20 Cheap and Healthy Recipes Easy Enough For Any College Student

It’s time to unbuckle your belts, Roommates – the time of college cafeteria food is nigh! If you’re craving something different, we teamed up with our favorite food bloggers to give you cheap recipes for easy, healthy meals! From microwave recipes to dinner ideas, we’ve got you covered.  

I won’t lie to you – I ate pizza everyday for two weeks when I started college. It was delicious, up until my body rebelled against me! Treat yourself well by making these equally delicious, and far healthier, meals.

Easy recipes any college student can make easily.

Budget Meals: Breakfast Edition

Listen up! Getting to class is important, but you have to get some food into you before you dash off to your lecture. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – breakfast is the most important meal of the day. From the super simple to a few semi-fancy brunch ideas, here are a few meals that’ll start your day off right!

1. Overnight Oatmeal

easy overnight oatmeal recipe

As a student, there is nothing more important than your sleep! Catch a couple of extra moments of slumber and snack on a healthy breakfast with this super cheap recipe. Just pop your oats into water before you climb into bed and you’ll have breakfast ready to go in the morning! There’s also nothing better to settle your belly after a wild night out like a simple bowl of pre-prepped oatmeal.


2. Nutella + Greek Yogurt Fruit Dip

Image via: Shoestring

Image via: Shoestring

If you have a mighty morning sweet tooth, there’s a better way to satisfy it than eating cookies for breakfast. Find the right balance of a cheap and healthy meal with this yogurt fruit dip. The Nutella sweetens the tartness of the yogurt, so you can easily enjoy this by itself or pair it with some fresh fruits that you snagged from the cafeteria!


3. Egg Muffins

Image via: Recipe Girl

Image via: Recipe Girl

Are you craving a fritatta for breakfast? Do you think that making more than one is too much work? Are you afraid of one getting cold by the time the others are done? This egg muffin recipe means that you can easily serve some mini frittatas to your friends and have a couple to spare!


4. Breakfast Biscuit Cups

Image via: Having Fun Saving

Image via: Having Fun Saving

If you’re like me, you’ll like a little more dough in your breakfast. Make yourself some yummy breakfast biscuit cups stuffed with scrambled eggs, cheese, and sausage so that you can have a full breakfast in an edible cup! #BreakfastGoals


5. Smoothie Bowl

Image via: The Petite Professional

Image via: The Petite Professional

Listen – there are some mornings when even chewing is too much work! Thanks goodness for smoothies! This protein-packed smoothie can easily be made with convenient and cheap ingredients – or stuff that you snatched from the cafeteria – and it is perfect for silent sipping in class.


6. Avocado Mango Smoothie

healthy superfoods smoothie made from avocado, mango, and cucumber

Image via: Having Fun Saving

Time for a superfood study session! Cutting into an avocado can be the pits, but this smoothie will make it avocad-OK! Not only is this recipe chock-full of good fats and vitamins, but the taste will leave you energized and ready to go to class!


Budget Meals: Lunch Edition

Phew – morning classes are out! You could duck into the cafeteria for a snack, but where’s the fun in that? Here are a couple of simple recipes that embrace the cheesy best of college food. Warning – there’s a lot of chicken up ahead!

7. Chicken Pot Pie Cupcakes

mini chicken pot pies

Image via: Having Fun Saving

You’re a growing college student – you need to pack your body with proteins. Nothing fills your body up with yummy veggies and protein-enriched chicken like a pot pie. Make these mini pies so that you can serve them to your friends, eat them on the go, or snack on them while you’re pigging out on learning.


8. Halo Quesadilla

easy halo quesadilla stuffed with cheese

Image via: My Bargain Buddy

Mmm… quesadillas. They’re loaded with cheese and you can top them off with a generous heaping of guacamole, fresh salsa, or  grilled meat. This ridiculously ch-easy recipe will settle the hungry rumbles in your belly with a deliciously quick meal.


9. Chicken Tortilla Soup

The Frugal Girls Chicken Tortilla Soup

Image via: The Frugal Girls

Let’s face it – you’re going to get sick during your college years. This cheap, healthy recipe is a quick meal that’s good to have in your cooking arsenal. All you need is a handy Crockpot, a couple of items from the Hispanic food section of your local grocery store, and a few minutes to toss everything into a pot and set a timer!


10. Quick Chicken Tacos

Image via: Full Thyme Student

Image via: Full Thyme Student

As a college student on a budget, chicken is your best friend. It’s cheap, lean, and loaded with protein. Most of the time, you can even get a piping hot rotisserie chicken straight from the grocery. That cuts down on the prep time for this taco recipe. Now you can focus all of your energy on the chipotle cream!


11. Bacon and Caramelized Grilled Cheese

Bacon and Caramelized Grilled Cheese

Image via: 5 Dollar Dinner

Anybody can slap a slice of cheese on a piece of bread and call it a day! Treat yourself to a quick meal upgrade by throwing some chopped onions and bacon on a griddle. It’ll add some some savory flavors and serious mouth feels to your above-average student meal!


Budget Meals: Dinner Edition

Do you have an evening class? Those are rough, but you can a least face your professor with a stuffed belly. Not only are these easy meals delicious, they’re so beautiful that you’ll want to set up a romantic table for a student feast!

12. Summer Spaghetti

Fresh summer spaghetti made with fresh ingredients

Image via: Turntable Kitchen

You know what’s better than healthy food? Cheap food! This super easy recipe makes the best use out of fresh ingredients! By making your sauce from scratch with ripe tomatoes, garlic, and olive oil, you’ll appreciate every tang of flavor that’ll dance on your tongue!


13. Leftover spaghetti

the best use of left over spaghetti or pasta

Image via: Shoestring

If your food is too good to share with your dorm – and roommates, you’ll want to hoard it for your hungry student self! This clever food hack is a quick way to make an easy meal out of your leftovers.


14. Strawberry Parmesan Salad

fresh arugula, strawberry, and parmesan salad

Image via: Suite and Savory

If you’re hungry, but not starving, you’ll love this easy recipe for a smaller healthy meal. This light salad is made out of four ingredients. Just four! All you have to do is chop up your strawberries, toss them in with your arugula and favorite salad dressing, and top it off with some grated parmesan. All of this is super easy to stock up on at your school’s salad bar!


15. Microwave Mustard Mashed Potato

Image via: Microwave Masterchef

Image via: Microwave Masterchef

So far, you’ve been busting out blenders and crockpots. For this meal, you just need a college student’s best friend – the microwave! This microwave recipe for mustard mashed potatoes leads to a quick meal. You just need to figure out what to do during the 12 minutes that the potatoes are cooking.


16. Dragon Noodles

quick and easy spicy noodles on a budget

Image via: Budget Bytes

It’s rough being a college student. You’re probably on your own for the first time, you have little to no money, and you’re starting to figure things out for the first time. Imagine a meal made with 2 dollars. These Dragon Noodles are a poor student’s best friend! You can find 10 other equally cheap and delicious recipes here.


17. Veggie Pasta Bake Student Recipe

easy vegetarian pasta bake for college students

Image via: Student Recipes

One the main dangers that vegetarian students can run into is whether they’re eating enough protein and vitamins. This simple veggie pasta bake is perfect for the newbie vegetarian! If you fall in love with this healthy dish, here’s another 11 delicious vegetarian recipes for students.


18. Imperial Veggie Ramen Soup

how to make ramen 25 different way

Ramen, a broke college student’s best friend. It’s one of the easiest forms of microwave cooking, it’s cheap, and it’s fast. Ramp up your ramen game with a couple of hacks. You can dress up a plain ole package of dried noodles by chopping up a few vegetables and tossing them into the broth along with a soft boiled egg. You can find a further 25 recipes for regular ramen here. Yum!


Budget Meals: Dessert Edition

At last! Your day is over and you’re ready to collapse into bed with your textbooks! Before you do that, treat yourself to a well deserved treat. These two recipes are amazingly delicious and easy to make. No one will judge you if you  munch on the leftovers in the morning, either!

19. Nutella Strawberry Pizza

easy nutella and strawberry pizza dessert

Image via: Not Your Average College Food

Bust out the desserts! This three-ingredient recipe combines the best of dinner and dessert – it’s a pizza topped with Nutella and strawberries! Slice them up to share with your roommates or gobble them up during your next stressful study session!


20. Banana Bread

gluten free banana bread

Image via: Shoestring

We’ve written about the struggle of being intolerant to gluten – enjoy the densely delicious flavor of this gluten-free banana bread! Whether you decide to go with a plain loaf or you sprinkle chocolate chips and walnuts through it, this super easy recipe is perfect for everyone!


As a lady on a budget, I cannot wait to try some of these recipes! I’ve already saved my favorites in my Healthy Food folder!

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