8 Cool New Tech Gadgets To Have In Your Life

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It seems everything can now be done via a single tap on a screen.  But, aside from mobile devices, what are some of the other life changing technologies worth investing in? Here are 8 innovative items you must have in your life:


1. Prynt Smartphone Case


If you’re looking for a quick way to print your photos and you’re also on the market for a phone case, you’re in luck. French startup Prynt recently debuted their smartphone cover that comes with a built-in printer. For a price tag of $149, the Prynt cover connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and can print your photos in only 50 seconds.


mywebroom blog cool tech gadgets prynt smartphone case

Image via: Business Insider


2. Robo-painter


Researchers at the Imperial College of London built a robot that paints images based on the user’s eye movements. It follows the movement of the user’s eyes, from fixed gazes to a series of blinks, which is then translated to codes for the robot to know where to move the paintbrush and which colors to select. Sounds like the start of an augmented limb!



3. Keurig Kold


Next time you crave a delicious Coca-Cola, don’t bother running to the store – just make your own! Keurig Kold features an ultra-convenient soda technology that turns your plain water into your favorite fizzy soft drinks. Not only does it magically transform H2O into your favorite soda, but the home carbonation solution can also chill beverages to turn drinks ice cold.


mywebroom blog cool tech gadgets keurig kold

Image via: Today Online


4. ICE Orb Floating Bluetooth Speaker


When I think about the future, I instantly think about items floating around. The ICE Orb Floating Speaker is one of those levitating technologies you can own today. For $149.99, you can own this unconventional 360 degree sound Bluetooth/NFC speaker that defies gravity.


mywebroom blog cool tech gadgets ICE orb floating bluetooth speaker

Image via: Amazon


5. Hoverboard


The Back to the Future movies introduced us hoverboards that levitate from the ground. Similar to the One Wheel skateboard, the Hoverboard by Hoverboard Technologies does not literally fly, but comes with a single wheel and can run a top speed of 16 mph. It’s powered by a 5,000 W motor and comes with LED lighting and built-in speakers.


mywebroom blog cool tech gadgets hoverboard

Image via: Gizmag


6. FurniQi Sidetable


In today’s smartphone-driven world, having a low battery on your mobile device feels like the end of everything (no entertainment, no connection – nothing). Thankfully, a London-based phone salesman built a side table prototype that comes with wireless charging coasters and battery packs. Made from bamboo, the small round table fits perfectly in any part of your house and fits seamlessly with any interior design scheme.


mywebroom blog cool tech gadgets furniqi side table

Image via: Fonesalesman


7. Philips Hue Wireless Dimming Kit 


The Philips Hue Wireless Dimming Kit might look like an ordinary bulb at first glance, but it comes with a switcher that allows you to control how bright you want your home lighting to be. It does not require any additional accessory or an app to work – just screw the bulb in and turn it on.


mywebroom blog cool tech gadgets philips hue wireless dimming kit

Image via: CNET


8. BedJet


Do you like to sleep in a warmer temperature but your partner prefers it cool?  We’ve found your solution! The BedJet v2 lets you separately adjust the temperature for each side of the bed so that each of you is happy and comfy. The BedJet promises to help you sleep deeper and longer, leaving you refreshed the next day.


mywebroom blog cool tech gadgets bedjet

Image via: Kickstarter


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