myWebRoom's best websites of 2014.

Brian Tang, Visual Content Curator

Visual content curator Brian Tang of myWebRoom

“For my resolution, I am going to try to cook more often for myself whenever I can (and others if they dare). Cooked meals are way better than buying fast food all the time. I also hope to improve my craft this year and create a worthy portfolio.”

Website of the Year: Etsy

Etsy made the list of myWebRoom's best websites of 2014.

Kahi Tai, Graphic Design Swagmaster

Graphic design swagmaster Kahi Tai shows off his new year's resolutions at the myWebRoom Blog!

“Learn 3d modeling/rendering, get into video/photography, improve typographic and illustrative skills on paper and computer, start a hand lettering 365, and learn coding.”

Website of the Year: “Does Reddit Count?” (It does.)

Reddit made the list of myWebRoom's best websites of 2014.

Joshua Burton, Nerdtastic Marketing Writer

Since I’m a struggling comedian and actor in my off-time, my resolution is to set up at least two performances a month in 2015. And to cut back from 4 to 3 gigantic, Mission-style burritos each week.

Website of the Year: The Nerdist

The Nerdist made the list of myWebRoom's best websites of 2014.

Mat McEwan, Visual Content Curator

Visual Content Curator Mat McEwan reflects on the possibilities of 2015 at the myWebRoom Blog.

This year I’ve learned to really discipline myself, especially with my art.  Since I don’t have very much work to show in my portfolio, my resolution is to have at least one (if not two) complete illustrations done per month in 2015.  Also, as a story artist, I’d like to have 1 chapter of my first book written out each month as well!

Website of the Year: Pinterest

Pinterest made the list of myWebRoom's best websites of 2014.

Johanna Friedman, Visual Content Curator

myWebRoom's visual content curator Johanna Friedman.

My New Year’s resolution is to finally get my driver’s license! I know it’s crazy that I don’t already have one, but my only excuse is that I’m European. Please don’t judge. Also, I need to find a better way to organize all the different projects and deadlines in my life.

Website of the Year: Things Fitting Perfectly Into Other Things

Rena Cheng, Visual Content Curator

Visual Content Curator Rena Cheng reflects on the possibilities of 2015 at the myWebRoom Blog.

I always have a million things I need to do (such as the usual exercising, making more friends for when I move to SF in a week, etc), but this year I really want to learn more about photography. I do a lot of art on the side but I’ve never really had a good camera for photography. I finally got my hands on a fancy dslr camera a couple weeks back and I really want to take some gallery-worthy photos! I also like to travel so I’m hoping to get some good shots abroad. Having previously worked in the film industry I’m also exposed to a lot of great cinematography so I would like to try to mimic that. I’m so excited!

Website of the Year: My Portfolio! (Shameless Plug Version)

Rena Cheng's portfolio made the list of myWebRoom's best websites of 2014.

Fanny Yu, Visual Content Curator

myWebRoom's graphic design and visual content curator Fanny Yu lays out her resolutions for 2015.

“I hope to manage my time between work and school. I’m setting two major milestones: for the summer I want to have 80% of my thesis done and by the end of the year to successfully present it, graduate, and obtain my MFA in graphic design.”

Website of the Year: Designspiration

Designspiration made the list of myWebRoom's best websites of 2014.

Lauren Holmes, Visual Content Curator

myWebRoom's graphic design and visual content curator Lauren Holmes looks forward to 2015 with some new year's resolutions.

“My New Year’s resolution is to be more active by running, hiking, and doing yoga more frequently.”

Website of the Year: StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon made the list of myWebRoom's best websites of 2014.