Bookcase Styles For Your Favorite Bookmarks In myWebRoom

By Joshua Burton

Design is paramount here at myWebRoom, your prime real estate on the web should reflect your characteristics as much as your browsing habits. One of the largest items in your WebRoom is your bookcase, so it will be one of those obvious eye-grabbers in your room. We’ve got a lot of great bookcase options for you – and bookmarks to go into them. Check out some great designs and if you like any of them, feel free to toss it in your room with the Designer tool on the top taskbar.

bookcase classic mywebroom shelves

Keep it classy and timeless with open compartment bookcases. They can blend in with neutral colors or add character with brighter colors. Great for books or impressive pawn shop finds. This type of setup could probably house your New Yorker or Fortune magazines, right?


Sometimes you want your bookcase to stand out, really be a primary factor in your WebRoom. To that effect, consider the more modern Lotus Bookcase Tonelli or Nureyev shelves. These are attention-grabbers for those of you who want to show off the impressive novels you own – or maybe to just store your Vice or Vogue magazines.


Looking to save space or just give an elegant touch to your space? Check out the 18th Century English walnut cabinet or the Paris inspired bookcase for a more international appeal. The narrow design and supple trims make these must-haves for the more glamorous room. Maybe you’re a more W Magazine fan or enjoy Better Homes? Maybe Cigar Aficionado or Nylon goes better in these? Either way, they are options in your perfect home space on the internet.


Some of you enjoy floorspace and optimal breathing room in your personal headquarters. To that effect, try out these wall bookcases. The Cardboard and Modern Jim Shelves bookcases are magnificent additions. These eye-grabbers are unique and connect to the room in ways that free-standing options can’t. Do you think out of the box? Maybe you enjoy National Geographic, Home & Design or Outside. Maybe you are even more of an audio book person? Connect Audible or to your bookcase. It’s your spot, go ahead and make it yours.


Creativity doesn’t always take a sleek style. Industrial decor is perfect for a low-light or rugged feel to your WebRoom. Items like the Artifacts Apothecary Cabinet and Wine Storage Cabinet may be more your speed. Maybe you’re adding Smithsonian, Entrepreneur, Vanity Fair, or Entertainment Weekly belongs on your shelves.


Sometimes you really want your bookcase to pop. If that’s the case, then choose one of our larger modern shelving units for your room. These are great for the cozier rooms and give a playful feel with their abundant storage space. If you want to get it from the shop for your real life room, it is perfect for collectibles and trinkets. It’s easy to see a Game Informer, Rolling Stone, FHM, or Wired Magazine going in the bookmarks for this style, right?


Don’t let your bookcase be an observer. As an active addition to your room, it can also take a more interesting shape, like the Cattelan Italia DNA or Pyramid bookcases. These aren’t your average book houses. For the above-average WebRoom, Juxtapoz, Car and Driver, or Aesthetica might be in your bookmarks.




Simple but striking. The stark appeal of the Ingrid Industrial bookshelf may be more stylized for your space. Maybe the Willem Lutjens bookcase can be in your future, too. These are more shelf-oriented, but with extra flair to show off your underlying interior artistry. Go ahead and link up your Bloomberg Businessweek, Country Living, or Jet magazines to this item.


Not enough doors in your room? These marvelous antique-style bookshelves lend your room the fancy style you’re looking for. Be you a fan of the ornate delicacy of the 1850 Antique Bleached Oak Hand-Carved Wedding Armoire or the homey comfort of the Craftsman Home Bookcase, you know that we have something for you. These two just prove that interior fashion spans centuries. You can be reading Traditional Home or Macworld and still feel at home with these styles.



The imagination has no borders, and in that vein we get the geometric oddity of Jordi Mila’s Wisdom Tree and Dory with Glass Bookshelf  Table. Let your WebRoom never be without character, or moments of “what the…” from visitors. Pick up a Variety, Mental Floss, or Reader’s Digest to keep your mind active.

The variety you find in myWebRoom shows how personal perspective is important to us. As your home on the internet, we want your WebRoom to be your fingerprint – your DNA. Design is as important as discovery. Feed your imagination with your web activity and let it go wild with your creativity. Head over to the Designer tool or the shop to start browsing for your next personal trend. Have fun with it!

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