300+ Resources For Artistic Inspiration

We’re living in a beautiful age to wander the web. There are so many places that give us access to well-structured blogs, elegant design layouts, and creative content. And built into the online community is a universal desire to share all of this content! There are hundreds of places to spread information, layouts, products, and code. The internet has developed into a special universe for the creatively inclined. And myWebRoom’s here to make it easier.

We’ve scoured the internet for the best resources for you creative minds out there and bundled them into one beautiful, interactive room. The Room for Creative Minds was made to both inspire people and provide artistic aid and inspiration. Designed as an open-air studio space, our online room offers 25 items with over 300 helpful websites to inspire you! The websites that we’ve found range from educational tutorials to free online resources to major hubs of visual inspiration. Grab new design hints for your latest web project from the computer, find the ideal font for your next novel in the notebook, or rummage through the online dresser to find a new fashion icon. Your mind will feel energized once you’ve explored the exciting websites we’ve gathered. And to make it a tad bit easier, we’ve decided to list a selection of our favorite of these sources below. Check a few of them out and enjoy the rest of your time in our creative studio.

Contemporary Design Inspiration

One of the better aspects of the internet is the ready availability of online magazines and blogs. Each site is vying for your attention! Here are a few of those extraordinary websites that will inspire your creativity.

Company Folders has killer folder designs for creative professionals. If you’re designing a packet or folder of info for a gig or simply need a place to get a basic template for your own work, look no further. CF has over 25 pages of ideas and templates to sift through when you’re working on that next project.

Company Folder contemporary design ideas.

Form Fifty Five, or FFF, is a huge international collaboration between designers, illustrators, coders, and makers. Eager to share the best design work, this is the ideal site to find out what, and who, is happening in the design world.

FormFiftyFive creative design website

Book Cover Archive, a visual compilation of the best in book cover design.

good book cover design

Art-Spire  is a self-described graphics inspiration website born from two graphic design addicts and pays tribute to the visual best in graphic design, architecture, illustrations, animations, and film.

Yellowtrace is an award winning online publication that features carefully curated and well-researched articles on interior design, architecture, art, photography, and design culture.

Buamai is an online collection of unique and inspirational images. Originally formed to share typographic and graphic design related materials, this online gallery is a gathering of the unusual, humorous, and bizarre.

Design Milk is an online magazine dedicated to modern design. They address what’s new in art, architecture, interior design, furniture, fashion, and technology.

online magazine interior design

Icon Magazine is a leader in architecture and design. Feel free to flip through the pages to find interviews with influential architects, visit innovative new buildings, and view evolving cultural movements.

Graphic-Porn is exactly what you’d think – a simple, visual blog dedicated entirely to graphic design! Focused solely on the work, the wordless interface of this websites allows all of us to concentrate on the content.

Disegno Daily is a biannual magazine that focuses on independent reporting for architecture, design, and fashion.

It’s Nice That champions creative work in the art and design industry by showcasing exciting and engaging creative work from various disciplines.

Style and Fashion Inspiration

Creative design isn’t exclusive to the online realm. We’re constantly clothed in innovation as we dash through life and when we show off our glamorous street style. Here are a few inspirational sites from our dresser so that you can perfect your vogue tastes.

Style.com is your one-stop shop when it comes to all things fashion. Brush up on new trends, street style, culture, and the fashion show circuit here at this site.

online fashion and lifestyle magazine


Fashion Served is a Behance-sponsored site that features to best of new fashion collections and advertisements.

fashion collections fashion advertisements

i-D evolved into a beautiful fashion magazine centered on constant reinvention, although it was originally a fanzine dedicated to London’s 1980 punk scene. They promote their main readership to originate new styles, rather than merely imitate current trends.

Hypebeast Fashion is known as a premiere online destination for news on culture and creative design. It has become popular for the approach to featuring influential fashionable creatives in the industry by examining their collections from start to finish and taking sneak peaks into designers’ sketchbooks.

WGSN – a blog that showcases beautiful collections in women’s and men’s wear, as well as the stunning marketing campaigns that promote them.

Start Up Fashion provides advice and resources on how to start your own fashion line and business.

Awesome Photography Sites and Communities

No art roundup would be complete without focusing on photography. With our easy access to cameras, there’s never been a more exciting time to be a photographer. You can find a great list of websites on photography and visual inspiration in our camera.

The New York Times Lens is a visual blog off-shoot of the main paper and shares the news through stunning images.

new york photography blog

500PX is a beautiful online photo community for sharing, buying, and selling inspiring photography. The simple layout tends to highlight a featured image before you scroll down to find your next source of artistic envy.

online community photo gallery

1X  is similar to 500px with one small difference – it is the largest curated photo community devoted to highlighting the versatility of photographic art form. Only 5% of the submitted work is approved by the site’s ten expert curators, meaning that you view only the most impressive and moving photos.

Photography Served is another Behance-supported site that showcases the most visually striking modern photography you’ll find anywhere.

One Eyeland is an online photography community founded by photographers, run by photographers, and for photographers.

Things Organized Neatly – a visual tumblr with photographs of items arranged beautifully.

The Best in Typography and Graphics

And with the rise of the internet and the creation of social media, many creatives were able to find like-minded individuals with an unusual passion. Whole blogs dedicated to typography erupted as people realized they weren’t the only ones who loved beautiful fonts, well-executed kerning. You can find excellent typography inspiration in our notebook.

Baubauhaus is another visual blog that feeds your daily need for design, illustration, and art. Their focus on well executed media is meant to inspire and entertain you, and their collection of typography-centric posters show you how creative the industry can get.
graphic design typography photography

Fonts In Use is a blog and collection site that seeks to share, educate, and spread typographic literacy and appreciation. Their public collection of typography examples is free to view and easy to navigate. Just search by typeface, format, or industry.

awesome typography graphic design

Behance was originally designed in order to create an simpler and more direct platform for creatives to showcase their work portfolios. From there, it branched out to other venues but the principle remains the same. You know have the chance to view the best of the design industry – completely free from distractions.

Typography Served helps people find all of the best typography examples from Behance in one amazing interface.

Typostrate is a visual blog that shares typographic artwork and inspiration.

NYC Type has examples of beautiful character work currently found in New York City.

F*** Yeah, Typography is a personal tumblr that is self-described as “snippets of enjoyable typography, collected by a type lover.”

Beautiful Website Designs and Layouts

Most of the websites we’ve mentioned stand out due to their impressive design layouts. We never really see what happens before the published page goes live. Our computer is full of useful sites highlighting well-designed websites and online tools for when inspiration strikes our UI and coder roommates.

Company Folders has

UI Parade is an inspirational online catalogue for aspiring and established UI designers. They develop tools, resources, and workflows to share as freebies for designers.
ui design and content

Material Palette offers helpful suggestions when it comes to picking out colors for a new website.

free online tool color palette

The Best Designs is a curation site that looks for the very best in web design and their designers. This is the ideal place to look when looking for inspiration or research on the next big trend.

One Page Love is dedicated to finding the best one page sites. What is a One Page? It is literally a website that seeks to give you all of the information that you need on one clutter-free page.

Pattern Tap exists as an online community of designers to share work, advice, and tutorials.

Siiimple is a minimalistic css gallery dedicated to finding the best minimalist websites.

Innovative Online Tools, Software, and Tutorials

We’ve been showing you all sorts of cool sites, but what’s the best thing about them? They all have solid design foundations from which to learn how to develop content. Build your own design powerhouse on the web using these free online resources in our wall shelf.

Abduzeedo is an online blog that offers inspirational design. Their insightful tutorials offer great help and advice in Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, and Pixelmator.

web design tools and freebies

Graphic Burger offers free premium quality design resources to the web designing community all in one marvelously funny website.

website design freebies and tools

Creative Nerds is an essential website for anyone who loves freebies. They offer clear tutorials on Photoshop, Illustrator, and Screencast – as well as free Photoshop brushes, icons, and vectors.

Codrops is a web design blog that focuses on web trends, techniques, and new developments. Their tutorials are a must when it comes to designing or revamping your personal site.

DB Freebies gathers the best online freebies for web design in one sleek and beautiful place.

365PSD has tons of free vectors, icons, and affordable add-ons for graphic designers.

Stock Up gathers the clearest images from twenty one different sites and gathers them in one place for you. Every photograph is hosted with pull permission and are free to use.

Other Useful Art Websites

With over 300 bookmarks gathered to inspire your creative minds, it’s impossible to list them all. But here are a few more of the wild cards that deserved honorable mentions!

Everything around us is at some point packed up and shipped. The majority of us toss out the packaging without a second thought. But some creatives don’t let that stop them from designing beautiful packaging.

graphic design packaging

Lovely Package and The Dieline think that kind of thinking should be recognized. They gather the best examples of well-designed and clever packaging, so we gathered them and their admiring cousins in our box.

99% Invisible is a local Bay Area podcast about design and produced by Roman Mars. You can listen to a number of topics ranging from cow tunnels beneath New York to the reasoning behind coloring the American dollar green. Just plug yourself into our music player.

podcast on design

Artsy keeps an eye out on traveling exhibitions based on your artistic tastes. You can follow your favorite aritist, find out what’s happening in local museums, or track down exciting new galleries. You can find this bookmark and more local events in the window.

Cargo is an online publishing platform that seeks to create an easy to access network for creatives.

online artist portfolio community

Arts Threads works along the same wave – they create a network for recent graduates to bridge the gap between education and the creative industry. Both Cargo and Arts Threads can be found in our social canvas.

These are just of a few of the many great bookmarks waiting for you in our Room for the Creative Minds. Find everything that you’ll need to get those creative juices flowing in our beautiful artist studio. After all, how can you be expected to work in a place that isn’t as wonderful as the projects you’ll share with the world?

A creative art studio filled with helpful websites.

We wanted to create a gorgeous open aired room to match all of the wonderful content people can make – a room full of great tools and creative inspiration. So whether you’re an artist looking for your muse, a developer looking at inspiring layouts, or a coder looking for helpful tutorials, you can find everything your need in our Room for the Creative Minds. Now all the sites you need are in one place. Don’t forget, once you save this room as your own, you can save more sites and modify the room however you see fit with the Designer tool.  Sit back, relax, and let the inspiration flow in.