12 Best Places To Celebrate New Year’s Eve Around The World

New Year’s Eve is the last, and the biggest, party of the year. And whether you plan to be shivering in Times Square or warm and cozy on the couch watching the ball drop, you’re going to be celebrating with millions of other people across the country and around the world. If you’re looking for an amazing celebration away from your usual end-of-the-year haunts, here are some of the best places in the world to visit to celebrate the new year.


1. Los Angeles 

About as far away from Times Square as you can get in the continental United States, you won’t need to brave freezing midnight rains when you party in Los Angeles. There’s always Disneyland for the traditionalists out there, but we recommend seeing what else the City of Angels has to offer. LAist has a great rundown of all the best parties in the area.

Spend New Year's Eve at Disneyland for awesome LA Travel.

Image via: disneytouristblog.com


2. Montreal 

From Toronto to Vancouver, Canada has no shortage of awesome cities to visit, but this December there’s no hotter spot than Montreal, where Merry Montreal is hosting its third annual New Year’s Eve extravaganza. Synden Hope-Johnston at MTL Blog has a good rundown of this massive party, from the fire pits in Place Jacques-Cartier to a gigantic free concert that is sure to get crazy.

Hang out in Old Montreal's annual New Year's Eve festival when you're traveling this year.

Image Via: cdn.mtlblog.com


3. London 

England’s capital is home to some of the world’s most impressive architecture, including the modern wonder of the London Eye and the historic beauty of Big Ben, and the city takes full advantage of these assets to create an absolutely unforgettable New Year’s spectacle. Just look at these jaw-dropping photos over at the Daily Mail to see what we mean.

Image Via: Dailymail.com

Image Via: Dailymail.com


4. Newcastle 

Not to be outdone by London in the south, Newcastle in North East England offers an unmatched variety of ways to close the book on 2015. With everything from fireworks to festivals and from concerts to comedy, there’s something for everyone in this historic destination. Find out more over at Buzzfeed.

Celebrate New Year's Eve in Newcastle!

Image Via: walktheplank.co.uk


5. Edinburgh 

Scotland’s New Year’s celebration, known as Hogmanay, is a full three-day event steeped in history and tradition, but not lacking for a little modern flair. Check out Journey Wonders for a glimpse of Edinburgh’s beautiful countryside, its enchanting Torch Procession, and marvelous fireworks shows.

Have fun for New Year's Eve in Edinburgh.


6. Reykjavik 

There are countless reasons to visit Iceland, no matter what time of year it is, including the gorgeous, fairytale landscape, the amazing views of the Northern lights, and the wonderful local food. Angela at Amvigo Blog has a few extra reasons why Reykjavik is the perfect destination at the end of December.

Travel to Reykjavik for New Year's Eve for a great time.

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7. Berlin 

As well known for its rich culture and friendly people as its vibrant nightlife, Berlin has become one of the hottest tourist destinations in the world. We found a great rundown of some of the best, most affordable things to do this new year in Germany’s booming metropolis over at My Destination Berlin.

Enjoy New Year's Eve in Berlin for awesome holiday celebration.

Image Via: mydestination.com/Berlin


8. Sydney 

What could be better than New Year’s at the Sydney Harbour, as fireworks reflect off the water, illuminating the iconic Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House? Check out this gallery at Confiscated Toothpaste to see just how fabulous the festivities are down under.

What to do in Sydney during amazing New Year's travel.

Image Via: confiscatedtoothpaste.com


9. Bangkok 

Between Big Ben and the Sydney Opera House, we’ve found no shortage of iconic landmarks to ring in the new year with, but Bangkok’s plans for its famous Temple of Dawn, chronicled over at Thailandee, may take the cake. Then after one of the world’s biggest parties, stay up for one of the world’s most famous sunrises.

Experience New Year's eve in Thailand.

Image Via: thailandee.com


10. Tokyo 

Renowned for being one of the friendliest, cleanest, and most advanced cities in the world, Tokyo’s booming nightlife, amazing food, and convenient public transportation make it one of the top places to be in the world for any occasion. And as Only In Japan points out, it doesn’t disappoint at the new year!

Celebrate New Year's in Tokyo when you're traveling this year.

Image Via: Tokyo Midtown Management Co. Ltd.


11. Dubai 

One of the fastest growing cities on the planet and home of the tallest building in the world, Dubai sets out to impress with everything it does. This gallery at The National highlights how Dubai has made itself one of the top New Year’s destinations in the world, too.

Celebrate New Year's Eve in Dubai when traveling this year.

Image Via: thenational.ae


12. Rio de Janeiro 

We saved the best for last! When it comes down to it, there’s only one place in the world that is synonymous with party. With more than two-million people celebrating, Rio’s New Year’s party, known as Reveillon, has to be the biggest, craziest, and best celebration in the world. Just see what Only in South America has to say about it!

If you like what you see here, check out our own gallery of the 9 Best Places To Be On New Year for even more amazing photos and travel ideas!

Celebrate New Year's eve off the coast of Rio this year when traveling.

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