Cyber Monday myWebRoom Wishlist 2014!

Having trouble finding quality gifts to drool over for this coming Cyber Monday? Well, myWebRoom is always here to help. Avoid the huge lines and weird people that come with midnight sales on Black Friday by doing some awesome shopping from the comfort of your home on Cyber Monday. Here’s our wishlist, which could easily be YOUR wishlist if you so choose.

For those of you not in the know, Cyber Monday is that magical time for people who don’t like to wait in lines or go to crowded stores to take advantage of crazy discounts for online purchases. Web retailers found a good way to compete with brick-and-mortar stores in the post-Thanksgiving season by establishing the first Monday after Turkey Day as the best time to shop for Christmas gifts.


Yeah, we know it’s CYBER Monday, but let’s keep it real: some people like to have a physical book in their hands when they want to get their read on.

Big Boog of Chic, a great item for Cyber Monday purchases.

The Big Book of Chic” is a must-read for anyone who loves interior design. We here at myWebRoom are all about that stuff, so we highly recommend checking this out.

Everyone needs presents for mom! More holiday Ideas at the myWebRoom Blog!

This binder isn’t exactly a book, but it is certainly something that, with enough love and care, can become the binding for your culinary story throughout life. Add your recipes for a good read on any day that your feeling peckish.

Help friends make the most of their dreams! More holiday Ideas at the myWebRoom Blog!

This is a great gift for the dreamer in your life. We all know that person who has the fantastic dreams that are the stuffy of legend. Help her to take advantage of that nighttime imagination by providing this book that describes how to master the art of lucid dreaming.


Here are some gift ideas for the food lover in your life. Order these on Cyber Monday and get ready to see the hungry look of glee on the face of anyone who receives these presents.

Sip hot cider in style with this mustache mug! More holiday Ideas at the myWebRoom Blog!

Everyone loves a good mustache. Instead of relying on milk to provide the ‘stache, here’s a mug that can make you look like an old-timey lover of hot beverages. Bully!

Cozy up with this wine sweater for the holidays. More holiday Ideas at the myWebRoom Blog!

Your wine may not need to be warmer, but it’s always nice to beautify your room in whatever way you can. Hopefully this wine bottle sweater will add that cute touch to your life!

Fancy cheese tray and knife plus more holiday gift ideas at the myWebRoom Blog.

Sometimes all you need to make hanging out at your home a fancy event is some good cheese. Toss it on this beauty and you’ve pretty much got a dinner party going on. It’s amazing what a gorgeous cheese tray and knife can do to a situation, right?

Techy Tech

Here are a bunch of items we found that are great for you techies out there. We certainly have enough people in the office who love tech gadgets to fill this entire list! But we held back. Here are just a few selections.

Get retro but modern with this cool iPhone cassette player speaker! More holiday Ideas at the myWebRoom Blog!

Everyone knows that tapes are making an underground music comeback. If you don’t want to go and buy an old cassette player that you’ll never use, we suggest this! It’s an awesome piece of retro-looking tech that plays music off of iPhones!

Classic turntable sound with modern portability! More holiday Ideas at the myWebRoom Blog!

Speaking of retro tech, check out this record player! For anyone who speaks ill of turntables and their bulky nature, send this gift their way and never hear that argument again. Finally be able to play your vinyl on the go.

These Zik wireless headphones make great gifts. More holiday Ideas at the myWebRoom Blog!

We’re into the Zik wireless headphones, not only for the convenience of not having to plug in, but also for the sleek design! It’s like a set of designer music boxes for your head!

Put a classy touch to your techy iPhone with this wooden heart case. More holiday Ideas at the myWebRoom Blog!

Tech accouterment never looked so cute! We’re in love with this wooden case and geometric heart design. Add it to your shopping list, because we know we have!

This amazing and portable speaker makes a glamorous gift for anyone on your shopping list. Check out more Cyber Monday ideas at the myWebRoom Blog!

Glam meets beats with this awesome portable speaker! We knew this was a must-have the moment we discovered it. Not only is it a useful music tool, but it looks so darn cool that we want it just for a decoration around the house, too!

Wall Decor

Here are some products to beautify your walls, or those of the people you care about. We keep having to remind ourselves that this is a GIFT list. But it feels so much like a WISH list! You figure it out. We’ll just sit here and resist clicking “buy.”

A charming birdcage keepsake board is a great gift! More holiday Ideas at the myWebRoom Blog!

For those of us who hang stuff up for display, this birdcage memory board is a must-have. Doodles, cards and notes all look great on the wall and framed by this adorable art piece.

Show off those photo memories with these hanging frames! More holiday Ideas at the myWebRoom Blog!

Why settle for average picture frames? These dangling beauties add character to your wall and make your memories something to be noticed.

This wall art makes a great gift! More holiday Ideas at the myWebRoom Blog!

We’re fans of art of all kinds, and this vibrant piece really stuck out to us. We love the cosmos and pretty much everything you can do to make it more exciting. Plus, it lets people know where they are.

You can check out a lot more great products in our Holiday Gift Picks collection. Our curators hand-pick all of our collections after meticulously sifting through the depths of the internet to find the best stuff for your room – either online or in real-life! Happy shopping, everyone!

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