Check Out These People With Black Friday Madness!

When you’re sick of Thanksgiving cheer, we can always rely on Black Friday to remind us that there’s more to the holidays than sitting around being thankful. November and December were made for SHOPPING. They were also made for acting like total maniacs. Unconvinced? Read on.

Black friday’s origins trace back to Philadelphia, where local police referred to the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving as “Black Friday” and “Black Saturday.” Traffic on the streets was terrible and made their lives, well, impossible.

Clown dressed as a traffic cop. Many traffic officers on Black Friday feel like clowns.

Hey, If you can’t beat ’em then join ’em.

Stores weren’t too happy with such a dark name for their biggest business days of the year, but they eventually got over it. By now, most retail stores proudly advertise their Black Friday sales all over the place. Like this Justin Bieber ad for Macy’s.

Target still likes to keep up appearances and call it the “2-Day Sale.” That coincidentally starts on Black Friday. Nice marketing, Target.

For many retail workers, the experience can be less than enjoyable.

The feeling most retail workers have on Black Friday. Check out more funny reactions at the myWebRoom Blog.

How most retail workers feel when they see the crowds outside of their stores on Black Friday.

However, the deals are undeniable. Year after year, people line up in throngs to get lined up for when doors to superstores like Wal-Mart, Target, and Best Buy open up. This has led to some insane discount-fueled stampedes that have been well-documented over the years.

This mob mentality sort of  makes sense when it comes to high-end super-sale items. You’d expect things like TVs and laptops to encourage a sudden outburst of feeding frenzy, but these can erupt over things as simple as towels. Yes, TOWELS.

A new marketing word has sprung up to describe exceptional deals recently that highlights this mob phenomenon of pushing against the heavy, metal roll-down doors of big box stores – Doorbusters. Take a look at these visuals, what similarities do you see?

Zombies or Black Friday patrons? Find out at the myWebRoom Blog!

There must be a sale on brains.

So Black Friday is pretty much a new holiday for us, right? It’s just more of a holiday like Columbus Day. Only a certain amount of people observe it, and they are the only ones who really benefit from it. And when they’re into it, well, they’re REALLY into it. Just take this video on how to tailor your workout to Black Friday as an example.

Or for the many YouTubers who record “Black Friday Haul” videos. Seriously, people like this wealthy girl get really, really into it.

And this girl, who has a…..unique style of showing her Black Friday exuberance. It involves equating herself to Napoleon bonaparte’s wife, Josephine. Classy.

What can we take away from all of this? You can turn any bad situation into an opportunity to market yourself positively. Have a great Thanksgiving, folks!

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What Woody hears.

Black Friday or zombie apocalypse? Find out at the myWebRoom Blog!

What Woody sees.