10 funniest internet memes from The Walking Dead

With the kickoff of season six of The Walking Dead, the internet has exploded with hilarious walker-related memes.  We’ve rounded up some of our favorites – and recommended dozens more for you to check out.  Enjoy!

Check out the funniest memes from the walking dead ever.

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1. Netflix and Chill Rick: It’s no secret that Rick is not only the leader of the pack, but also the stud of The Walking Dead.  So this meme that combines Netflix and chilling with those eyes?  You had us at swoon.  

mywebroom blog walking dead memes 10 minuges into walking dead and chill and he gives you this look

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2. Aaaand they’re gone: For anyone that has ever gotten attached to a character on The Walking Dead only to see them killed off – this one’s for you!  South Park makes everything funnier, so throw that into the mix and you’ve got the perfect combination of humor and truth – meme heaven.

mywebroom blog walking dead south park memes new episode of the walking dead introduces 5 new cast members aaaand they're gone

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3. I see dead people: Speaking of bringing other pop culture references into the mix, this play on The Sixth Sense is just too perfect.  Carl Grimes is all too familiar with seeing dead people – only Cole doesn’t have to run for his life from them every day the way Carl does.

mywebroom blog walking dead memes i see dead people

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4. Dirty Rick, clean Rick: The Walking Dead just might be the dirtiest show on television, considering the characters have barely gotten to shower showered in two years.  We love a little word play as much as the next guy so we couldn’t resist this Rick Grimes, Rick Cleans meme.

mywebroom blog walking dead memes rick grimes rick cleans

Image via: Funny or Die


5. But you didn’t have to cut me off: This meme brought in another pop culture reference that totally cracked us up.  The only way to kill a zombie is to cut off its head, but the photoshopped face of Gotye, along with the Somebody That I Used To Know lyrics takes this meme to a whole new level of greatness.

mywebroom blog walking dead memes but you didn't have to cut me off

Image via: Buzzfeed


6. Eugene’s a liar but Carol’s got this: After Eugene told the group that he was a scientist and could figure out the cure and they found out he was lying, they all wanted to tell him to look at the flowers.  We bet Carol’s the only one who would have been able to do it, though.

mywebroom blog walking dead memes i lied i'm not a scientist eugene look at the flowers

Image via: twddeadtalk


7. Michowned: Let’s face it: Michonne is awesome. She piles walkers higher than most people who use fancy-pants guns. What better caption for this photo than “Michowned?”  We couldn’t think of one.

mywebroom blog walking dead memes michowned

Image via: #thewalkingdead Twitter


8. I’m all out of cookies: Carol is always protecting herself, and while she may look more like a cookie-baking grandma, you’re more likely to find her stealing guns.  Since bullets are a little more useful than flour and chocolate chips, you better believe that she’s out of cookies.

mywebroom blog walking dead memes i came to bake cookies and kill people and i'm all out of cookies

Image via: The Walking Dead Social


9. Oh, Carl: Carl may look like a kid, but he just wants to be his own man. Despite this Rick is always trying to baby him. You better believe this makes Carl tough for Rick to control…or keep in eyeshot.  We can see how keeping track of a kid when you have zombies to worry about could be a little … um… stressful.

mywebroom blog walking dead memes one does not simply keep track of carl

Image via: The Daily Zombies


10. Imaginary Beth drives better than Lori:  In the epic fall finale of season 5, a dying Tyreese hallucinated Beth driving the car while looking back at him the whole time.  We have to agree that even Beth’s ghost, while not paying attention to the road, drove better than Lori who managed to crash the car despite being the only person in the world on the road.  Literally.

mywebroom blog walking dead memes imaginary beth not looking at the road still a better driver than lori

Image via: Rickstuff Instagram


For more fun memes, check out the Entertainment feed in your room.

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