Websites Any Pretty Little Liars Fan Must See

One question has been on the minds of Liars all around the world: WHO. IS. A?!  Who’s this “Charles?” Season after season, we get little bits and pieces of the puzzle, but the mastermind tormenting our girls Hanna, Emily, Spencer, and Aria remains unknown. Many have been blamed, many have died, and most have returned from the dead. It gets harder and harder to figure out who is a friend and who is a foe. How on earth are we supposed to keep it all straight?!

Fortunately, the myWebRoom team spent hours searching the internet in order to discover the most useful PLL sites and place them all in one fun, interactive online room. The Pretty Little Liars Room is a space created for all dedicated Liars with resources ranging from plot theories to fashion inspiration. Designed to look just like Hanna’s room, 11 items are filled with over 100 websites that will turn you into a Pretty Little Expert. After exploring this room, you’ll be writing your own theories, rocking one of Aria’s flawless outfits, spying on that questionable neighbor, and falling even more in love with the stars that portray your favorite characters. Below, we listed a few of our favorite websites that you must check out if you’re a true fan. If you’re as obsessed as we are, head over to the Common Room for more!

Charles is A. But Who is CHARLES???

A's note on mirror for the Pretty Little Liars.

Use these sites to explore fan theories, exclusive info from the cast, and get a first look at spoilers from the final two seasons! Find them in their own folder in our PLL room.

Masked A in PLL myWebRoom Loft.

PLL News

It’s good to keep up with the Liars if you want to stay alive. So we’ve bundled up a bunch of articles that you need to see.

PLL new to keep up to date on the liars.



Alloy Entertainment – Alloy is another one of those gossip sites that delivers juicy news fast. If anyone is going to find out who A is, it will be the PLL research team at Alloy. They know their stuff!

alloy entertainment pretty little liars


Check out these sites for more juicy news and fan thoughts: – The 10 Stages of Listening to Adele, As Showcased by Pretty Little Liars Characters

Buzzfeed – 17 “Pretty Little Liars” Memes That Said Exactly What You Were Thinking – 15 Secrets About Pretty Little Liars Season 6B Every Fan Must Hear Now

Pretty Little Liars Hanna has theories.


Pretty Little Liars Fashion

The Fashion of Pretty Little Liars.

One of the best things about this fabulous show is our girls’ fierce fashion style! Who wouldn’t kill for an opportunity to raid Hanna’s closet!? These websites do it for us! They find exact items from the show and tell you where to buy it. Check these out and prepare for a shopping spree! Visit the Shopping section in the Common Room for more.


Shop Your TV

Pretty Little Liars fashion on Shop Your TV.

You may think you know which outfit you’re looking for when you go to Shop Your TV, but the front page always distracts me when I navigate there because they give you a good selection of recent outfits and products I forgot that I loved.

 Worn on TV

Pretty Little Liars Fashion on Worn on TV

Worn On TV lets you navigate to specific episodes right from the main page or filter your curiosity by your favorite PLL character. After A’s creepy prom, you can guess which outfits got a lot of attention.

Can’t get enough Rosewood fashion? Do more shopping on these sites: – Find exact items worn on the show!

People – One of the best places for awesome original products hand-made by talented fans.

Teen Vogue – Pretty Little Liars Character Style Guide


Aria and the fashion of PLL

Stalk the Stars

The cast of Pretty Little Liars looking cute.

Great News, ladies! Ian Harding, the heartthrob that plays Aria’s Mr. Fitz, is SINGLE!! How do we know this? We follow him on social media and keep track of his status using helpful websites. Follow your favorite characters and see what the actors do in real life! For all you know, Keegan Allen is your future husband <3 Find these sites and more by clicking the Social Canvas in the Common Room.

Life.Love.Beauty on Tumblr

Find Keegan Alan's photography in the PLL Common Room.

Did you know that the dreamy Keegan Allen is quite the artist? Check out his photography, brooding thoughts, and musings by clicking the camera icon in the Pretty Little Liars Loft to get to his sexy art. If you like him now, you’ll be head over heels in love after seeing more from the lens of his camera.

Official Pretty Little Liars On Tumblr

Tyler Blackburn talks Pretty Little Liars in this interview.

See all the official images from the set of PLL! Who is the cast prankster? Does anyone take too many selfies? Does the cast know who A is? Find the answers to these questions and more here, as long as you can handle the intensity long enough to get through it.

Lucy Hale PLL myWebRoom

Check out these sites to find out more info about your favorite PLL celebs!

The cast of Pretty Little Liars on the red carpet.

Fans of Pretty Little Liars  – This Tumblr allows fans to share their thoughts and theories, give updates on the show’s celebs, and shows off amazing GIFs.

Lucy Hale’s Tumblr – Your favorite Pretty Little Stars talk working with the cast, their thoughts about the show, and juicy news

Guys of Pretty Little Liars – She reveals her top beauty secrets, celeb crushes, and thoughts on PLL.

Now, imagine all of the fun exploring you did and multiply that by like, 11! That is exactly what the Pretty Little Liars Common Room is all about – with 250 sites that will guide you through your PLL obsession. When you decide to join (it’s free), you’ll get a room of your very own that is pre-loaded with all of these websites. Add more bookmarks to the item folders and redecorate the room using the built-in Designer tool!

Pretty Little Liars Room filled with secrets.

As if that isn’t enough, check out our collection of awesome products that you can decorate your room with once you join (for free) with the Pretty Little Liars Loft.

Awesome Pretty Little Liars products on myWebRoom.

Have fun exploring our new Common Room and comment below with your Pretty Little theories and thoughts! Stay fierce, Roomies! 😉