11 Ways To Improve Your Interior Design

By Kristine Xu

After a long day at work, it’s vital to take time for relaxing so you can recharge your batteries. Everyone has a special place at home specifically dedicated to peace and solace. Whether you prefer the bedroom, living room or kitchen, the quality of your home is the last place you should be making compromises within your day-to-day life. So take a seat, kick up your feet and scroll to your hearts content through these beautifully crafted luxury rooms.

Living Room

This large and open space is wisely used to created a reflective place of zen. The use of soft, warm lights draws attention to the cream walls and clever use of wooden accents of this relaxing living room. Scattered through the room are tributes to a calm spa enviorment- the kind of space that makes you want to lean back and sigh with relief after a long day. With it’s Japanese inspired doors and minimal use of furniture, this room is sure to clear your mind of any stressful thoughts.pallet furniture living room


This deliciously simple and minimalistic bedroom design features a spacious double bed that rests physically among the floorboards of the bedroom. The bed sits flush against the wall, leaving no room for dust bunnies or socks to get lost underneath the bed frame. The ample natural lighting and high ceilings also create an illusion of larger space, ideal for city apartments and housing that are tight on space.
white loft floor bed imaginary roomies

Living Room

Bask in the open air of this spacious living room. The modern interior design of the furniture brings an energetic and vibrant feeling to the room. The window-covered wall allows copious amounts of natural light into the room while the wall-to-wall hardwood floors add a touch of luxury. Effortlessly entertain friends with a gorgeous backdrop of the looming skyline in the distance.
modern living room


Craving the peace and solitude of nature? Escape to the forest with this unique and woodsy bed frame made from entire branches of a birch tree. The natural bark and asymmetrical boughs are complimented nicely with a beige and neutral color scheme. Whether you have a passion for the outdoors or love the natural scent of birch wood, this is the perfect bed for your summerhouse near the lake. Dress it up with a delicately laced bed skirt or create some contrast with boldly colored duvets.

Birch-Tree-Bed room

Living Room

This is the perfect area to escape to after a long day at work. The aesthetic spiral staircase leads to a second floor sitting area with a gorgeous glass window view. The ground floor offers large glass doors with direct access to the bustling urban streets. Host some glamorous dinner parties in the presence of this gorgeous living room with its subtle tributes to French cinema sprinkled along the walls.

living room with spiral stairs image via google


This is a real life rendition of the classic story, The Jungle Book. Realistic looking vines hang playfully from the branches of the trees, while the bunk bed mimics high-quality tree houses that are perfect for any adventurously spirited child. The closet is nestled in the trunk of an old tree dripping with a heavy canopy of dark green leaves and the posts of the bed are tangled in a throng of leaves and flowers.


Living Room

Get some serious reading done in this spacious living room. A little nook tucked in the corner shelters all of your favorite title along the walls of the alcove and shelters them from the sun while the cozy fireplace create an irresistible reading area that is even complete with comfy plush seating. This room is also fitted with rustic timber beams and floor to ceiling windows, giving the room an even more spacious feeling. Rest your feet on a woven rug or browse through your growing collection of classics on the shelves.

living room lofty walls


Float into blissful sleep with this dreamy bedroom. The low ceilings and sparse furniture leave the room and mind uncluttered for undisturbed rest. The fluffy tulle strung above the bed hangs down gracefully around the head of the bed, while the soft fabric of the duvet and pillows glow gently in the natural light. Hang a string of faerie lights along the edge of the room to add some mystical flair.
dreamy bedroom


This is a fresh take on a traditional kitchen, featuring an counter and overhead storage that mimics modern European styles. Stack all of your favorite herbs and spices within the spacious cabinets. Although the area is small, the rustic design of the furniture and hardwood floors expand the space, giving more room to breathe. Gather your family around the table for some unforgettable meals made within the comfort of this country style kitchen.

rustic european kitchen


Capture the essence of the Rococo era with this intricate and charming bedroom set. Each piece features delicate carvings covered in glittering gold leaf, showing modest elegance and style. The claw foots on the bottom of the furniture are also characteristic to this style, which further add to the personality of the room. Sleep like royalty in between the silky luxurious sheets in this beautiful bedroom.

victorian bedroom rococo style


Cleanse your body and mind with this exotic bathroom. Complete with a round bathtub and hard wood floors, the room also features floor to ceiling windows and a lily pad dotted pond. Lose yourself to the trickling of water from the pond and the elegance of the bathroom design. Gaze at the surrounding scenery and marvel in the wonders of nature while you plunge neck deep into a steaming hot bath.
Who says that the home of your dreams can’t also be the home that you deserve? Thankfully, it won’t take an expert interior designer to give your house a makeover. With a little inspiration, it’s only a matter of time before your home looks and feels like these luxury rooms.