Check Out The New myWebRoom YouTube Video!

For the last two and a half years the myWebRoom team has been working hard on delivering a fun and functional tool that mixes personal design with bookmark organization. We decided to partner with Glass and Marker to help us make this informative video! We even had our very own digital marketing manager, Kris, do a little bit of voice acting! This video doesn’t just represent who we are today, but it shows how far an idea that started from our founders Artem Fedyaev and John Gonzalez has come. We hope you enjoy this video as much as we do!

The video does a great job of highlighting all the best parts of using myWebRoom! 

Design Your Room!

mywebroom design room

When we say that myWebRoom is 100% customizable, we mean it!. We hand select the greatest furniture, decorations, and computers from around the web and turn them into items you can use in your room. All of the items can be found in our shop and we even have wonderful featured stores such as Apt2B, who we partnered with to provide us with much of the furniture you see in video!

Organize Your Bookmarks!

Organize bookmarks at myWebRoom

We’ve already mentioned how the room is customizable, but one of our most important features is our bookmarking interface. Within 25 items you can easily add and delete your favorite webpages and browse, surf, and shop without ever leaving your online room! This gives you the ability to keep your favorite sites organized and easily accessible!

Whether this is your first time to myWebRoom or your 100th, we hope that you were able to get a better sense of who we are. We work hard to bring you something that we feel is just as unique to the internet as it is fun! There are always new rooms coming out and we’ve recently released our Common Room feature that is tailored specifically for people with similar interests.


These rooms are tailored for people with all sorts of interests, and include a Pretty Little Liars Room, Dog Lovers Room, a Creative Minds Inspiration Room and more! Within these rooms you will find no less than 250 useful resources that relate to the theme of the room. To learn more about our Common Rooms, check out this article. We can’t thank Glass and Marker, Apt2B enough for helping us achieve of goals of bringing our ideas out into the world! And of course we ow it to you, our roommates, for being so awesome and creative. Thanks for watching and we’ll see you real soon!

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