25 Awesome Products For Under $25

By Paris Kim

Low on cash but feeling that shopping itch? These 25 items for under $25 are here to help you scratch it. It’s no mistake every one of us here at myWebRoom loves shopping. We’re practically here for hours, looking up what’s the latest off the runway, or straight out of the designer’s warehouse to bring them right here to your room! It’s exciting, but not as exciting as getting something great at a great deal! We give you a few of these offbeat, beautiful, and must-have products, taken from strenuous interwebs research. They’re all simply terrific in the totally affordable prices any of us can get our hands on, and for the most essential musts in our lives, I break down these steals into the following:

Personal Style Pick-Me-Ups

Never feel down when you’ve got a bargain. Some of these cheap gifts give back to your well being and let you shine for so little! Feeling down? Sport a crown! A blow-up Queen For The day Inflatable Crown makes you king or queen at anything for just five bucks.

Queen Inflatable Crown Gift


Some yoga never hurt did it? Get on that namaste action with a Renew yoga mat for all your stretching, or simply build confidence in a new hairdo every day from the “Braids, Buns, and Twists” book. Let these small and simple items feel like the world isn’t just your oyster, but the luminous pearl itself.


Renew yoga mats are perfect for finding your center. Find more cheap gifts at myWebRoom!

Braids Buns and Twists Book - great gift




Do you want to play with your facial hair? Get some inspiration from this mug displaying the best of the best mustaches. This Great Mustaches Mug features a numerous amount of the world’s most impressive mustaches. Which one will you try out first??

Moustaches Mug - Great Cheap Gift Idea


Nothing says you’re a foodie like having your electronics modeled after your favorite meals! This Hamburger Phone allows to you show off your love for an American classic while having a fun conversation starter right on your table.

Hamburger Phone


Cutting pizza with a knife isn’t practical! This Fixie Bike Pizza Cutter is a fun and effective way to easily slice through those homemade pies! The two wheeled design will make sure that every slice is perfectly cut!

Cool Gift - Bicycle Pizza CutterAdd some floral beauty to your room with this unique Caterpillar Bud Vase! Each beautifully-crafted glass bubble is able to hold a small bouquet of flowers. Simple and tasteful, this glass centerpiece is sure to add a little charm to any home.


Cool Cheap Gifts - Caterpillar Bud Vase



Explore the deepest currents of a delicious mug of tea with this adorable infuser. The Armed With Technology Tea Infuser  houses your favorite loose leaf tea in a robot shaped bell. This cute tea accessory will cling to the edge of your mug until your morning drink is steeped to the perfect taste.

armed-with-technology-tea-infuser-by-kikkerland - cheap gift idePower through an all night paper by keeping your toes warm in comfy plush cuteness. The Narwhal USB Heated Plush Slippers plug right into your USB port and warm up to the perfect level of warmth. Pad around the house in these awesome slippers shaped like the unicorns of the sea.


narwhal_usb_heated_slippers - cool cheap gift ideas




Forget spending hundreds of dollars on party entertainment that doesn’t deliver. The items here are a quick fix to bring energy to any party without signing away a few paychecks.


Rock out in style with these Spike and Bling Headphones.


Rock out in style with these Spike and Bling Headphones. Grab 25 items for under $25 each with the new myWebRoom Blog!



You take your game nights seriously and so do your guests, but don’t be afraid to scare up a few laughs with this No Funny Bones About It Stacking Game!


No Funny Bones About It Stacking Game - Fun Cheap Game Ideas


These Whiskey Stones artfully chill your beverages to the ideal temperature while adding extra swag to anyone who sips from the glass these stones are in.


Whisky Stones- Cheap Party Ideas


Imagine your boss with the head of a donkey, or your brother in a tutu. With the amazing Accoutrements Split-Cam, you can morph two photos together into all kinds of crazy combinations.


Split-cam makes for a good under $25 gift. This and more at the myWebRoom Blog!


Have you ever wanted to host a beer tasting party? With this Beer Sampler Tray there are four spaces for whatever you have on tap! This is a great way to share your eclectic taste with all of your friends.

Great Gift Idea Under $25


Take wine to your favorite locales without having to worry about spills with this genius Bamboo Wine Table. Designed to work with any stemmed wine or champagne glass, this table sticks directly into the ground or sand and holds glasses steady, plus has a small surface for a light snack.

bamboo wine table for two



Thought Provokers

There’s just some of us who really can’t get it together. Thankfully, there are notebooks. And no two notebooks look the same, let alone resonate the same feelings in each of us. Sure, anyone can just grab a quick and trendy Moleskine, but you’re not anyone! For your clever, brilliant, and just plain random thoughts or daydreams, scribble out those brilliant ideas into these one of a kind books that best fit you.

Hey Girl, I heard you were in need of a super awesome journal! Daydream about Ryan Gosling with this Hey Girl Journal. Warning: uncontrollable drooling at the cover may ensue.

Hey Girl Ryan Gosling Journal




Bring some Disney Fairytale magic into your life and make your dreams come true with this Disney Princess Journal.



If the coffee doesn’t cut it to wake you up alone, pour your next steaming cup into this A Way with Crosswords mug that certainly will get your engines up and ready. Quickly mind-boosting, you’ll be alert in seconds of discovering the answer to that first question on this delightful crosswords-inspired cup!


Crosswords Puzzle Mug


It’s not always good to pent up all that grumpy. Follow through on your sour thoughts in a Grumpy Cat Journal for jotting down the best, and highlighting the worst, of your everyday thoughts and occurrences.



Just Plain Cool

Lastly, think of these items as not just random off-the-wall pieces, but your secret weapons. You couldn’t ask for a better way to amuse friends that these items in your bag of tricks!  From the looks of this bunch of misfits, it’s almost like they truly are works of magic, at a truly magical price!


Are you constantly torn between vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate when choosing what ice cream to eat? Never be conflicted again when you purchase Freeze Dried Astronaut Ice Cream. Frozen to -40 degrees and placed in a special foil pouch, this ice cream is delicious and requires no refrigeration!


astronaut freeze dried ice cream - cool party starters




Add some harmony to your room with this quirky And Den There Was Fun Container in Speaker. Get organized with this storage unit and you will surely have enough room to have dance parties!


This cool speaker box is less than $25! Find more cheap options at the myWebRoom Blog.



Do you have an appetite for adventure, but are stuck in your home because you simply can’t afford it? Plan an amazing, low-cost trip with this Off Track Planet’s Travel Guide for the Young, Sexy, and Broke.

Cool Book For Young and Cheap Travel

Turn loose change into $100 in a few years with All About the Benjamins coin bank!


All about the Benjamins bank that costs under $25. More cheap gifts at the myWebRoom Blog.



There are a ton of chilled cans of pop in the office fridge, but do you really want to push out your chair and walk all the way to the kitchen? Keep a nice can of cola by you with the USB Thermoelectric Cooler & Warmer. This retro style personal fridge plugs right into your laptop and keeps all of your drinks cold or warm until you’re ready to sip them down!

hermoelectric_cooler_warmer-for drinks - cool under $25 gift ideas on myWebRoom Blog!






Make the most of these great gifts that fit within anyone’s budget, and still bring out the best of your own unique style. Discover and enjoy more unique affordable pieces from our Items Under $25 Collection!


Awesome Cheap Gift Ideas







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