Roommate Spotlight: Potter Talk Founder, Katy Rochelle!

Here at myWebRoom HQ, We have some MAJOR Potterheads. For our muggle fans who don’t know what that means, us Potterheads are dedicated, passionate, and borderline insanely obsessed with all things Harry Potter.
As we began to add more and more Potter-themed rooms and items on the site, we discovered some amazing bloggers who are doing a fantastic job keeping the Harry Potter magic alive. Katy Rochelle, creator of the blog Potter Talk, is a member of the myWebRoom community and the Harry Potter fan who helps us stay caught up with all of the wizarding world updates.
This is Katy Rochelle's Harry Potter  themed home on myWebRoom!
I got a chance to interview her about blogging, Hogwarts, and other aspects of the blogger lifestyle.
Tell us a little bit about yourself! 
My name is Katy. In my muggle life, I am a college student currently majoring in English. A big passion of mine is Harry Potter as well as reading, movies, and writing. When I’m not studying like crazy or working, Pinterest and Tumblr are two of my online addictions. I also love to play with my Jack Russell terrier Lola, taking long walks and being outside with nature.
myWebRoom users find all sorts of great opportunities to show off their passions. Katy Rochelle of the Potter Talk blog is all about the great wizarding things you can find in our Shop!
What inspired you to start blogging?
When a lot of close friends started blogging, I was inspired to start my own. Finding what to talk about on a regular basis that I wouldn’t get bored with took a few trials and errors, but eventually I got there.
 Check out cool fan sites like Potter Talk at the myWebRoom Blog!
What do you love about it? Hate about it? What challenges have you faced?
Blogging has afforded me a lot of fun opportunities and awesome connections with fans from around the world. As a writer, I’ve been requested to help promote exciting Harry Potter Kickstarter campaigns and attend conventions as press. It has also truly enhanced my love of writing and trying to prove how I want to express myself online. Some of the challenges I’ve faced are probably maintaining a flow of blog posts when real life gets super busy.
We discovered you through your blog Potter Talk, so you (like us!) are clearly a huge Harry Potter fan! What is your favorite book and film? Are you loyal to a specific house?
My favorite book of the series is Harry Potter and Half Blood Prince. I love learning the dark history of Tom Riddle and the origin of the horcruxes as well as seeing the golden trio Harry, Ron and Hermione morph into mature teenagers. My favorite movie goes completely against the curve of most fans. I generally prefer Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (sorry Potterheads!), even though the movie edits out so many details from the book.
Ever since the internet practically began and mini websites online were devoted to Harry Potter, I’ve always been sorted into Gryffindor. It was a huge relief when I was sorted into Gryffindor when I signed up for Pottermore. Roomsy's Harry Potter inspired room. Check out more awesome interior design fun times at myWebRoom!
What made you want to blog about Harry Potter specifically?
My re-invested interest in Harry Potter began a little late in the series when the Deathly Hallows Part 2 was released into theatres. As Sony and J.K. Rowling’s Pottermore was starting its beta testing in 2011, I was inspired to blog questions and ideas that came up in reading the books for the first time. Talking about what I loved about the series was a way to connect with a fandom that seemed to be ending but was really beginning a new chapter.
We love the section of your blog called “Get the Wizarding Look!” What made you start writing posts that were more focused on interior design?
The scenic design in the Harry Potter films created a really exciting visual language that we all associate with the books and wizarding world. Hogwarts, Diagon Alley, and so many other locations are so beautiful and living in the muggle world can feel off-kilter. Interior decorating seemed like a fun opportunity for me to dream about a future house that would be fun to create one day.
Check out cool fan sites like Potter Talk at the myWebRoom Blog!
Have you used any of your design ideas in your own house? 
Right now I haven’t been able to adopt some of my Get the Wizarding Look design maps in my own house. On a smaller scale I have a shelf dedicated to my Harry Potter memorabilia which is slowly taking over my entire bookshelf.
You have other blogs as well! Tell us a little bit about each one.
Potter Talk has a tumblr blog, which is filled with all things Harry Potter: updates from the blog, facts, gif sets, quotes, and up-to-date news. I remember when my tumblr’s only member was me and now it was over 600 followers so I’m pretty proud of it. My pygmy puff Rainbow Lucille was the first one adopted at Weasley Wizard Wheezes on opening day at Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando. She has her own tumblr, sharing life in the muggle world. Next to Harry Potter, movies are a big passion of mine. My other blog is Girl Meets Cinema, where I share my fangirl adventures in film and fandom.
If you had to choose a favorite blog, which of yours would you love the most?
Of my own blogs, I truly love Potter Talk. The Harry Potter universe continues to grow into all different wonderful directions such as the theme parks, spin-off movie series, and J.K. Rowling’s contributions on Pottermore. It’s a real treat to be apart of its continuing evolution.
If you could give a bit of advice to a new blogger just getting started, what would it be?
My advice for aspiring bloggers is to find your own voice. Like a lot of aspects of life, it’s difficult to not look at other blogs or what other people are doing and doubting what your goals are, blogging or otherwise. Don’t be afraid to be yourself, to try and fail or succeed to discovering your own individuality. Whatever you are doing, have fun, try, try, and try again!
Roomsy's Harry Potter inspired room. Check out more awesome interior design fun times at myWebRoom!
Describe your myWebRoom experience. What do you love about it? 
My experience at myWebRoom was great, new discovery online. I have a tendency to open a lot of tabs on my laptop and not necessarily pay attention to what I originally intended to visit. myWebRoom’s ability to keep track of my books and apps was awesome because it was easy to use and already organized for me into categories. I didn’t really face any big challenge using the website. It’s also really cool to be able to explore roommates rooms and interact with them.
 Is there a room theme that you would love to see in your room? Besides Harry Potter of course.
If there was a room I would like to see made available on myWebRoom it would be Classic Hollywood, perhaps inspired by a legendary icon like Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe.
Asked and delivered, Katy! 😉
Here’s an Aubrey Hepburn collection for your room.
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….and a classic Hollywood collection. Have fun designing!
A whole collection of home decor and furnishings inspired by the golden age of Hollywood. Find more cool stylings at the myWebRoom Blog!
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