13 Wearable Tech Gadgets You Have to See to Believe

Technology is probably the only thing that moves faster than the speed of light. With so many new trends and products its hard to keep up, but luckily that’s why I’m here! I have scoured the internet and found that 2015 is proving to be the year of Wearable Technology. This year you’re going to see a big increase in smartwatches, fitness bands, VR headsets, and more! This is a compilation of some of the best and most exciting gadgets and toys the technology industry has to offer. Not all of these are on the market yet, as some of them are still in development or are fresh out of Kickstarter or IndieGoGo funding, but all of them are making us giddy for the crazy future-science we’re going to get to wear soon!

LG G Watch R

The LG smart watch Urbane tops our list of wearable tech gadgets.

A smartwatch with a classic appearance? Yes, please! In our Geek Out: 4 Cool Tech Devices blog we had mentioned the Pebble Smartwatch, but LG is turning the smartwatch world on its head by making it more luxurious! If you’re looking for a smartwatch that looks more professional and less like a gadget, then you may want to check out the LG G Watch R. The stylish all metal body and leather strap is the perfect watch for any professional.

The LG smart watch Urbane tops our list of wearable tech gadgets.
Cnet’s Scott Stein raved that this might be the best-looking Android Wear watch yet. The watch face can switch between a normal-looking watch display to a full-color mobile screen. You can get this sleek little device for about $300.

Epson M-Tracer

Track your golf swing with the Epson M-tracker tech gadget.Epson may be known for reliable office products, but they are stepping up their game up with the new “Epson Active” product line. Much like other sports watches, the Epson Active features heart rate activity and has GPS Monitors. But what sets it apart is its golf swing analyzer, M-Tracer.

Track your golf swing with the Epson M-tracker tech gadget.

The M-Tracer attaches to the grip of whatever golf club you choose and it immediately sends data to your watch or phone. This will help golfers tweak their game and take valuable strokes off of their game. Keep your eyes peeled, because it will be available in March, 2015 for about $300.


Want to take a selfie but don’t have any friends around? Nixie is here to help out! Nixie is a drone that can be worn like a bracelet, but when you unfold it and toss it in the air, it takes flight, captures images and video of you with it’s camera, and comes right back to you. It’s like selfie-addict James Franco’s dreams come to life.

Nixie is a wearable camera drone for all people who love cutting edge tech.

This little guy is still in the developmental phase, but it’s well on the way to being fully formed. It has already displayed the ability to fly away, snap a (somewhat blurry) picture and fly back with ease. We’re pretty much living in the future, folks.

Nixie is a wearable camera drone for all people who love cutting edge tech.


Turn your movements into a toy with the Moff wearable tech gadget.

Sometimes we’re so busy thinking about how technology can make our lives easier, we miss the fact that there are some fun technological advancements for kids! Moff is a smart wearable toy that turns everything you hold into a digital interactive experience!

Turn your movements into a toy with the Moff wearable tech gadget.
Your child will simply slap the silicone bracelet on their wrist, pair it with an iOS or Android device, and start having fun! Whenever children move their wrists Moff will generate sound effects for preset scenarios. The sounds range from guitars to lasers and can easily be changed by selecting them on the companion app! This is a great way to get your kids active and away from the video games! The best part is this device is already available and is only about $55.


iam puls smart watch

The Future of Tech Is Calling! By now you’ve probably heard all of the buzz around smartwatches, but Black Eyed Peas member will.i.am has developed a phone that goes right on your wrist!
iamPULS wil.i.am smartwatch
The i.amPULS doesn’t link to a phone like most smartwatches, because everything you need is right inside this tiny device! With the capability to talk, text, and tweet without having to carry around a phone makes this one tech gadget I’m very excited about! Currently to get an i.amPuls you have to apply, so I would get over there and submit your application soon!

Heated Narwhal USB Slippers

Narwal USB slippers keep your feet warm.

Hot wearable tech takes on a whole new meaning! We all know that technology can make life better and that’s exactly what these Heated Narwhal USB slippers do!
Narwal USB slippers keep your feet warm.
The ultra cute design is just half of what these slippers deliver! Just plug these bad boys into any USB slot and give your feet some warm comfort! Heated slippers? Does anything else really need to be said? Well, that and they’re only about $25.

Samsung Gear VR

Check out the Samsung Gear VR headset in our wearable tech list!

Let’s Get Virtual! When I was a kid Virtual Reality tech either gave me the worst headaches or was completely out of reach (monetarily). The dreams of 80’s kids are finally coming true with the Gear VR by Samsung.
Check out the Samsung Gear VR headset in our wearable tech list!When we first wrote about the Oculus Rift in our 10 Tech Goodies From MyWebRoom blog post, it was mainly for developers, but now Oculus-style technology is becoming readily available! Currently this awesome tech gadget only works on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 but there are very few compatible apps available at this moment. Despite the limitations, just the potential of being able to play virtual reality games from the comfort of my home gets me excited! The Gear VR shows the future is headed in the right direction! This bad boy will run you about $215.

Skully AR-1

The Skully interactive motorcycle helmet is a cool addition to our top wearable tech list!

Bring a ton of tech on your daily motorcycle ride – without the hassle! If you’re an avid biker, then you have to check out this ultra-advanced helmet! The Skully AR-1 is weather-resistant and features a heads-up display for GPS, music, and rear camera feed!

After a successful $2 million IndieGoGo campaign, Skully took into account which regions of the world donated money and added almost 200 countries to their GPS maps. If you’re thinking that all this tech is going to make the helmet heavier, you’ll probably be surprised to learn that this helmet is less than 4 pounds, making it roughly the same weight as other modular helmets!

The Skully interactive motorcycle helmet is a cool addition to our top wearable tech list!


Despite the light weight, the Skully AR-1 is Department of Transit and ECE certified, so it’ll still protect your precious skull bone. The sizes range from small to XXL so no matter what, Skully AR-1 has got your head covered! Expect to spend about $1,500 for this when it’s released sometime in 2015.

OM Smartwear

Awesome smart shirt technology from OM fit gear.

Not Down With Fitness Bands? Between your MP3 player, phone, bottle of water, and fitness band/smartwatch you can get pretty weighed down with exercise accessories. If you’re looking for alternative, OM delivers the worlds most advanced biometric smartwear with the OM Signal Smartwear.
Awesome smart shirt technology from OM fit gear.By tracking heart rate, calories burned, steps, breathing, and activity, you can get an in-depth look at your daily activities! Ranging in price from $100 for a single shirt to $450 for a full kit of fitness clothes, this amazing product will make getting in shape fun and easy!


Power your gadgets with this wearable tech charger from SolePower.

Walk and charge your electronic devices! The first time I went to New York City, I was walking around and my phone died. I got lost for about two hours and I was having a hard time hailing a cab. That’s where the energy harvesting SolePower would have saved me!

With every single heel strike, a small generator that is connected to an external PowerPac. Then whenever you need to refresh your battery, just connect it to the PowerPac! SolePower will make sure you are never stranded without your phone again! If you’re ready to take a step to adding a little more tech to your life, head over to SolePowers website and get your preorder in now!

GoPro Fetch

Make your own funny dog videos with the GoPro Fetch harness!

Have you ever wanted to see what the world looked like from your pet’s point of view? The GoPro Fetch dog harness allows you to record and watch your pet’s daily adventures!
Make your own funny dog videos with the GoPro Fetch harness!
If you already have a GoPro all you have to do is purchase this harness, because it is compatible with every GoPro camera! Talk about a #dogday afternoon! Outfit your dog for about $60.

Ampl Smart Backpack

Charge all your tech in one place with the Ampl backpack.

Charge your electronics on the go! Electronic devices have become a staple of everyday life, but they are useless when their battery charges runs out. The AMPL smart backpack will charge all of your electronics.
Charge all your tech in one place with the Ampl backpack.
If your first thought was isn’t this going to make the backpack much heavier? Don’t fret! According to Megan Logan at Wired, the AMPL will be heavier, but other adjustments are being made to compensate for this. Preorders for the AMPL smart backpack end March 04, 2015, where a contribution of $250 can get you this awesome bag as a perk. The Ample crew has already surpassed its funding goal of $125,000 on Indiegogo. I guess I’m not the only on-the-go person that’s excited about this device!


Track your jogging with the Moov workout band.

The ultimate fitness band! If we could go back in time we would add the Moov to our 5 New Technologies That Will Blow Your Mind blog post! While most fitness band/sports watches only focus on running, Moov aims to get you in shape by tracking 10 different activities including, swimming, running, and cycling with more being added regularly.
Track your jogging with the Moov workout band and app.
J.J. Colao from Forbes was shown a demonstration of the encouragement feature by Moov’s CoFounder, Nikola Hu and it looks rigorous. By giving you the opportunity to fix your form, workouts will become much easier and safer. Moov’s activities also include indoor workouts, (akin to Dance Dance Revolution and Guitar Hero style gameplay) like punch cardio and the 7 minute workout, so you can never use rain as an excuse to not exercise again! This fitness sensor is a must-have tech gadget for anyone looking to get fit! You can pick one of these up for only about $89.

I hope that you found some great tech products here that will make your life easier! For more time-saving products head over to our Tech Savvy Collection to see these items and plenty more awesome tech toys!

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