12 Things You Need For The Perfect Christmas Party

Holiday parties are awesome and chances are you’ll be either invited to some or throwing one yourself before Christmas. It can take forever to find the best party planning tips, gift ideas, food to prepare, and all the other minute details of a party, so we’ve done the work for you. Our team has gathered together everything you need to have an awesome holiday party and categorized it into saved content folders. Whether you’re throwing a party or planning on being a guest, you’ll find the best videos, articles, and photos in our new Christmas Party Room. Here’s how to get ready for the parties:


1. Start Christmas party planning

Party Planning – The hardest part about throwing the perfect party is all the planning. We’ve found plenty of tips and hacks for getting everything organized and pulling off a perfect bash, like HGTV’s secrets for hosting stress-free parties.

Host the perfect holiday part with 12 easy steps.


2. Have delicious Christmas food

No party is perfect if it doesn’t have food. Delicious, delicious food.

The Best Christmas Recipes – From dinner to dessert, check out some of the most sumptuous recipes to have on hand for your holiday feasting. It’s tough to find the ideal dish for that potluck dinner with your friends or coworkers. We did the searching for you. Want a taste? How about this grinch cake for christmas from the Bearfoot Baker.

Grinch cake and more holiday treat ideas for the ultimate Christmas party.


Delicious Christmas Drinks – If you don’t think that drinks deserve their own category then you haven’t been sampling the right beverages. There is such a range of drink recipes out there that satisfy your thirst. Whether you’re into sweet or savory, classic or modern, you will find your favorite new drink here. Take a peek at the Cookie Rookie’s salted caramel eggnog if you need some convincing.

Salted caramel eggnog is a great treat for any Christmas party.


3. Have the right Christmas decor

Need to know how to get started making your party space look the most like a holiday environment? We’ve scoured the web for the best tips on how to get your holiday started.

Christmas Decorations – Don’t have time to make it yourself? There are plenty of places online to get that special yuletide look. Wayfair caught our eye as having some great examples of holiday products to hang around the house.

Christmas garlands are great decorations for when you can't DIY.


Holiday Inspiration – Some people do better with amazing inspirational designs. In this folder you can find a variety of amazing decor ideas that will help influence your party environment. Which one is your favorite? This Scandinavian decor at One Kindesign caught our eye.

Scandinavian decor for Christmas and the holidays.

Image via: One Kindesign


4. Save money with DIY Christmas ideas

Feeling crafty? Nothing makes a party more personal (and more inexpensive) than making your own decorations.

DIY Ornaments – Find tutorials on how to make some of the most unique and fun Christmas tree ornaments in no time. These are all easy and can help show off your unique style. This BB-8 ornament from Inspire To Make is sure to be this year’s best DIY for Star Wars fans.


Mason Jar Crafts – What makes for a better package than a mason jar? Check out all of the gifts you can get together just by filling up a mason jar. Ideas like these advent candles from Yellow Bliss Road may surprise you with their creativity.

Mason Jars make for great candles.


DIY Decorations – Save money and have a more unique holiday party with these easy-to-make decorations. A lot of these are also great conversation starters. Another great one from Pink Pistachio shows how you can make your own Christmas snow globes. Sweet!

DIY decor is as easy as making homemade snow globes!


5. Do the right Christmas gift shopping

Take the difficulty out of shopping for people. You’re sure to find that special gift for anyone with a little help from the web.

Gift Guides – Most people fall into a personality category. For a variety of gifts based on interest, we’ve found some great gift guides to make shopping for presents less painful. Don’t know what to get that female coworker? Try out the MoMa gift guide set that even lets you find gifts based on price range.

Artisan designed decor from MoMa makes for perfect Christmas gifts.


Gift Ideas – If you want a good variety of some of the most awesome gifts out this year, check out our curated collection of some of the hottest presents of the season. The Prynt case is the ultimate party accessory. It lets you print and interact with pictures in augmented reality and is at the top of our wish lists this year. We’re into it.


Ugly Christmas Sweaters – Be the life of the party or bring the best gift with this awesomely funny selection of ugly sweaters. We found a treasure trove of these over at Tipsyelves, ranging from silly to downright ridiculous.

Tipsyelves ugly sweaters are perfect for Christmas this year.

Image via: JorgPhoto.com


6. Keep the party going with Christmas games

Amazing Party Games – Any good party has some fun and inventive games. Check out the best holiday games to keep your guests having fun. These range from challenging to downright messy. Which ones will you try? We’re all about the gift exchange so we’re going to try out one of Play Party Pin’s fun ideas for our Christmas party.

Get social this Christmas with some holiday games!


7. Set the mood with the right Christmas music

No party is complete without the right tunes. We’ve curated a good mix of music for you to choose from.

Party Tunes – This collection is best used for more rowdy parties. If your guests are the picky type, they’re sure to find something they enjoy from this selection. We’re already listening to the Get Physical Music playlist for the holidays.


Christmas Classics – These are the crowd pleasers. You can play the classics no matter what group of people you have at your party. All of the albums on Billboard’s holiday album list are great for this.

Get down to these Christmas classic songs from Billboard.


8. Look your best with holiday style and beauty

Christmas has its own unique look, so get some tips on how to look as good as possible for this year’s party.

Party Outfit Inspiration – If you’re worried about what to wear this year, fear not! We’ve found the best looks for the 2015 holiday season so you can wow everyone at this year’s party. Worried about what holiday party dress code is? The Blonde Salad has some insight.

Get the dress code tips for holiday parties this year.

Image via: Blonde Salad


Holiday Hair & Makeup – There are a lot of opinions out there on how to do yourself up for the holidays, but we’ve found the best tutorials to help you look your best. The grunge glam look from Carli Bybel really caught our eye.


9. Don’t forget Christmas for pets

Christmas for pets – Everyone who loves animals will be searching for the perfect gift for their pets. Check out some of the… interesting things that some people will want to have for their special little furry friends. BarkBox always delivers when we are looking for quality pet presents.

Barkbox subscriptions and other dog gifts are great for Christmas.

Image via: TechCrunch


10. Get in the mood with holiday reads

Everyone needs a little distraction when getting ready for a party.

Awkward Family Photos – You won’t believe some of the ridiculous photos families take for the holidays. Your jaw may drop to the floor when you see some of the weird things some people put their families through for a Christmas card picture. Get your first taste from Team Jimmy Joe.

Awkward family photos are the newest trend for Christmas.


Heart-Warming Stories – Part of what makes Christmas great is the spirit of giving that sweeps the world. Find and share some of the most touching stories of Christmas to lift your spirits this season. This story from Uproxx of a homeless Santa’s early present got our eyes watering.

Get stories of this homeless Santa and more heart-warming holiday tales.


11. Play funny Christmas videos

Christmas Videos – It’s fun to have some stuff to play at a party – either to make everyone laugh or to just have on in the background. Jimmy Kimmel’s yearly video of kids reacting to bad presents always makes us laugh.


12. Choose Where To Have The Party

Whether you’re planning to be traveling or staying local for your party, it’s fun to see Christmas through the eyes of the rest of the world.

Christmas Travel Destinations – We have a lot of jet-setters here at myWebRoom, so when it came to getting together these awesome Christmas travel destinations everyone had tons of ideas. Budget Travel was one of the sites we found with good suggestions.

Look for great places to travel next Christmas.


Christmas Markets – myWebRoom has an international team, so our European teammates wanted to share the fantastic winter splendor of the best international Christmas markets. These seasonal outdoor venues are great places for hot chocolate, gifts, and magical nighttime memories. Wonderful Wandering’s review of the Brussels market really caught our eye.


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