20 Best Places Online Every Doctor Who Fan Should Explore

“Run!” Just that one word and Doctor Who fans – old and new – started chasing after a madman with a box. Here is a list of the best online sources for those faithful companions who like to hitch a ride on the Tardis and travel alongside the Doctor, loving every minute of it.

There’s no need for a battered sonic screwdriver when you have a wealth of combined knowledge from your fellow Whovians. From up-to-date Doctor Who news pages to episode reviews to epic fan theories, you’ll find you’re fellow Tardis companions.


The tardis flying through space in Doctor Who

Doctor Who Websites


Before we plunge into the giant pool of Doctor Who websites, we can start by wading through the shallow end of the information pool with sites like BBC Doctor Who official site. We’ll just leave that Olympic dive for expert like River Song until we’re ready for it.


1. The Official Doctor Who Site

The first doctor from Doctor Who

Image via: BBC


There is a fair share of love for The Doctor online. Luckily for us at myWebRoom, former Sixth Doctor Colin Baker stepped up to guide us in the right direction. You can find the latest news, set photos, and trailers on the official BBC Doctor Who channel. Find all of the confirmed info AND avoid crazy fan theories or spoilers!


2. Doctor Who Magazine

Doctor Who Magazine is the official Whovian magazine

Image via: Doctor Who Magazine


This award-winning, monthly magazine is the go-to news source for fun interviews with the actors, writers, and set designers on the new Doctor Who series. Not only that, but they also showcase the latest Doctor Who merchandise.


3. The Doctor Who Site

The control room to the Tardis on Doctor Who

Image via: The Doctor Who Site


Although not an official BBC channel, The Doctor Who Site is a must-stop destination for Doctor Who reviews, merchandise, and news from the show. They also have Doctor Who guides that offer detailed timelines for all of the Doctors.


4. Whoniversity


While this is technically a subsection of the BBC America blog, Anglophenia, this blog offers regular updates on the status of the new Doctor Who series. Self-described as “British culture with an American accent,” this blog captures the spirit of being a Whovian while living across the pond from the show’s home.


Doctor Who Confidential


When you’re looking for information, you’ll only find confirmed news and press releases at the official BBC Doctor Who website. Luckily, you can find confidential information gathered by curious Whovians who love to share their knowledge. Here are some fan-run sites with their fair share of clever boys.


5. Whovian Net

Whovian net: you're go to fan site for Doctor Who

Image via: Whovian Net


Here’s where the murky world of Doctor Who online gets really fun! Whovian Net has dedicated sections for the show, episodes, casts, and upcoming storylines. You’ll find official Doctor Who news mixed in with fan theories and episode reviews.


6. Doctor Who TV

doctor who tv is a fan website that shares doctor who news

Image via: Doctor Who TV


Similar to Whovian Net, you can find snippets of Doctor Who news, episode summaries and trailers, and featured interviews with the series’ cast and crew on this site. You’ll also find a few articles that cover everything from the The Doctor’s wardrobe to examining fascinating storylines.


7. Doctor Who 24/7

Doctor Who 24/7 shares cool Whovian tools, news, and information

Image via: Doctor Who 24/7


What happens when you take all of the information above and toss in the chance to meet your idols? Doctor Who 24/7 is a great fan-run site that not only has dedicated Doctor Who news page, but also shares upcoming Doctor Who events and gatherings.


8. The Doctor Who Hub

The Twelfth Doctor and Clara Oswin Oswald on Doctor Who

Image via: The Doctor Who Hub


Here’s where social media breeds friendship. This Facebook feed is one easy click away from feeding your FB feed with up-to-date news on the new Doctor Who series as well as the best of Doctor Who memes from this cheerful online community.


Doctor Who News Forums


If the last Doctor Who episode left you baffled, you might want to meet up with your fellow Whovians to swap theories and ideas.  Fight against the Silence by sharing your theories and ideas with like-minded companions on these forums!


9. Doctor Who News

Doctor Who News in an online forum for Whovians

Image via: Doctor Who News


Of all of the fan-run sites, only this one was recommended to us by a former Doctor, Colin Baker. While this Doctor Who website features news and cast interviews, you’ll find more fun in the forums. Swap your latest DW theories or debate over your favorite companion.


10. Doctor Who Online

Doctor Who Online has news, episode reviews, and forums about Doctor Who

Image via: Doctor Who Online


Here’s another fan site where you can swap your Doctor Who fanfic, share your latest headcannon, and catch up on the newest info for Doctor Who shops, reviews, competitions, forums, and the show!


Doctor Who Podcasts


For all of my fellow Whovians who face a long commute, there are some great ways to engage with your favorite Doctor Who characters and villains. Pass the time on your journey through time and space with these fun podcasts that talk about wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff.


11. Doctor Who: Podshock

Doctor Who Podshock is a podcast about Doctor Who

Image via: Doctor Who Podshock


Don’t get me wrong – the Gallifreyan Embassy is an awesome site for fan-shared Doctor Who news and forums. But the Doctor Who: Podshock show is one of the most well known podcasts that deals with the original and new Doctor Who series.


12. DWO WhoCast

WhoCast is a Doctor Who podcast run by Doctor Who Online

Image via: DWO WhoCast


Doctor Who Online popped up earlier as the home to a good forum, but they also host another great podcast. You can expand your Whovian knowledge by learning about lesser known episodes, minisodes, and fundraising efforts by the Doctor Who cast and crew.


13. Radio Free Skaro

Radio Free Skaro is a Doctor Who podcast about the Doctor, Daleks, and other Doctor Who characters

Image via: Radio Free Skaro


What happens when you base your show on the home planet of the Daleks? A award-winning (and DW Magazine approved) show that covers Doctor Who news worldwide! Tune in to hear rumors, gossip, and conversations about the long lost Doctor Who episodes.


14. Verity Podcast

Verity Podcast: a radio show about Doctor Who named after female producer Verity Lambert

Image via: Pinterest


Imagine yourself in a room, swapping Doctor Who stories and theories. Named after the first producer on the show, Verity Lambert, Verity Podcast has a rotating group of six female hosts who talk about everything from the Doctor and his many personalities, his companions, the fandom, and random Whovian topics that are making them happy. This popular show is a favorite of both DW writer Paul Cornell and the creator of the Doctor Puppet videos, Alisa Stern!


15. The Ood Cast

The Ood Cast: A rhyming, singing, and laughing podcast about Doctor Who

Image via: The Ood Cast


Up to this point, most of our favorite Doctor Who podcasts swap cool theories and talk about their own experiences with the show. Can you imagine what happens when a group of friends do that through rhyme, song, and laughter? That’s The Ood Cast!


Doctor Who Fan Fiction

When the Doctor regenerates, we have to say goodbye to a familiar face and meet a whole new Doctor. It’s little wonder that creative Whovians expand the Doctor Who’s history by writing past the canonical universe. Here’s a small sliver of headcanon that you can enjoy!


16. A Teaspoon And An Open Mind

The largest collection of doctor who fan fiction

Image via: Teaspoon and An Open Mind


With such a long running TV series, there are bound to be Doctor Who fanfiction that revolved around the different reincarnations of the Doctor. You can find all manner of Doctor Who stories at this popular fan fiction archive.


17. Doctor Puppet

Do you ever wonder what the Doctor gets up to when the camera’s aren’t rolling and the writers aren’t sharing their scripts with the actors? Longtime Who fan, Alisa Stern, shares her imagined off-screen adventures of all twelve Doctors on her popular YouTube channel.


Doctor Who Conventions


You know those Doctor Who websites and forums that I mentioned before. After you make a bunch of online friends there, you can meet them in real life at one of these Doctor Who conventions! Mingle with past Doctors and companions, Daleks, Weeping Angels, and other Doctor Who villains here.


18. Gallifrey One

A Doctor Who fan in cosplay with a dalek at Gallifrey One

Image via: Gallifrey One


This is the oldest and biggest conventions dedicated entirely to the Doctor Who series and universe. It takes place every February in Los Angeles. Dress up in your best Time Lord cosplay and meet the rest of the fandom at this fun event. Just be sure to plan well – tickets sell quickly.


19. Chicago Tardis

Weeping Angels on the set of BBC Doctor Who

Image via: BBC

On the other side of the United States, you can find yourself mingling at this Doctor Who fan convention in Chicago during the Thanksgiving weekend. This family-friendly event features evening galas, cosplay competitions, Doctor Who toys and games, and a late night gambling hall.


20. Doctor Who Festival

The Doctor Who Festival in London

Image via: BBC


For the first time ever, there will be an official Doctor Who Festival hosted by the BBC! Taking place during early November in London, this weekend long event was designed to make it easier for Doctor Who fans to see their favorite topics! Each day of the festival is similar – fans only need a one-day ticket!


We’re not going to see an invasion of Daleks or stare down a Weeping Angel anytime soon, but there is a whole world of Whovian resources waiting to be explored. Fill up on the latest Doctor Who news before the new Doctor Who series premieres in September.


Link Roundup


Doctor Who Websites


The Official Doctor Who Site

Doctor Who Magazine

Doctor Who Site



Doctor Who Confidential


Whovian Net

Doctor Who TV

Doctor Who 24/7

The Doctor Who Hub


Doctor Who News Forums


Doctor Who News

Doctor Who Online


Doctor Who Podcasts


Doctor Who: Podshock

DWO WhoCast

Radio Free Skaro

Verity Podcast

The Ood Cast


Doctor Who Fan Fiction


A Teaspoon And An Open Mind

Doctor Puppet


Doctor Who Conventions


Gallifrey One

Chicago Tardis

Doctor Who Festival




Colin Baker AKA The Doctor

Paul Cornell

Alisa Stern


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