Add A Little Magic With #LOLfurniture!


How much attention does your boss really pay to you? We decided to test the limits of what we could get away with around the myWebRoom HQ one day and transformed a bunch of our furniture into weird members of the team! That’s how #LOLfurniture was born. We won’t say whether the bosses loved it or not (hint: they did).

We had to get pretty creative, especially since all we had were things we had around the office. That turned out to be the most fun part of it! When you get a bunch of creative people around, you’re bound to come up with something great. Check out some of our #LOLfurniture creations:


The myWebRoom employees got bored one day and so #LOLfurniture was born.

Our bubble chair looks like Big Hero

Someone had just seen the movie.



We had so much fun doing it that we’ve decided to offer a challenge to everyone out there: can you beat our #LOLfurniture creativity?

– Starting on Monday, November 24 take pictures of your crazy furniture characters and post them to Instagram with #LOLfurniture and tag @myWebRoom!

– Every Monday we’ll award the most creative person from the previous week with a $100 Amazon gift card.

– Post as many #LOLfurniture submissions as you like.

– The challenge ends on Friday, December 22.

– All standard myWebRoom contest rules apply.

Start creating your own LOLfurniture now!

Create goofy #LOLfurniture and win $100!