Behold! The All New myWebRoom SHOP!

By Joshua Burton

It’ here! Starting today you now have access to the new redesign for our SHOP section here at myWebRoom. We wanted to give you a whole new way to find the newest and most YOU products on the internet for your WebRoom. So here’s the new layout, people, pay attention.

myWebRoom follows all of the trends in interior design in our Shop.


It’s always nice to see what other people think. Now, with the new trending section, you get an up-to-date feed of what other users are checking out. See something great? Check it out! It’ll probably lead you to other great stuff!

myWebRoom collects all the best products in our shop for the perfect interior design (free) shopping spree.


Need inspiration? Our design experts have sifted through all of our items and assembled specially-themed sets to help you on your way to the perfect WebRoom. These hand-curated collections include special products labeled EDITOR’S PICK that will only feature the best of the best.

We will be adding more sets constantly to keep the selection fresh and appealing. Nothing will ever get stale at myWebRoom. Fashion is fast. We’re faster.

myWebRoom has so many great featured stores that you'll be browsing for products for eternity!


Stick to names you trust. We’ve partnered with the best names in home furnishings and decor to bring you the best products on the web. Our new shop has so much to sift through you may need to call a few days off of work.


Check out the sleek new design for the myWebRoom Shop!

We’ve reorganized our items into four easy categories to help you in your search for the best stuff. Need that perfect 60’s-style couch? Hit up our FURNITURE section. Fancy an industrial side table or some quirky wall decor? That’s in the DECOR section. Need that special notebook? Maybe you want a super-stylized bathroom tumber. All the odds and ends can be found in our LIFESTYLE section. We all need to streamline our lives. Get the newest and most helpful gadgets in our ELECTRONICS section.Even if it’s sold out in the store you can still add it to your WebRoom. How’s that for a free market?

Discover all the latest trends at the myWebRoom Shop!

With added search functionality, there is no way you can’t find that perfect finishing touch on your WebRoom. Every item you click on can be added to your WebRoom seamlessly from the shop, making it the perfect way to save and decorate with your favorite picks. We’ve been working hard for a while to get this to you and we can’t be more excited.

Grab a Louis Vuitton bag for FREE at the myWebRoom Shop.

This is your personal place on the web. Why not make it the best it can be? Let your creativity go crazy! Thank you for your support, roomies. Have a good time!

myWebRoom virtual bookmark interface.

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