13 Amazing Destinations Where You Can Go Glamping in Style!

What is Glamping?

Glamping is the hot trend of luxury camping, or GLamorous cAMPING.  All you have to do is find your destination and show up to a home away from home that is already set up for you! Whether you want to go away for a lengthy adventure or you’re hoping to treat yourself to a pampered weekend staycation, you can find everything you need at sites like the Glamping Hub and Glamping.com. Here are a few of the most popular versions of glamping, as well as some our favorite vacation destinations!

glamping camper in snow

I love living in a city, but there are times when I miss the loud calm of the countryside. I say loud because the air is brimming with the call of the wild – birds singing, crickets chirping, the rustle of branches, cars whooshing past on the interstate. I love the sounds and smells of wilderness, but I hate carrying a whole campsite on my back. I’m forever grateful that glamping exists – it means I can enjoy the calm of nature without worrying about setting up my tent or staking out a site for myself.

Glamping in a Camper

glamping camper in forest

Admit it – after watching all those cartoons as a kid with friendly talking animals, you couldn’t wait to hit a long stretch of country road and meet those singing critters! Finding those caterwauling animals might be a little hard, but you can find yourself a nice balance between super luxe RVs and vintage campers with these cozy accommodations. Whether you’re cruising down the open road or camped down on the open prairie, you’ll get plenty of brisk air and calm fun.

Camper Destinations

glamping in a volkswagon

Do you want to head over the Atlantic and spend you time exploring coastal regions? Do you have surfing buddies that want to hit the waves? You can do both along the European coast in a renovated vintage VW bus! Based out of Portugal, this adorable bubble of a camper will throw you back to the 1950’s as you explore historic cities and towns!

What if you don’t feel like spending your vacation time driving for long stretches of time and worrying about finding snacks, gas, and hostels? No problem! You can find yourself an equally exciting vacation at this vintage trailer resort in Oregon. This American resort offers stunning views of nearby wine country and has on-site lawn games, a pool, and a hot tub. It’s not too shabby for a few quiet days in the west.

You can find even more listings here.

Glamping in a Treehouse

glamping treehouse

Your secret clubhouse has come a long way from that tiny platform nestled in the branches of your favorite tree. Nowadays, you can rent huge houses built around the sturdy frame of a mighty oak. The best part? These extravagant treehouses make for epic glamping trips!

Treehouse Destinations


glamping Tree-House-Lodge-8

Treat yourself to a calm weekend in this cozy treehouse overlooking the Columbia River in Washington. From here, you can enjoy a view of the roaring river and sprawling woods – as well a few modern comforts like a television, film library, and mini-fridge.

glamping moose meadow treehouse

Image via: Moose Meadow Lodge

You can channel you inner Teddy Roosevelt and tramp through the Vermont wilderness to this multi-level treehouse. This rustic lodge comes with an open air gazebo, and is near popular hiking trails, fishing ponds, and the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream factory.

These treehouses are popular throughout the worlds, so feel free to explore all of the amazing global options that you can find here.

Glamping in a Yurt

group glamping yurt

Maybe you want to be a little hardier and step away from a sturdy cabin wall, but you’re not comfortable with tents. Yurts are a nice combination of the two – these canvas draped tents are supported by an accordion-style wooden frame. We loved these cozy lodgings so much that we designed an entire glamping room around these dreamy buildings!

Yurt-side Destinations

glamping yurt in hawaii

When you’re done exploring the big island of Hawaii, come home to this massive and affordable yurt. These spacious houses offer two bedrooms, a kitchen, and a bathroom with working fixtures. You can enjoy all of the amenities of a hotel while still enjoying the natural settings of this island getaway.

glamping snow yurt

If you’re looking for a an even calmer background, consider roaming the open plains of the English countryside. This cozy yurt holds a wood burning stove at its heart and can house up to six people! Located near a working farm, you and your friends can enjoy the local sites and hiking trails that surround this location.

Find more exciting locations here.

Glamping in a Teepee

group glamping teepee

Like the yurt,  a teepee are a nice examples of sturdy, wooden infrastructure covered in a lighter cloth skin. Since the shape is ideal for conserving heat in the winter and staying naturally cool in the summer, you can find these structures standing in both forests and open plains.

Teepee Destinations

glamping morning teepee

Head high into the Blue Ridge Mountains and make your temporary home at this cool camp near North Carolina. The high altitudes promise beautiful weather yearlong, and the camp is located near some excellent hiking trails, fishing ponds, hunting grounds, and swimming holes. Best of all, this camp also come equipped with solar-powered energy and wifi.

glamping teepee sunrise

Are make your way west along the Oregon Trail and camp at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. The Colorado-based camp offers horseback riding, hiking, fishing, and an on-site restaurant in addition to the stunning views of snow capped mountain range.

There are even more glamorous teepees outside of the United States. Find some amazing camping locations throughout the world here.

Glamping in a Tent

glamping tent sunset

This is as close to traditional camping as glamping is ever going to be. Instead of pitching a tent and sleeping on the floor, though, you’ll find yourself dreaming in a queen sized bed! These large and lofty tents offer plenty of space.

Tent-glamping Destinations

glamping group campfire

You can enjoy all of the romantic views of rural France from within this tent cottage. This secluded location is found on a nature preserve and is within walking distance of small European villages in the Bordeaux.


If you’re not in the mood for the quaint charms of provincial life, get your vacation on in the American West. These Montana-stationed tent offers sprawling views of Spencer Lake and rolling prairie land. Mount yourself a horse or go tramping through acres of rural countryside.

You can find even more glamping tents here.

Glamping in a Safari Tent

glamping safari tent yurt

Here are tents at their most opulent. These massive structures are essentially houses built from canvas and can give your the most spacious glamping experience. Head out for a wild adventure and fall asleep in luxury.

Safari Glamping Destinations

glamping safari tent

Have you ever wanted to wander through the African plains. You can have your blend of Saharan adventure and glamorous retreat at this resort located inside of the Meru National Park in Kenya! You can take safari tours, cruises, hikes, and observe endangered animals before you fall asleep in this exotic glamping lodge.

To make things even easier, you can experience all of the pleasures of a hotel bundled as a glamping package. This safari tent resort in Johannesburg offers full room and board, a dining room, laundry service, safari tours, bathrooms, and mini-bars with full views of the African bush.

Like many other forms of glamping, Safari tents are popular throughout the world! You can find more exciting places to rest and relax here!

Packing for a Glamping Adventure


Image via: Sunglass Warehouse


One of the best parts about glamping is the fact that your luxury tent is already set up for you! There is one problem – each location needs different levels of preparation. Here is a basic glamping checklist to help you pack for your vacation, but remember to check your vacation destination! They may already offer half of the stuff on these lists!

What To Do Once You’re Glamping!

glaming morning tea

This is your vacation! Do whatever you feel like doing! Go on an extreme hike, bust out the ole’ mountain gear and go hiking, or curl up in the shade with a good book. Here’s a handy guide for some fun activities to do while you out and about, glamorously roughing it out in nature!

Activities to do while camping.

And for some scrumptious snacks, check out The 36th Avenue for some easy and delicious recipes. Now pack up your things and hit the open road!

glamping camp kitchen set

Handy Glamping Resources

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