12 College Hacks To Make Your Academic Life Easier

Easy hacks anyone can use to make their college life easier.

There are things that everyone should know before they start college, but no one tells them. These are a few tips that will help you get through what is going to be the best time of your life!


1. Keep Your Schedule Handy!

Woman on iPhone

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Chances are that you are always going to have your phone on you at all times so one thing to help you get into your routine is to take a picture of your schedule and make it the background of your phone. This will prevent you from starting off the semester a few tardies.


2. Study Hard, But Not In Bed!

College student studying

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One of the best bits of advice that I received when researching this post is from Tosh Patterson, the CEO and Founder of Healthinista Living. She says, “Go to the study lounge or common area to do your studying. Don’t start the habit of studying or working in bed because it will be hard for your mind & body to shut off when it’s time.” While it may be more convenient to study in bed, it isn’t advised.


3. No Stove Grilled Cheese

Grilled Cheese Stove

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Sometimes the microwave can’t get it done. So what to do you do if you are craving a delicious grilled cheese sandwich? First things first, you need butter, cheese, and of course bread. Then wrap the sandwich in the aluminum foil and place it on hard surface such as a book. The final step is place an iron on top of the sandwich and flip it every 5 minutes until it’s cooked to perfection.


4. Wake Up!

One of the toughest things to do in college is to wake up after a long night of studying, but don’t worry there’s a hack for that. If you feel like you’re going to sleep through your alarm, just put your phone inside of a glass before you go to sleep. Once the alarm goes off the sound will be amplified making sure that you get out of bed!


5. Class Bins Are In!

Class Bin Schedule Divder

Image via: The Gloss

Class Bins Are In! A great organization tip I found comes from TheGloss.com. What you’ll want to do is find a divided storage unit to separate all of your books, notebooks, and supplies for each of your classes. Make sure you label each one of the storage units so you don’t get your classes confused.


6. Never Lose Your Essentials!

Silverware organizer

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During your college years there will be so much on your mind that it’s easy to lose and misplace your essentials. Buying an inexpensive silverware tray to hold your keys, wallet, phone, iPod, and sunglasses can be a great way to keep everything you need handy while you’re rushing out the door!


7. Pizza Box Dustpan?

Pizza Box College

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Even the healthiest college student will find themselves eating occasionally eating pizza. A quick tip for cleaning up your floor is using a pizza box as a dustpan.


8. Spruce Up Your Dorm!

Thrift Store Art

Image via: Better Homes & Garden

Let’s be honest, dorm rooms are boring, but that doesn’t mean that they have to stay that way! One way to make your room look better comes Better Homes and Garden and their Thrift Store Reinvention tip. Hit up your local Goodwill or Salvation Army and find a piece of artwork. Then “sew your desired pattern onto the image, paint the frame, let dry, and reassemble.” By doing this upcycle, you will be bringing new life to your dorm and to forgotten piece of art!


9. Make Friends With Responsible People

College students hanging out

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College can be a grind, but you can make it easier on yourself. One of the best things to do is to surround yourself with other active and motivated students. This will prevent any temptation to go out and party with friends, because everyone you associate with takes school seriously. You will also have responsible connections as you move into your professional life and this is priceless.


10. A Little Vodka Goes A Long Way

Vodka cleaning

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Oh, no! You haven’t had time to do laundry and all of your friends want to go out! What do you do? The first thing you do is get your handy bottle of vodka (you’re in college of course you have this already) a spray bottle, and then lightly spray the vodka on your clothes. This will kill any odor causing bacteria making you smell so fresh and so clean!

11. Save Big On Textbooks!


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Awhile ago we featured Chegg, in our blog about 15 Student Apps to Help You Hack College. Chegg is a great website that will help you find cheap books, as well as internships and jobs. Chegg also 24/7 online tutors, college advice, and other great resources for college students.


12. Lacking Real World Experience? Don’t Fret!

College person blogging

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A lot of college students tend to panic after graduation. One way to beef up your resume is by starting and maintaining your own blog. There are plenty of free services such as WordPress and Blogger where you can set up your own site and start writing. You can blog about anything you want, but make sure that you keep it PG because your potential employers may be looking at it one day.


For more awesome college hacks, check out the college life feed in your room!


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