8 Simple and Healthy Snack Food Recipes

This guest post was written by Emma Heming Willis

I have always tried my very best to eat healthy. Lately I’ve really forced myself to be more creative in how I get healthy options on the plate. Did you know you can sneakily add spinach to pizza? I place a thin layer of spinach on top of the sauce before I add my layer of cheese. People will have NO idea that they are getting an incredibly healthy serving of nutrient-dense spinach! Below are some of my favorite healthy eats anyone can enjoy.  A couple are taken from my own blog (I’m not biased!).


1. Homemade Marinara 

What to do when your end of summer garden is overflowing with tomatoes?  Make marinara of course! One of my top tips for healthy eating is to be prepared. You can’t beat having delicious homemade marinara on hand. The perfect base for everything from spaghetti to lasagna. What’s even better is that garden tomatoes are so sweet and delicious you don’t need all that added sugar of store bought sauces. If you don’t have a green thumb, don’t worry, just head to your local farmer’s market and take advantage of their bounty!

mywebroom blog emma heming willis marinara sauce

Image via: Sugar Free Mom


2. One-Ingredient Ice Cream 

Who knew you could make incredibly creamy and delicious ice cream out of bananas?! That’s it! All you need is to put a few ripened (the riper the better), frozen bananas in a food processor and you have ice cream heaven.  Lactose intolerant friends, rejoice! I even made a Pinterest page of all the different directions you can go in flavor town.  You should definitely check out the natural magic shell recipe.

mywebroom blog emma heming willis One ingredient Ice Cream

Image via: Emma Heming Willis


3. Fresh Fruit Pops

It doesn’t get much easier than these coconut water popsicles. Simply chop fresh fruit and place in popsicle molds. Top with coconut water and freeze.  It is that easy. They are really pretty, too! If you aren’t into pieces of fruit in your frozen treats, then try these sneaky ice pops.

mywebroom blog emma heming willis fresh fruit pops

Image via: The Nerds Wife


4. Banana Roll Ups 

This is a great one as long as you aren’t dealing with a nut allergy.  I love it because it is simple (key for healthy eating) and peanut butter is a good way to get some protein. You can also use a tortilla that is high in fiber to get a little more healthy loving into the picture.

willis peanut butter banana roll ups 2

Image via: Betty’s Kitchen


5. Superfood Lunch box 

Julie Morris is the most SUPER superfood chef. I’m in love with her most recent blog post about how to squeeze superfoods into lunches. Who could say no to these Superberry Rice Crispy Treats?  A worthy compatriot in the secret battle to get some sweets while still eating healthy.

mywebroom blog emma heming willis superfood superberry crispy rice treats

Image via: Julie Morris


6. Cauliflower Tots

So yummy and you and your friends won’t realize you’re eating cauliflower. Handheld perfection.

mywebroom blog emma heming willis vegetarian-cauliflower-tots

Image via: Skinny Taste


7. Veggie-Packed Pizza Rolls 

I know I’m a pushover for handheld easiness, but these cheesy delicious bites are not to be missed. Literally packed with 9 different veggies! I mean, talk about stealthy healthy eating. If you really want to take it up another notch you could substitute the jar sauce from the recipe and use my marinara to make these yummies even better. To make life even easier, you can make these in a bigger batch so you can freeze and save for later.

mywebroom blog emma heming willis Veggie Packed Pizza Rolls

Image via: Super Healthy Kids


8. Granola Baked Apples 

Molly Sims has it going on with these gluten-free baked apples. Feel free to use any type of granola that tickles your fancy. They’re incredibly easy to make and heavenly delicious without the calorie guilt of full fledged apple pie.

mywebroom blog emma heming willis 8 granola baked apples

Image via: Emma Heming Willis

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