Grab A Sneak Peek At the New myWebRoom Feature!

We’ve been working for months here at myWebRoom HQ on a whole new way for you to use our service and build your very own personal home on the web that is tailored to your internet lifestyle. These updates are going to have a lasting effect on how you express yourself online. We can’t wait to show you some of the new features. In fact, we wanted to share a sneak peek at the  social portal that you’ll have access to soon. We’ve decided to release a multimedia presentation to get your excitement up for the new features so here we go: Help stop ISPs from being able to monetize internet speeds. A free internet means a better internet. Contact your local representative to defend net neutrality. …Ok, something seems to be off, here. It’s a pretty big media file, so maybe I’ll load here in a second. Here. Let me load another one that should work a lot better, and it’s even a little better designed. Hold on…. Fight ISPs who want to slow internet speed for companies that don't pay up. myWebRoom benefits from an open internet. Support net neutrality at: …..Huh. Weird. It’s should load faster. That’s cute and all, but I want my graphic. Let’s try one more time: Fight ISP attempt to control your internet speed. Protect small companies like myWebRoom from big business bullying by going to: The future is starting to look really obnoxious, right? Net neutrality is important to us here because myWebRoom depends on an open internet where companies like us don’t have to pay for a “fast lane” on the internet just to provide our amazing content to our Roommates. Congress is about to buckle under the weight of the big ISPs pressure and they need your support to keep the web from becoming an uneven playing field. Go to to send a support letter for net neutrality to your local representative now. Yes, it’s just as important as you’re hearing about. The free web is in danger of becoming a thing of the past. Help protect our future. Thanks for all of your support, roomies, and just to show that I wasn’t just faking excitement over new features coming soon, let me give you a REAL peek into what area of the site is about to get a HUGE overhaul soon:

This is the sneak peek at the new myWebRoom Designer Mode! Coming soon!
Big things are coming! Prepare to have your minds blown. Until then, keep an eye on those in power to make sure we all keep getting fast access to our pictures of cute cats and dogs!