5 DIY Steps to Organize Your Closet

It’s happened to all of us: overflowing drawers, missing accessories, the dreaded pile of shoes and clothes heaped on the floor.  Keeping your closet organized is truly an art form. Spring is just around the corner, so let’s break it down into five simple steps to organize your life.  Follow these and you’ll have a “Carrie Closet” in no time!

A messy closet before cleaning.

For all of you fashionistas out there who are stranded with a tiny amount of closet space that just doesn’t support your shopping habit, we’ve got some great tips and tricks for maximizing your space and keeping your closet organized.

Step #1: Empty your closet!

That’s right, you heard us!  Pull everything off of every hanger and every shelf.  The way to do it right is to start at square one.

Empty your closet before organizing your life.

Right about now, you should have a huge pile of clothes and accessories on your floor.  Time to get sorting, roommates!  Make some piles.  Put everything you don’t wear in one pile to donate or sell and everything that you want to keep in another pile.

Our advice?  Be picky!  If you’re not 100% in love with an item, you wouldn’t buy it now if you saw it in a store, the fit isn’t right, you’re not crazy about the color, or you haven’t worn it in the last year, toss it in the reject pile! Don’t worry, you can do it!

Clothing pile from closet.

The only exception to this rule is that you should keep formal wear that fits you well, but you don’t wear often.  If it helps you psychologically, you can also make a “maybe” pile that you can revisit six months down the road (but if you don’t wear it within six months then get rid of it!).

Step #2: Get Organized!

Folded sweaters in a pile.

Now that you’ve weeded out everything that you don’t want, it’s time to organize what you are keeping!  Put all of your remaining clothes and accessories into categories (i.e. pants, sweaters, blouses, dresses, skirts, shoes, hats, jewelry, scarves, etc.). 

Folded jeans organized in a pile.

Once you’re done, tackle one group at a time; everything needs a place so decide where in your closet each group will go.

Step #3:  Create extra space

Most of the time minimal closet space can be easily solved by adding an additional rod.  You can buy mounting brackets and a pole at a hardware store and put in a second rod below or beside your current one.  If you do this, we recommend staggering them so that you still have space for long hanging items.

Empty closet rods and racks.

You could also bring in an entirely separate wardrobe rack and either put it in your closet or in your room somewhere.  Finally, you can buy great closet organizers that are wall mountable and provide extra rod space as well as shelving to help declutter your life.

Clothing racks help organize closets and rooms better.

Here’s another life hack for you: attach shower curtain rings to a hanger to conveniently hang everything from scarves and tank tops, to bags and belts! 

Clothes hanger with shower curtain rings.

Step # 4: Utilize vertical space!

Chances are there is tons of precious space in your closet and bedroom that you aren’t utilizing.  We’re talking of course about your walls!

Shoes and necklaces in organized closet.

Take advantage of every inch of usable space by mounting hooks, shelving, baskets, jewelry holders, and anything else you can think of.  These spaces are perfect for organizing your accessories, t-shirts – even your underwear!

Clothing rack on closet door. Let’s face it, when something is in plain sight you’re more likely to wear it! 

Clothing racks in closet.

Step #5:  Bins and shoe racks are your friends!

Even after all of this organizing, chances are some of your items still don’t have a home in your closet.  This is where a trip to any home supply store can come in handy.  Go straight to the organization isle and buy a few cute bins that you won’t mind looking at every day; they come in all styles from canvas to wicker so figure out what your jam is.

Shoe rack for closet door.

Closet cubes and bins.

We’ve talked about how you can simplify your home floor plan with these guys, but they’re great for closet storage space, too. You can store anything and everything in the bins: from purses, to pajamas, to sweatshirts. 

Storage bins for a closet.

 Also get a shoe rack that’s large enough to hold all of your shoes.  Shoe racks come in various sizes, so if you can’t fit a tall one in your closet then get a couple of shorter ones that you can place next to each other on the floor.

Small shoe rack.

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Final step in cleaning a closet is enjoying it.

5 Easy Steps to Organize Your Closet