125 Resources Every Dog Lover Needs

The Best Resources and Websites All in One Place

As if our adorable mascot, Roomsy, isn’t enough indication, we love dogs at myWebRoom. In fact, we’re so into dogs that we have crafted a whole new type of room just for people who love them as much as we do. We’ve even invited our favorite 11 dogs from Instagram to move into it!  It’s jam-packed with over 125 websites, resources, and products that any dog lover will go crazy for!  Presenting: the Pawesome Penthouse!

[Update: We listened to your feedback and have added even MORE doggy resources into the Pawesome Penthouse! You can now find 335 links to some of the most helpful, informative, and beautifully designed doggy websites on the internet!]

A room for cute dog lovers at myWebRoom.

We’ve created a new type of place for our roommates here on the site called “Common Rooms,” which come preloaded with interest-specific bookmarks.  The first of these is the Pawesome Penthouse, which is tailored specifically for dog lovers! With the combined effort of our awesome curators and experts from around the web, we’ve collected the best toys, furniture, and artwork to make this room the most adorable place to live for our doggy pals – and the most useful resource for anyone who loves dogs.

myWebRoom's Pawesome Penthouse is full of dog website resources.

As dog owners and dog lovers, we want to share the best stuff online to help people care for and truly appreciate their dogs. And for those who wish that they had furry kids, the Pawesome Penthouse also has plenty of links that will feed your doggy obsession.

Our goal was to make the room as intuitive as possible, so each object leads to bookmarks that make sense inside it (for example, doggy photographers will be located inside the camera).

Dog Food

We wanted this room to be super useful for anyone who has dogs, so we asked the experts to tell us their go-to websites. Some great links came from our favorite Instagram pet celebrity parents like @Maverick_Poser, who posts for her fur children Xena and Maverick.

Anyone with a dog should be focused on the animal’s health, and she suggested sites like Dog Food Advisor, the FDA’s dog food recall site, and AllRecipes for dog treat recipes!

Xena the dog loves the food websites at myWebRoom.We went the extra mile – when you click on the BarkBox object in the room you can also order delicious pet goodies from BarkBox, craft healthy dog diets at the ASPCA, and get dog food reviews at BarkPost.

Remix the dog and BarkBox are both in myWebRoom's Pawesome Penthouse.Dog Entertainment

The Pawesome Penthouse is a one-stop hub for the enthusiastic canine compatriot. Love to spend hours watching dog videos online? Click on the TV and you’ll find links to stuff like Animal Planet, Dog TV (yes, it’s TV for pooches), and adorable dog videos.

Dog at computer playing video games.

We filled the Newspaper with links to articles for casual reading and entertainment. Click here to check out Buzzfeed Animals, Huffington Post Dogs, or the Dog Channel for all sorts of time-killing reads about your favorite pets. These are the sites we generally find ourselves unexpectedly spending hours on so we definitely had to put them in the room.

myWebRoom pawesome penthouse dog lovers room newspaper bookmarks

Dog Reads

Do you spend a lot of time fawning over your pup? A lot of us follow sites like DogMilk or BarkPost for their fun articles and amazingly designed content.  Our own dogs are super entertaining to watch, but we get just as much of a kick out of laughing at the funny antics of other pooches. To keep up on all of the latest news on how to take care of our dogs, we’re sure to hit up About.com’s veterinary medicine section as often as possible.
myWebRoom pawesome penthouse dog lovers room bookcase bookmarks panel

If saying “aww” to heart-warming stories or investigating new veterinary breakthroughs is more your thing, we’ve still got you covered!  We’ve loaded the bookcase in our Pawesome Penthouse with fun and informative blogs and magazines like The Bark (suggested by expert dog blogger Jessica Rhae Williams) to help keep you updated on everything dog.

Dog Health

Dogs don’t come with an instruction manual – and they don’t really talk in a way that we always understand – so it’s up to us to figure out when something is wrong and how to help them. Luckily for you, we’ve provided a first aid kit in the room to hold all of the veterinary information you could ever want. We’ve all noticed our dogs acting strangely or making weird noises and having go-to resources in times of need is priceless.

Dog vet websites can be found in myWebRoom's new interactive room, "Pawesome Penthouse!"We’ve got links to large, all-inclusive sites like American Veterinary Medical Association and PetMD, as well as links to super-informative blogs like expert veternarian Janet Tobiassen‘s AboutVetMed. Our room features simple first aid tricks and lists of household dangers. Heck, you can even find resources for insuring your pets. 

Dog Shopping

Are you into dog beds and houses that are even cooler than your own home? Click on the room’s sofa to find amazing examples of the most extravagant pet houses you can imagine. If you loved our Crazy Home Modifications for Devoted Pet Owners blog post then you’ll love this section! Hit up the Posh Puppy Boutique for some awesome specialty doggy products or get really fancy and take a peek at Ralph Lauren’s high-end pet boutique. Who doesn’t want to spoil their pet? Even if you aren’t going to buy something, it’s still fun to browse!

Milo loves the cool dog houses at myWebRoom!

Dog Pictures!

We all love taking endless pictures of our dogs, but professionals are the best at finding your pup’s best angles. Look no further than Nuena, Gofindmomo, and ThisWhildIdea to find some great pet photographers. Click on the room’s camera to check out even more links.

Nuena photography eEnglish bulldog San Francisco

Love majestic dogs? What about derpy ones? We’ve got plenty of sites full of images for people who just want to look at photos of dogs, too.

Dog Travels

For those of you that can’t bare to leave your dog when you go on vacation, we’ve gathered some great resources for planning out trips for you and your canine counterpart.  Check out the map on the wall to find websites like DogVacay.com and BringFido.com. Traveling can be rough, so sites like these help you make your vacations a walk in the (dog) park!  You and your best friend will be hitting the road together in no time!

Find how to properly travel with your dog with myWebRoom's new "Pawesome Penthouse!"

Not going far?  If you click on the doggy gate, you can find any dog park near you at sites like DogPark.com.  No matter what your destination, we want to help you find great places to spend time with your pup!

Don’t forget that if you LOVE this room, you can always create a free myWebRoom account – this enables you to save the room and all its bookmarks.  Once you’ve saved the room, you can redesign it however you want by swapping out the items with stuff from all over the web using the myWebRoom Designer tool!

Find out what you need to travel with your dog at the myWebRoom Pawesome Penthouse.

You can also add more of your favorite sites to the bookmark folders. Once the room is yours, you can go crazy and make it match your unique personality.

Stars of the Dogshow

Ok! Are you ready to meet the barktastic stars of the Pawesome Penthouse? Here’s a rundown of the cutest pets on the web!



myWebRoom's mascot Roomsy joins all of his dog friends in the Pawesome Penthouse.

Who’s this? It’s our very own office dog, Roomsy! He’s an excitable Lhasa Apso/Maltese mix who is always the first to greet us when we get into the office and the last to say goodbye when we leave. Roomsy’s been with us since day one at myWebRoom and you’ll find him all over our emails, alerts, blog posts, and now our Pawesome Penthouse!



Xena the bulldog loves costumes found in myWebRoom's Pawesome Penthouse!

Xena lives up to her Warrior Princess name by keeping her big brother, Maverick, in line.  When she’s not on the job she’s a total softie who enjoys the more decadent things in life like butt scratches, salmon treats, and tennis balls.  Can you blame her?



Kovu the dog is happy grass.

Kovu the dachshund is just about as dashing as they come!  This little guy loves to cuddle, as is evident by all of the photos of him snuggling with his brother.  He also loves to dress up and looks absolutely ravishing in every outfit he wears.



saint dog snow

You’ll be hard pressed to find a photo of Saint where he isn’t wearing a huge grin, and this happy-go-lucky attitude is exactly what made us fall in love with the handsome yellow lab.  From playing with toys in the snow to hanging out with his brother, this California native is now enjoying the simple pleasures of life as a Midwestern dog.



bella pink costume websites

Bella is a Greek French-bulldog who loves fashion and lives the life of a diva!  This pup knows how to work a camera, whether it’s for glamorous photo shoots or posing in the rugged outdoors.  She may have a queen’s attitude, but she also has a huge heart and was quick to accept her new brother into her home.



Beau the dog is happy to be in myWebRoom's Pawesome Penthouse.

Beau the Frenchie may hail all the way from Greece, but he’s made people all over the world laugh with his antics.  This happy guy has boundless amounts of energy, is always positive, and can make even the grouchiest person crack a smile.



Goose the dog loves pet websites.

Goose has all of the attributes that we like about golden retrievers – he’s adorable, loyal, and loves everyone that he meets!  We fell in love with this handsome West Coast boy the moment we saw his sweet face and silky fur.  He’s not even a year old yet, but he’s already won over the hearts of dog lovers everywhere.



remix dog glasses costume

Remix the miniature schnauzer is most well known on the internet for his infamous puppy twerk.  When he’s not busting a move, he’s dressing up in some of the coolest outfits a pup can wear, hanging out with his schnauzer crew, and making guest appearances on TV.



louis dog costume

It’s pretty much impossible to look at Louis and not smile.  This blonde cutie has won over hearts from all over the internet with his large ears and adorable expressions.  He’s not into giving kisses or being held, but he’s extremely loving and always wants to be close to his family.



Coco the dog loves fashion websites.

Coco is a total fashionista and it’s almost as hard to find a photo of her where she’s not wearing a tutu or a bow as it is to find one where she isn’t smiling for the camera.  This photogenic lady loves dressing up, promoting good causes, and hanging out with her two brothers.



Sonny dog costume with necklace chains.

Sonny may be the baby of the Yorkie trio, but he still holds his own!  He’s one super hip dog and loves to wear hats, shades, and chains.  His handsome looks may make him look like a heartbreaker, but he’s actually a total lovebug!



Milo the dog wearing a bowtie.

They say great things come in small packages and this sweet guy proves that a thousand times over!  Not only does Canadian pup Milo have one of the cutest faces we’ve ever seen, but he also has his own clothing line that he models for!  Check out his threads at miloclothing.com!

To experience the room for yourself and see all of the 125 bookmarks, go to the Pawesome Penthouse. We hope that you have as much fun using it as we did creating it!

Fancy yourself a dog expert? Do you have a favorite website that didn’t make it into the Penthouse? Comment below or email us to let us know. We hope this room keeps your tails wagging!The Pawesome Penthouse is a room for dog lovers full of dog resources on myWebRoom