8 Awesome Things All Star Wars Fans Need In Their Browser Histories

We are all Star Wars fans here at myWebRoom and are so excited for The Force Awakens to hit theaters that we created a brand new Star Wars Room.  We scoured the web and gathered all of the best Star Wars content together – from cast interviews, to cute Star Wars inspired recipes, to the best Star Wars gifts out there. Click around and enjoy! Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll find:


1. Fan Videos and Interviews

We have no shortage of awesome videos for the fans.  Here you can find everything from talk show hosts like Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel talking about the big release to to SNL skits and even a video of Mark Hamill going undercover as a stormtrooper.  We’ve also rounded up some cast and crew interviews for you to enjoy.

mywebroom blog star wars room mark hamill undercover as stormtrooper

Image via: YouTube


2. Star Wars Merchandise

There is tons – and we mean tons – of Star Wars Merchandise out there on the web.  We’ve sorted through it all for you and came up with what we think are the best Star Wars gifts that you can get.  These range from the outrageous like this custom designed Death Star fire pit to the more practical products like this Death Star waffle maker.

mywebroom blog star wars room death star fire pit

Image via: KG Fire Pits on Etsy


3. Star Wars DIY

When it comes to the Star Wars community, crafting has become wildly popular.  We’ve gathered together some of the best Star Wars craft projects for you to try. Give this DIY Rolling BB-8 droid a try and let us know how it turns out!

mywebroom blog star wars room diy bb-8

Image via: Laughing Squid


4. Paw Wars Pets

It’s no secret that we are huge animal lovers so including some adorable Star Wars themed pet content was a must.  Check out our Paw Wars folder where you’ll find everything from the cutest pet costumes in the galaxy to photos of Storm Troopers posing with shelter pets to help them get adopted.

mywebroom blog star wars room star wars characters posing with shelter pets

Image via: Design You Trust


5. Star Wars Stories

We managed to gather a collection of Star Wars stories that every fan will love.  The articles range from heartwarming to heart stopping, like This Luke Skywalker Theory Destroys Everything You Thought You Knew About Star Wars.

mywebroom blog star wars room luke skywalker theory

The Huffington Post


6. Star Wars Locations

This folder is one of our favorites.  It’s filled with incredible hotels, restaurants, and homes that are Star Wars inspired – or better yet, actual places from the films!  You’ll definitely want to check out these Star Wars hotels that will awaken the force in you on your next vacation.

mywebroom blog star wars room hotels sadri miss

Image via: Thrillist


7. Star Wars Snacks

If you’re a foodie, head on over to our Star Wars Party Snacks folder for some seriously awesome recipes, kitchen accessories, and other fun food related tidbits. This folder is packed full of party pleasers like these tasty – and adorably awesome looking – Chewbacca Smash Cakes

mywebroom blog star wars room chewbacca smash cake recipe

Image via: Just Jenn Recipes


8. Star Wars Entertainment

If you’re looking for some fun Star Wars sites to spend some time on, definitely check out our Star Wars Online folder.  You’ll find funny viral videos, memes, quizzes, and so much more.  Go on and find out which Dark Side user you are – we know you want to know!

mywebroom blog star wars room which dark side character are you quiz

Image via: lordhayabusa357 on deviantart


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