A Love Letter For Crazy Sports Fans

By Joshua Burton

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No one goes into sports to lose. It is an in-it-to-win-it industry by design because that’s how you get results. It is for this very reason that sports fans don’t just show up to the field to watch a game. Sports are competitive, and there is no way fans want to be left out. That’s why they’re called fanatics.

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The players aren’t afraid to get dirty and neither are the people who root for them. In rain or shine, you’ll see team supporters showing up, colors glowing from their shirts and hats and half-naked bodies. The team had the strength to get up in the morning, put on their uniforms and bring their all to the game. It is for that reason that the fans leave their homes in the most garish garb to show these devoted players that the public appreciates it.

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And just as the every single team member brings their all to outwit, outswing, and outrun the opposing team, the fans are there to shout, jump around, and flail their arms wildly in support for their side. Are you going to sit idly by and let our boys go out without a band of crazies hollering from the sidelines? Are you going to let the other team be LOUDER or WEIRDER than you? No way. You have your team’s dignity to consider.

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In those tough moments as the quarterback tenses up to take that long run, as the batter narrows his eyes to make that grand slam, as the goalie lunges to catch that puck, as the power forward decides on the path to the hoop that the fans are there to steel their resolve. Nothing beats the roar of the crowd to fuel the engine of performance.

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The game goes on. Come rain, or shine. Hell or high water. If the game is happening you bet your bottom dollar that there will be tailgates. There will be shirtless maniacs. There will be fun.

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At the end of the day it’s the beefy behemoths roaring from the stands that bring smiles to the faces of players. Sure, they do it for their team and probably their family and sort-of-maybe for the money, but it’s the fans that get the sportsmen out there to bring the thunder. Let’s face it, without the fans, sports would be boring. And a lot less…..colorful.

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