10 Best Halloween Makeup Tutorials

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Hi, Roomies!  Halloween is right around the corner and everyone in the office is starting to get excited; there’s lots of talk about costume ideas here at the HQ.  This year we are all super inspired by all of the creative Halloween makeup that we’ve found.  We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorites to share with you.  Let us know if you try any of these out!  Enjoy!

The best Halloween makeup tutorials.

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1. Disney’s Elsa: Everyone loves Disney’s animated film Frozen!  Who wouldn’t want to be the beautiful, icy Queen Elsa on Halloween?!  We love her long blonde tresses and pretty, feminine makeup.  For an easy transformation into your favorite Disney Princess, check out this fantastic tutorial.


2. Disney’s Ursula: No Disney movie would be complete without a villain and The Little Mermaid’s Ursula is about as evil as it gets!  The tentacle-clad sea witch might have needed to steal Ariel’s singing voice, but she has a killer look.  This tutorial will turn you into the underwater monster in no time.


3. Jack Skellington: It was incredibly hard to choose just one of makeup artist Carly Paige’s fantastic transformations to share, but this Jack Skellington from Nightmare Before Christmas just blew us away.  For more check out her website – Gollum and Yoda were close runners-up!

mywebroom blog jack skellington halloween makeup tutorial carly paige

Image via: Carly Paige Makeup


4. Neytiri: If you’re anything like us, then James Cameron’s Avatar is still one of your favorite movies.  Channel the spirit of Pandora and become your favorite Na’vi when you put on this stunning blue makeup and top it off with stripes and shimmery dots.


5. Zombie Bite: Halloween is all about being scary, and what’s scarier than the dead rising up from the grave and attacking the living?  Zombies are all the rage right now, so we had to include this tutorial on how to get an epic and disturbing zombie bite across your face – or wherever you want to put it.

mywebroom blog diy zombie bite makeup tutorial

Image via: Halloween Costumes


6. Comic Book Girl:  Ever wanted to jump into the pages of your favorite comic?  Now you can see what you would look like as a comic book character with this fun and lively pop art-inspired look.  You’re sure to be the life of the party with this cute and creative costume!

mywebroom blog halloween makeup tutorial pop art comic book girl

Image via: Best Halloween Blog


7. Pretty Fish: If you want to be something beautiful, but still creative and eye-catching this Halloween, we recommend trying out this silvery-blue fish makeup!  The diamond pattern and under-the-sea shimmer is sure to cause some double takes at this year’s Halloween party. It can even work as mermaid makeup, too!

mywebroom blog diy halloween fish mermaid makeup tutorial

Image via: Allure


8. Zipper Face: Want to go the shocking route this year?  The appearance of your seemingly unzipped flesh and the exposed tissue underneath is sure to cast fright into anyone who glances your direction.  This one might look tough but the tutorial makes it super easy – plus you can get the look for less than $5!


9. Barbie: Have you ever wanted to become Barbie?  Now you can rock that signature plastic-perfect skin and bat those long lashes all night.  With some simple contouring and other makeup tricks, you’ll be looking like the famous doll in no time.


10. Tiger: Become a fearless beast of the jungle in all of your striped glory with this awesome makeup tutorial.  Learn how to make face paint look like fur and rock this truly unique and attention grabbing look.


Want more awesome makeup tutorials?  Check out the DIY section in your room!

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