How to Contribute Your Style To The myWebRoom Community!

Add Your Own Items For Roommates To Use!

So you have a home on the web – that’s great! It’s a place for YOU, where you can link your favorite websites to the objects in the room that you love. You can even design your room to match your taste, mood, or even favorite TV show. Want to make it even more personal? You can now add objects and decor from anywhere online to the Designer in your room. Intrigued? Here’s how to do it:

Click On Your Designer

Add your own stuff to myWebRoom!

So you have some stuff that you can’t find in our Designer and aren’t in our shop. One of our roommates, had that problem recently with this drum kit she wanted in her room. Well, just click on the Designer button in your room and go to your “myStuff” tab. In there we’ve added a handy form for you to upload your item to our site!

 Upload Your Contribution

Add your own stuff to myWebRoom with a stylish Contribution!

You can either add an image from the web or upload one from your hard drive. It’s nice to have options, right?

 Let Us Work Our Magic

Roomsy working hard on a roommate's room item request.

Once you’ve added it, our expert designers will review your submission and get to work on converting it to a beautiful addition to your room once it’s approved!

Add It To Your Room!

Roomsy delivers any item you want to your customized home on the web!

Once we’ve grabbed the object from your image, we’ll send you an email letting you know that it’s ready and drop it in your “myContributions” area of the “myStuff” tab so you can put it in your room. Easy as that!

Don’t forget, you can hit up other people’s rooms to see what they’ve added and room their stuff to your profile. Just hover over something that you love and click “Room It!” Find out how to use that in our “See it, want it, ROOM IT!” blog post.

mywebroom room it

One of our co-founders, John Gonzalez, got on this feature super early. This guy has been adding contributions like crazy. Check out one of his best submissions to date!

Add your personal belongings to your room at myWebRoom!

Our other co-founder, Artem Fedyaev, has had his eye on this sofa that he found while shopping online. He figured it may work best in his current room design, so contributed it to myWebRoom!

Artem's red sofa contribution to myWebRoom looks great in his room!

Check out what some more of our other roommates contributed! One of our favorite roomies, @ladymommy21, uploaded this Minecraft creeper plushie aren’t they cute?

Minecraft Creeper plushie contribution to the myWebRoom community!

Our other roommate, @dariachko, wanted an awesome floating cloud lamp that she found online in her room, so we were quick to work our magic on that and get it back to her. Check it out!

glowing cloud mywebroom