myWebRoom Faves: 10 Geeky Sites That Are Required For Any Pop Culture Nerd

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We have to confess that we are huge nerds at myWebRoom, so we figured what would be better than rounding up our favorite geeky sites? These sites include fun places to connect with other fans, catch up on sci-fi news, and even make very own comics! Enjoy!


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1. Convention Scene: Have you been wanting to show off your latest cosplay design? Convention Scene has a list of all the greatest comic book, video game, and anime gatherings from around the world!

Image via: New York Comic-Con

Image via: New York Comic-Con


2. All That’s Epic Cosplay: Cosplayers unite! All That’s Epic has an amazing cosplay section that is great for admiration or inspiration!

Cosplay Nerd Blog

Image via: All That’s Epic


3. Marvel’s Comic Creator: We all dream of making comics one day and thankfully Marvel has given us that chance! Marvel’s comic creator is probably one of the coolest things on the entire internet.

4. Fanpop: Fanpop is easily one of the best sites for you connect with other fans. They have thousands of “clubs” in over 20 categories that are dedicated to chatting, sharing images, useful links, and interesting polls, with people who like the same things you do!

Image via: Toronto Star

Image via: Toronto Star


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5. The Nerdist Podcast:Chances are that you’ve probably heard of Nerdist, but did you know they have one of the most amazing podcast sections? There are literally hundreds of pages and thousands of hours of podcasts to help you get your nerd on!



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6. ThinkGeek: What would a nerd blog be without mentioning ThinkGeek? A terrible one! This is the by far the best store online to get all of your nerd essentials. ThinkGeek even has their own Featured Store on myWebRoom!

Darth Vader promotes the General Akbar display from Star Wars

Image via: ThinkGeek


7. Nerdy With Children: Nerd spouse? Check. Nerd baby? Check. Nerd baby clothes? Not yet? Nerdy With Children is an awesome site that lets you show that you and your entire family are proud to be nerds!
Nerdy With Children


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8. The Nerd Machine: Want to know what’s happening in sci-fi movies, television, and video games? The Nerd Machine provides you with all the news you will ever need when it comes to the nerd world!

Nerd Machine Nerd Blog

Image via: The Nerd Machine


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9. Sci-fi Now: Sci-fi Now is a fantastic website, but one of their major highlights is the incredible amount of interviews they have. This is a great place to get inside your favorite TV shows, movies and more from the people who know it best!

SciFi Now Nerd Blog

Image via: SciFi Now


10. Robot 6: A great way to keep up with the coolest and most interesting topics is by visiting Comic Book Resources blog, Robot 6. This mix of video games, comics, movies, collectibles, and news is a great way to to get your nerd fix for the day!

Robot 6 Nerd Blog

Image via: Robot 6


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