Decorate like a Pro with a Sneak Peek into Interior Designers’ Homes

By Aubrey Andel

Ever wonder what the living quarters of interior designer’s homes look like? An interior designer spends most of their time making the homes of the rich and famous look fabulous, so when it’s time for them to rest in their own retreats, does their style come across right away with a punch in the face like “bam! I’m Jonathan Adler,” or is a bit more subtle? Let’s take a look at how five interior designers make their marks on home turf.

Carey Hammett’s Old Metairie Home

Jefferson Parish, Louisiana interior designer Carey Hammett turned a 1927 Old Metairie home into a nature-lover’s retreat with beds of roses outside and rainforest wallpaper inside. A copper roof over the pool pavilion, a winding staircase and stunning chandeliers bring warmth and wonder to this whimsical place.

Jonathan Adler’s NYC Duplex

The designer’s roughly 2,500-square-foot home in New York’s Greenwich Village features antiques, boldly-upholstered furniture and a variety of brightly colored artwork. Mid-century modern meets antique meets modern art. It’s fun, it’s funky, and it’s totally Jonathan Adler.

John Saladino’s Mediterranean Villa

Bringing a touch of Rome to the West Coast, John Saladino’s classical style mixes a luxurious living room area with a cutting-edge kitchen that’s capable of serving up a storm to hungry party guests. This villa, complete with Mediterranean gardens and his iconic glass-cylinder lamps, sits pretty in Santa Barbara.

John Derian’s East Village Revamp

Not technically an interior designer, but someone other interior designers often turn to for amazing home decor, John Derian settled into an entire floor of an 1850’s East Village building. It’s the perfect place for him to flip through Pandora and good reads. Filled with eclectic, one-of-a-kind curios, it’s a place that any designer would love to be invited over to for a cup of tea.

Timothy Corrigan’s Chateau

Over the top? Extravagant? Yes and yes. And that is exactly what the aristocracy turns to Timothy Corrigan for. He’s living large in a to die for Chateau in France’s Loire Valley with drapery that dominates, massive rugs and exquisite wood panels that exude an air of elegance.

Château du Grand-Lucé Guest Room

Château du Grand-Lucé Grand Salon Château du Grand-Lucé

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