10 Tech Goodies From The myWebRoom Wishlist

By Kristine Xu

Being a student is hard. When the start of fall rolls around, I wish it only meant switching from shorts to jeans and drinking more pumpkin spiced lattes. Unfortunately, the start of September means waking up earlier to hit the books and wearing something other than just sweatpants. Thankfully, the use of electronics not only helps to (hopefully) increase productivity, but also makes any available free time more entertaining. With that being said, the following items are all part of my dream electronics wish list.

Apple 27-Inch iMac Desktop

The iMac is on the short list of myWebRoom products to have.  Check out our technology wishlist at the myWebRoom Blog.

I became an Apple user almost two years ago and I haven’t looked back. What desktops may lack in portability, they more than make up through high quality performance. The powerful quad core processor of this iMac is ready for just about any curveballs my busy work schedule has to throw throughout the day. I adore iMacs for their user interface aesthetics and functionality with the complete Adobe Creative Suite, which I use almost everyday for school and work. Not only can I seamlessly transition from cranking out articles to watching a movie, I can do so with style.

Xperia Z Tablet

If you REALLY want to read stuff in the tub, the Sony Xperia Z tablet is for you.  This and more on our wishlist at myWebRoom Blog.

Since I’m not into sports or over the age of 50, I have officially divorced cable from my life and switched to the killer combination of a high quality tablet and Netflix. Rather than paying exorbitant amounts for 500 channels of subpar television, I’d much prefer to watch handpicked shows from a portable screen and the comfort of my bed. In addition to saving money, this multimedia tablet doubles as a lightweight gaming platform and e-reader, making it the perfect companion for a morning commute or an afternoon visit to the park. On top of that, making sure to download the right applications can turn this tablet into a recipe book, a relaxation station, time manager or anything else a smartphone can’t accomplish on a smaller screen.

Alpha 77 DSLR Camera

The Alpha 77 camera is pretty good for the cub photographer. This and more tech on our wishlist at the myWebRoom Blog!

For pictures more sophisticated than the occasional foodie piece or goofy selfie, I turn the spotlight to the upscale lens power of a DSLR camera. This stunning piece of eye candy is among the best cameras on the market, with its authoritative presence and endless functionalities. Better than any smartphone or point and shoot camera, this Alpha 77 DSLR includes fast shooting speeds of up to 12 fps and ability to capture crisp clean images in any kind of lighting. This camera is perfect for documenting the little things in life, from unforgettable summer vacations to meet ups with old friends.

GoPro Hero 3

GoPro is kind of the great way to capture first-person video. Hands down. Because you can strap it to things to make it hands-free. Get it? Jokes like this and MORE at the myWebRoom Blog!

Ever since I started using social media, I have been obsessed with documenting exciting moments of my life. I see photography as an opportunity to express myself and continuously push the limit for “Coolest Thing I Did This Weekend”. That being said, the GoPro Hero 3 is the perfect way to capture high definition photos every single time without fear of obliterating my camera. The waterproof casing and ability to mount on helmets, gear or other equipment makes nothing impossible to film. There are no boundaries with a GoPro, and rightfully so. These cameras were made to handle any range of the human experience.

Ultra Premium Personal Hi-Res Bluetooth Speaker

Despite it's daunting name, Sony's Ultra Premium Personal Hi-Res Bluetooth Speaker is great for cordless music enjoyment. More tech on our wishlist at myWebRoom Blog!

No spontaneous movie night is complete without delicious homemade snacks and a high quality Bluetooth speaker. While it is possible to enjoy a movie from the built in speakers of my laptop, the mediocre sound quality takes away from some of the more dramatic movie scenes. Investing in a Bluetooth speaker may not seem economical if I rarely have free time to watch movies, but the excellent sound quality can be equally shared between all my electronics. From my favorite Pandora station to the latest episode of Breaking Bad, this Bluetooth speaker produces excellent sound quality for an impromptu dance party or for watching the latest nail-biting season finale.

iPhone 5S in Gold

The industry standard in smartphone processing now in GOLD.  This and more on the myWebRoom Blog.

Being an avid Apple user, I’m always looking for more ways to enjoy Apple products—like the iPhone 5S. This smartphone features more screen space, a sleeker body and fingerprint recognition that makes life astronomically more convenient. Suddenly all of my day-to-day activities are simplified through the dual team effort of the iMac and iPhone 5S. Of course, my iPhone is only as useful as its applications. Whether I’m looking up music with Shazam, editing photos with Moldiv or en route to the myWebRoom office with Embark iBART, I have the perfect app for any occasion.

iGo Power Trip

It's a power-up for your phone! The iGo power strip keeps you fully charged wherever you are.

I’m addicted to my phone. In between frantically looking for an outlet and being glued to the bright screen, my phone battery gets quite a workout. When I’m on the go, I don’t want to have to worry about whether my phone will last me the entire day. These impressive pocket sized computers perform amazing tasks at the touch of a fingertip, but lack the battery power to keep up for the entire day. Fortunately, the iGo Power Trip is a wallet-sized battery that provides enough battery power for five hours of continuous use. I prefer this to battery charging phone cases because of the dual USB plug in, so that anyone I’m traveling with can also juice up while I’m charging my phone.

Nike+ Fuelband

Technology and our physique are now intersecting with the wireless convenience of wristband health-monitoring technology with the Nike+ Fuelband.  See more cool tech on our wishlist over at myWebRoom Blog.

Need motivation to go running? As someone who used to detest any sort of unnecessary movement, I find it useful to be gently reminded that I need to get off the couch. TheNike+ Fuelband has the capability to record workouts and is more useful than any number of running apps available for the iPhone. This little gadget includes a step counter, workout tracker, timer and a cool way to workout with friends through Nike+ Groups. The Nike+ Fuelband can even track sleep patterns to ensure a good nights sleep before the next day’s workout. Coupled with some headphones and a running playlist, I’m ready to lace up my shoes and hit the pavement. As we’v written about before here on the blog, the Nike+ is one of many very fashionable items to wear if you want to get fit and look good doing so.

Oculus Rift Development Kit 2

This funny image of Will Smith from TESTED shows just how cool Oculus Rift is to use. We want this and a lot more stuff on our tech wishlist over at the myWebRoom Blog.

Although I rarely play video games now, I prickled up with curiosity when I heard about this revolutionary way of experiencing gaming. This virtual reality head mounted display slips onto the user’s head and allows stereoscopic 3D perspective. The debut of the Oculus Rift will finally alleviate all curiosity about what it’s like to be in a video game, and open a new platform for future video games. Personally, I prefer MMORPGs to the ever-popular first person shooters, generally because of the clever gaming strategies and adorable graphics. I can’t wait to finally submerse myself into the worlds of my favorite video games, including The Sims and Animal Crossing.

PlayStation 4

You've been playing it since you were a kid. Now it's in version 4 and we couldn't be happier. Behold the Playstation 4.  This is one of many things on our wishlist at myWebRoom Blog.

Growing up, I have fond memories crowding around the TV with my siblings and listening to the start up intro of the PlayStation. We constantly played our small collection of games over and over, despite the low quality graphics and limited gaming features. We were hooked. Now with the release of the PS4, I can enjoy games from the LittleBigPlanet and Kingdom Hearts series that I’ve played on older generations of the PlayStation consoles. Additionally, I also have access to new features like media sharing, live broadcasting, web browsing, Netflix access and ability to play Blu-ray and DVD’s. I can’t wait to never leave my house again.