10 Best Sites For Keeping Up With Fashion Trends

This guest post was written by Megan Portorreal

Don't get left behind in fashion. See what's in at these awesome sites.

In a world where anyone and everyone can be a fashion resource just by posting an image on a blog or Instagram (the fashion hashtag on Instagram has over 200 million hits), finding the most reliable resources in a sea of voices can be a bit overwhelming. I totally get it, so I’ve rounded up my favorite go-to fashion resources, from the best style bloggers to digital fashion magazines you didn’t know you were missing.

1. Refinery29: Refinery29 is the ultimate go-to resource to stay updated on the most current trends in fashion, beauty, and entertainment. Their fashion section in particular is massive: from styling tips, interviews with designers and influencers, and street style picks, there is an abundance of content. Take it from me: you’ll want to sign up for the newsletter. You can opt-in for general weekly shopping and fashion updates, or you can narrow down your search based on major locations, such as New York City or London.

myWebRoom blog 10 best sites for keeping up with fashion trends Refinery29

Image via: Refinery29


2. WhoWhatWear: Just as the name suggests, WhoWhatWear covers all things fashion. You’ll find tons of great tips – from fashion editor guides on seasonal trends, to helpful style videos, to ideas on what to wear to specific occasions. Don’t have time to surf their sea of updates? Like Refinery29, their newsletters are also spot-on. Get glances at daily updates on all things site-wide, as well as current accessories and pieces that will be sure to catch your eye!

myWebRoom blog 10 best sites for keeping up with fashion trends Who What Wear

Image via: Love Is Blind


3. DailyLook: Have you ever wished you had your own personal stylist to help you shop? Look no further – DailyLook is here to save the day! This elite fashion subscription service mails 7-11 hand-selected pieces and accessories based on your preference right to your door. Try them on, keep what you want, then mail back what you don’t—and you’ll only be charged for what you keep! Not sure if you’re ready to try the service out? Check out their Trending Looks section for daily fashion inspiration and to learn from their stylists! I guarantee you’ll find pieces that are myWebRoom-worthy.

myWebRoom blog 10 best sites for keeping up with fashion trends Daily Look

Image via: Daily Look


4. TargetStyle: Want to save a buck and still look trendy? Target takes affordable style to a whole new level with their TargetStyle branch, where they focus solely on fashion, beauty, and décor. From eye-catching styling tips, their latest designer collaborations (remember how their #LillyForTarget line nearly broke the Internet when announced?), and fashion inspiration under $50, there’s a whole lot to love – and even more to save. Trust me when I say you’ll want to bookmark almost everything!

myWebRoom blog 10 best sites for keeping up with fashion trends Target Style

Image via: Target Style


5. LuckyShops: Even before Eva Chen announced she was leaving Lucky Magazine earlier this year and the print magazine collapsed, the company was making a move to a digital-only platform. Cue LuckyShops, the rebranded shopping site that connects Lucky readers straight to the fashion and accessories once featured in its glossy pages. Fans of the magazine can still find their favorite fashion inspiration from Lucky editors, and can still browse the Lucky Breaks page and score some serious deals. It’s the ultimate fashion inspiration hotspot, especially since you can easily purchase the pieces you are pining for!

myWebRoom blog 10 best sites for keeping up with fashion trends Lucky Shops

Image via: Lucky Shops


6. Cliché Magazine: While on the subject of purely digital magazines, another go-to for all things trending is Cliché Magazine. While content across the site covers everything from entertainment to beauty trends, fashion has always been a major focus of the brand since its inception in 2009.  Cliche prides itself on keeping its readers updated on all fashion trends, collections, and must-have items of the season. Follow the magazine’s fashion editors behind the scenes at New York Fashion Week, enter fashion-related giveaways to score cool prizes, and read exclusive interviews with up-and-coming designers.

myWebRoom blog 10 best sites for keeping up with fashion trends Cliche Magazine

Image via: Cliche Magazine


7. TheStyleLine: The Style Line, which was originally founded in 2011 on Tumblr, combines storytelling and aesthetics in a flawless way.  It has become the perfect go-to for eye-catching and informative fashion-related features. Stories range from personal backstage experiences at New York Fashion Week to inspiring interviews with innovative designers. Get introduced to fashionable newcomers and seasoned professionals around the globe, as well as take tours of their workspace and storefronts to get a truly personal inside look.

myWebRoom blog 10 best sites for keeping up with fashion trends the style line

Image via: The Style Line


8. ClothesEncounters: The Korean American vlogger Jenn Im of Clothes Encounters knows a thing or two about fashion styling, and she’s not afraid to share it (with her over 1.4 million YouTube subscribers who have watched her videos a collective 115 million times). Im shares weekly videos on her channel explaining how she styles her favorite pieces in multiple ways, for various occasions. She’s even collaborated with companies like Refinery29 and Target in the past. Bookmark her channel for seasonal fashion inspiration and hacks on how to revamp your wardrobe!

myWebRoom blog 10 best sites for keeping up with fashion trends Clothes Encounters

Image via: Jenn Im/Instagram


9. I Am Galla: We can’t forget about the dudes, now can we?! For all things menswear, fashion blogger Adam Gallagher is one seriously stylish force to be reckoned with. He features style diaries from his travels around the globe and daily outfit snaps on his blog and social networks; with over 1.4 million Instagram followers and climbing, Gallagher has become the leading inspiration for menswear fashion designers everywhere. If you love blazers, vintage cars, and beautiful landscapes captured from airplane windows, you’ll fit right in.

myWebRoom blog 10 best sites for keeping up with fashion trends I Am Galla

Image via: I Am Galla/Instagram


10. What I’d Wear: What I’d Wear is one of Tumblr’s biggest hotspots for street style inspiration, and is a must-bookmark archive if you’re in need of outfit ideas. All outfits are sorted into categories, so if you only want to see looks with stripes or midi skirts, you got it! Narrow down your style preferences and then follow the fashion bloggers you want to learn more about. It’s a great introduction to new bloggers and serves as the perfect hub for beautiful inspiration.

myWebRoom blog 10 best sites for keeping up with fashion trends What Id Wear

Image via: What I’d Wear



Megan Portorreal is the Editor in Chief of Cliché Magazine. As a fashion and beauty enthusiast, Megan is constantly searching for the latest fashion trends, beauty products, and up-and-coming innovators in the industry. When she’s not interviewing designers or attending fashion events, she loves reading any book she can get her hands on and chatting with other fashion and beauty lovers on Twitter @meganportorreal.

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