Funny Cat Memes You Have To See

If you’ve checked out our website, you’ve probably figured out that we love animals!  We post endless images of our doggy mascot, Roomsy, who spends his days running around the myWebRoom office.
This week, we wanted to switch it up and dedicate a post to our other favorite furry companions: cats!  Given the undeniable attitude, curiosity, and aloofness of our feline friends, it should come as no surprise that the internet has exploded with cat memes. We’ve included popular memes, as well as apps and websites that will allow you to create and share all of the hilarious behaviors of your furry friend!

Do not want cat hates water


Cat and deer

 Today we wanted to share some of our favorite cat memes.  We hope they make you laugh out loud – or at least give you a good chuckle!

lol cats

I Can Has Cheezburger Cats

Let’s start out with the OG of cat memes, the trend that started it all, what we like to call I Can Has Cheezburger Cats!  Don’t ask us why, but there’s something irresistibly adorable that happens when you combine bad grammar with a worried expression on a cat’s face.  This kitty language caught on and swept through the nation until seemingly every cat had adopted this ridiculously cute way of “speaking!”

cat begging

kitten cute I can has cheezeburger

Cat Breading

Let’s move on to another oldie but goodie: Cat Breading!  This phenomenon hit hard about a year ago and involves taking photos of cats with slices of bread around their heads.  The whole trend is a clever play on the term “inbred.”  We’re not sure how this one started, but the expressions on the breaded cat’s faces are priceless!
Bread Gif

Grumpy Cat 

Arguably the most famous cat in the world right now is Tartar Sauce, aka Tard, aka Grumpy Cat!  The permanently displeased expression on this sweet kitty’s face has become an internet sensation that has spawned stuffed animals, t-shirts, games, and – of course – countless memes!  Check out a few of our favorite Grumpy Cat moments!  This is one mean kitty!

Grumpy Cat Shocked

The Most Interesting Cats In The World 

Up next we have some memes that were definitely made by people who know cats!  These spin-offs of Dos Equis’ popular commercials feature cat behavior that any feline owner can relate to!  We give to you: The Most Interesting Cats In The World!

liquid cat

The most interesting cat and more cute cat memes all love to hang out at the myWebRoom Blog!

Invisible Cats 

We get a kick out of this next set of photos!  These super creative memes are known as Invisible Cats and feature cats with invisible objects – and they are spot on!  Enjoy!

Invisible Bike Cat

Invisible cats doing invisible bull fighting. See more cat memes at the myWebRoom Blog!


Last but of course not least, we have LOLCATS.  This group is for kitties that have a lot to say, but are above adopting the grammatically incorrect dialogue of their I Can Has Cheezburger peers.  Still, they’re pretty witty so we thought that they deserved a special place on our list!
Monorail Cat

Lolcats hitting people and getting into general trouble. See more kitty memes at the myWebRoom Blog! Sassy cats in memes! See more adorable kitties at the myWebRoom Blog! Even cats are afraid of the cops. See more cat memes at the myWebRoom Blog! Cats love doing the laundry. Wait. No they don't. But you can still find lots of cat memes at the myWebRoom Blog!


Make Your Own Memes

After seeing all of these cat memes you probably want to make your own. Here are a few sites to help you get started on getting your furry friends the internet stardom they deserve!

if-not-for-sits-why-is-it-made-of-warm comes fully equipped with famous images that you probably recognize and a few that you don’t. All you have to do is select or upload an image, add text, and you’ve got yourself a meme that you can share all over the interwebs.

00meme has a similar meme generator as, but you are able to share your hilarious new image in their gallery where people can upvote, downvote, and leave comments! You don’t need an account to create memes, but you will need one if you want feedback from the community.

pizza cat
While has all the meme generating abilities that and have, they take it one step further by letting you draw on the image. If you want to really show off your mad meme skills this is the place to do it!

Meme Apps

If you’re anything like me then you probably have a ton of pictures of your pets on your phone. Thanks to these free apps you can turn your favorite images into memes with ease!

Meme Generator Free

meme generator Meme Generator Free is an app that allows you to add different colored text, create categories of memes, and share your newly created pics! A major highlight of this app is that it won’t leave a watermark on your images, so they are as cool and clean as can be.

CheezburgerThe place that started it all has an app that brings all of your funny to one place. The Cheezburger app is constantly updated with hilarious images and you can even make and share your own! The fun interactive features like voting and leaving comments will make sure your day is full of funny!

Meme-Generator for Windows Phones comes fully equipped with 200 meme templates. You can also create a list of your favorite memes and search for new ones! This app allows you to share your creations on Facebook, Twitter, or via E-mail.