Amazing Photos That Will Make You Fall In Love With The World

The travel bug has infected most members of the myWebRoom team and is spreading like the plague. We are always wandering aimlessly through the bustling streets of San Francisco, exploring the giant Sequoia trees that lie just beyond the Golden Gate Bridge, and staring in amazed wonder at the never-ending gray-blue of Ocean Beach. Today we want to invite all of you to step outside, take a look around, and fall madly in love with our beautiful planet Earth. Whether you’re surrounded by towering trees or skyscraping buildings, you are sure to find awe-inspiring. beauty. Here are some incredible images from around the world that will have you quitting your job, packing a bag, and heading out on a journey “Eat, Pray, Love” style. 


Up in the Air

Amazing vista on top of the world.

First, we’ll explore the beauty of the sky. From natural phenomenon to man-made skyscrapers, the world above us is full of awe-inspiring beauty.

Dubai Skyscrapers in fog.

The Skyscrapers of Dubai above the clouds. 

Northern lights over Canada.

Aurora Borealis, seen in Alaska, northern parts of Canada, the southern half of Greenland, Iceland, Northern Norway, Sweden and Finland.

Perseid Meteor Shower is lovely and scary at the same time.

The annual Perseid Meteor Shower, which takes place every August, can be seen in the Northern Hemisphere.

Our moon never ceases to be beautiful.

The moon rising behind Mount Victoria in Wellington, New Zealand. 

Standing on a mountain at the top of the world.

Mountain climbers who probably feel like they’re on top of the world in this photo.

New York City skyline at night.

The New York City skyline. If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere!

Hot air balloons over Turkey.

Soar above the historical and fairy-tale like region of Cappadocia, Turkey in a Hot Air Balloon.

Infinity Tower in Dubai

The amazing architecture of Dubai’s Infinity Tower.

The sun and moon over the North Pole.

The North Pole’s sunset. No wonder Santa chose to set up shop here!

Beautiful Landscape Photography

Rolling green hills of land.

The heavens may be beautifully other-worldly, but there are also many blow-your-mind places to see here on the humble ground. Have you packed your bag yet? If not, you’re about to.

Gormanston  tree tunnel of beauty.

You can take a lovely walk through this tree tunnel found in the Irish village of Gormanston. 

Snow on the Great Wall of China.

Can you imagine building this thing?! Construction of the Great Wall of China begun in 220 BC and measures at over 13,000 miles in length!

Huilo-Huilo Hotel made into a mountain!

Next time you want to stay at a cool hotel, book the Huilo-Huilo Hotel in Chile. It’s pretty cool. #understatementoftheyear

Beautiful blue and white Santorini, Greece

Santorini, a beautiful village on the coast of Greece. 

Atlantic Ocean Road in Norway.

The Atlantic Ocean Road is every road-trip lover and racecar driver’s dream.

Red Seabeach in China.

The Red Seabeach, found in Dawa County of Liaoning, China, gets its coloring from the plant  Chenopodiaceae, Suaeda salsa.

Abu Dhabi City across the desert.

The futuristic city of Abu Dhabi as a whole. Because we are OBSESSED with all of its crazy architecture. 

Balancing rock column.

The Balancing Rock, a natural phenomenon (because that rock should obviously fall over), can be found near Digby, Long Island, Nova Scotia, Canada. 

Fairy Chimney hotel.

The Fairy Chimney Rock Formations boast some pretty sweet hotel rooms. Located in Goreme, Turkey.

Under the Sea

Swimming with fish under the sea.

If we haven’t seduced you into travelling with the air and land pictures above, it’s probably because you’re a mermaid! Don’t worry! We’ll get you with this section. 

Maldives Glowing Beach on our beautiful Earth.

The Maldives Glowing Beach is as magical as it sounds. Little organisms called ostracod crustaceans emit light from their cells.

Ball pyramid rises from the sea.

The Ball Pyramid, found in the Pacific Ocean, is the world’s tallest seastack.

Beautiful Bora Bora Island.

Explore the sea without going into the water when you visit Bora Bora Island. The ocean water is so clear you can see the life below like you’re looking through a window!

A stone figure of Atlas under the ocean.

Ocean Atlas, located off of the west coast of Nassau, Bahamas, is the largest sculpture ever placed underwater. The artwork is meant to represent a Bahamian girl carrying the weight of the ocean above her, referencing the Ancient Greek myth of Atlas.

Underwater photography bubbles.

This under-water photography should inspire you to get your snorkeling on. Unless you’re a mermaid, of course. Then all you would need is a camera!

Thor's Well in Cape Perpetua.

Is Thor your favorite sexy superhero?? Add a visit to Thor’s Well to your bucket list! This natural phenomenon (that may have been created by a certain hammer) is located at Cape Perpetua.

Underwater restaurant experience.

Mermaids need to eat too! Visit the Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, the first all-glass underwater eatery, located at the Conrad Hotel and Resort.

Underwater museum in Cancun.

Wouldn’t it be so cool if someone built a museum underwater?? Wait, SOMEONE DID THAT! The Cancun Underwater Museum is where Ariel went for school field trips.

Lake Hiller, Western Australia.

On Wednesdays, we swim in pink! Lake Hillier, located in Australia, is a naturally pink lake! So cute!

A great white shark breaching the water.

If you’re chillin’ in the ocean and you see a shark, you would probably RUN FOR YOUR LIFE (or swim for your life. Whatever. The point is: you LEAVE)! Some fearless person snapped this super-cool and super-terrifying picture of a shark having fun in the waves.

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Sunrise over Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park.

by David Hodge

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