10 Hot DIY Household Hacks

By Kristine Xu

Home can mean a lot of things to different people — whether it’s a place where the family lives, or where the Wi-Fi connects automatically. Mix and match any combination of these simple household hacks to personalize your home and make it more than just another place to take a nap.

Chalkboard Wall

Chalkboards aren’t just for spelling tests and arithmetic tests anymore. This nostalgic childhood staple is incredibly simple to replicate. Start by choosing a large blank wall and your favorite brand of chalkboard paint, making sure to pick a high traffic area to get the most out of your new household focal point. Prep the room by taping off surrounding areas with painter’s tape and canvas. Layer the wall with a heavy coat of paint and leave to dry for at least three days before using. Finally, make sure to leave out a fresh pack of chalk to decorate your new chalkboard wall with inspirational quotes, doodles, grocery lists, meal plans and phone messages. With a little elbow grease, a large wall of your house can be transformed into an artist’s dream canvas.

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Charger Hider

Everyone has a corner of the house clustered with chargers and wires that only gets more tangled as time passes. These eyesores can be easily prevented with a cleverly hidden power strip and an empty drawer. Drill a hole into the back of an easily accessible drawer for the power strip wire, making sure to fasten the power strip to the back of the drawer with command strips. Pick a drawer located close to your workspace, making sure to steer clear of the bedroom. Although having a charging station in your bedroom may be convenient, there are negative health effects to staying plugged in late into the night. Avoiding screen time an hour before bed helps calm the brain down and mentally prepare for bedtime. Use this simple organizational tool to help reduce the clutter of wires in your home efficiently.

This cabinet acts as a DIY charger hider. Find life hacks like this at the myWebRoom Blog.

Cutting Board Trashcan

For those of us fortunate enough to be blessed with cooking skills, having this addition in your kitchen is an innovative hack to help make cooking even less of a hassle. This project might require relocating your trashcan and cutting board to a centralized area. In this case, repurpose a kitchen drawer into a veggie prep station by cutting a hole into a heavy cutting board. Deconstruct the upper kitchen drawer and replace the actual drawer with the cutting board. Reattach everything together with screws and wood glue, making sure to reattach the drawer slides to the sides of the cutting board. Finally, fashion a pull out drawer in the cupboard below for the trash can. This is an efficient and faster way to prepare your meals in the kitchen.

This cutting board acts makes getting rid of scraps easy. Find life hacks like this at the myWebRoom Blog.

Up-cycled Doorknobs

Normal towel hangers do the job, but lack the aesthetic dazzle that these up-cycled doorknobs have. Whether you have a couple of antique doorknobs lying around or find them in a thrift store, any of them will make a sufficient decorative wall “hook”. Start by drilling a row of even spaced out holes for the doorknobs. Screw the handles to the wall with the help of some wall anchors and dust off residual wall dust. Use this method as a cuter way of hanging up your fluffy bathroom towels, without much effort at all. Similarly, this can also be applied to small drawers if you’re looking for more storage space or to repurpose an old dresser. Simply remove any drawer slides or other hardware for a sleek shelf. For a variety of doorknob projects, check out this helpful post over at Homedit.

These extra doorknobs make great DIY bathroom towel hangers. Check out more life hacks at the myWebRoom Blog.

Floating Bookshelf

Have too many books and not enough shelves? Try this creative and space savvy method that also provides an interesting storage solution while repurposing your old collection of thick college classics. Start this project by selecting thick novels that you either rarely ever read or have multiple copies of, making sure to only use hardcover books for a sturdier shelf. Install the metal bracket for resting your unused book on the bottom and stack the other books on top. The key for a more aesthetically pleasing shelf is to place the larger books on the bottom and taper up for a pyramid shape. This educational twist on a traditional bookshelf not only shows off your inner bibliophile, but also displays your stellar taste in books.

Mystify your friends with this awesome base for a floating bookshelf. More DIY life hacks can be found at the myWebRoom Blog.

Space-Saving Tricks

We’ve all experienced the timeless problem of having too many things but not enough space. That being said, this is the perfect project for using up neglected narrow spaces between counters or washing machines. Use up the full potential of real estate in your home with this clever trick. Start by finding a high traffic space in your home that is riddled with hidden nooks and crannies. Locate the area and take measurements of length, width and depth for your new drawer, before fashioning a pull out drawer out of any kind of wood. Keep in mind which items you will be storing here in the future, for adding multiple shelves of varying heights to accommodate said items. The brilliance in this project is the creation of space without cluttering up your home. Check out this awesome tutorial on how to build a space-saving pantry like this from Classy Clutter to see how it’s done. This project is for preserves, but it can work for just about any type of tight-squeeze storage!

9 awesome space saving techniques.


Space-Saving Pantry Shelf

Traditional pantries take up a lot of space on a wall. Imagine a refrigerator-sized pantry that only takes up about as much room as a can of peas? Try out this awesome design for an easy DIY that you can make for yourself in a day. Use all that extra space for more food (yeah right)! Check out the full tutorial at Classy Clutter.

Make your own DIY pantry to save space - and more household hacks.

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 Magnetic Mason Jars

For a project that is less carpentry intensive, try this one out—the only prerequisites include a strip of metal and a collection of sturdy Mason jars. This method is yet another example of using up empty spaces in your home, specifically those under your cabinets and shelves. Attach strong magnets to the tops of Mason jar lids, ensuring whatever heavy contents inside will stay attached. Then, affix a magnetic strip of appropriate size to the bottom of the counter, using sturdy screws. Instead of staring at empty containers and bare kitchen counters, monopolize the space under your cabinets for storing favorite spices, grains and pastas, or even extra rubber bands. Save up your old tomato sauce jars for a less expensive option.

Save space on your shelf with a magnetic jar holder. More DIY life hacks at the myWebRoom Blog.

Save Space With Trash Bag Rolls

That space under your sinks is valuable. Clear up some room for more junk useful materials with this handy DIY to hold your trash bag rolls. These already take up a lot of room and they’re always packaged in large boxes. With a few screws and some time, you’ll easily use some more of that vertical space that always goes to waste. Check out how to do it over at Handmania.

Save space in your life with these household DIY hacks.

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Beautify That Ugly Thermostat

Avoid a plain looking thermostat by adding a touch of Victorian flair to this otherwise plain household appliance. Adding a molded frame makes the thermostat easier to access than hiding it behind a painting, while still maintaining a pretty appearance. For this project, all you need is an old picture frame that fits the thermostat, and any kind of command strips. While you can repaint the frame for an additional bold accent, this step is optional and can be omitted. Prepare the frame by removing the glass and cardboard backing before attaching command strips around the perimeter of the back of the frame. Press onto the wall around the thermostat and enjoy your finished product!

Spice up your wall fixtures with some small frames. Check out more DIY life hacks at the myWebRoom Blog.