11 Christmas Markets To Visit While Traveling

Ever dreamed of traveling for Christmas? Some of the best places to visit when traveling for the holidays are Christmas markets. These are super fun street markets that are spectacularly decorated and sell seasonal food, drinks, handmade toys, and other goods. You’ll find some of the best markets in Europe and North America. Here are some of the best Christmas markets you’ll find when traveling for the holidays.


Munich Christmas Markets – Germany’s famous city of Munich may be known for Oktoberfest, but it knows how to bring the yuletide spirit with just as much enthusiasm. With over 20 markets spread throughout the city, you could spend days there without experiencing everything they have to offer. The Globe and Mail has a good breakdown, but it’s highly suggested that you visit Germany and experience it firsthand.

Check out Munich during Christmas for a special travel treat.

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Columbia Road Christmas Wednesdays – If you’re in East London in December you can visit this amazing outdoor market every Wednesday before Christmas. This street is famous for its flower markets, but is home to over 50 holiday shops throughout the month leading up to Christmas. Check out The Wharf for more markets in East London during the season.

Check out East London during Christmas for a special travel treat.

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The Red Square Christmas Market – Never to be outdone, Moscow is home to one of the best Christmas markets in the world. With an ice rink at the center of the red square, the market attracts crowds of visitors well into January. Find more great details at Travel With Pedro.

Check out lovely Moscow during Christmas for a special travel treat.

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Christmas market in Vienna – Stroll through Vienna’s beautiful Christmas market while the Viennese city hall glows merrily above you. Entertain yourself with tons of food, renowned choirs, and puppets for this must-visit holiday destination. Austria is full of amazingly-backdropped markets, so be sure to visit EuroTravelogue to find even more spots to hit up over the holidays.

Check out lovely vienna during Christmas for a special travel treat.


Tivoli Gardens Christmas Market – A Christmas market in an amusement park? That is how to celebrate. Visitcopenhagen runs down some of the best markets in the city, but the only way to really understand the wonder of these markets is to visit. Walt Disney based his original designs for Disneyland on Tivoli Gardens, so if you want a truly magical holiday, take the time to visit this awesome attraction in Denmark.

Check out lovely Tivoli Gardens during Christmas for a special travel treat.


Montreux Christmas Market – Visit Switzerland for a fully festive Christmas experience. The sounds of alphorns and the smells of ethnic dishes will follow you as you visit over 150 markets overlooking the Swiss riviera. Montreux Noel breaks it down nicely and has all the details you need for your holiday travel planning.

Check out lovely Montreaux during Christmas for a special travel treat.

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Regensburg Holiday Market – One of the great things about Europe is the age of the sights you’ll see. This market happens in the shadow of the 500-year-old Neupfarr Church. This city has a more young, artistic demographic, so the markets reflect that in their handmade crafts for sale and the artisan sausages that the city of Passau is known for. This is a great stop along the Viking Danube River Cruise, which the Landlopers site details rather beautifully.

Check out lovely Regensburg during Christmas for a special travel treat.

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Lille Christmas Market – France is always a great place to visit, so if you find yourself in that lovely country during the holidays, plan to be in Lille for a unique experience you won’t forget. This particular market was listed as a must-visit for foodies by the Traveler’s Universe, and for good reason. The culinary experience you’ll have at this modest market is unparalleled and includes many places to eat, shop and play.

lille christmas


The Toronto Christmas Market – Canada’s lovely city of Toronto has a great market in its distillery district. Justin + Lauren take the visit and show the open air markets, awesome Christmas decorations, and (of course) the amazing drinks to be found in this well-known venue for holiday cheer.

Check out lovely Toronto during Christmas for a special travel treat.

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The Piazza Navona Christmas Market – Why not pop over to Rome for a truly epic Christmas? This traditional market is bright, beautiful, and offers a life-size nativity scene. Italia Living features spotlights on a few other Italian markets, but this one is in such an iconic place that it really needs special mentioning.

Check out lovely Rome during Christmas for a special travel treat.

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The Brussels Christmas Market – Over in Belgium you can find one of the most amazing markets in Brussels. Wonderful Wanderings toured it and the whole experience looks nothing short of incredible. It looks like an overall shopping extravaganza and even features a ferris wheel! Plus, the entire event takes place with the facade of the Grand Palace towering overhead. Magical!

Check out lovely Brussels during Christmas for a special travel treat.

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