myWebRoom Faves: 10 Delicious Food Blogs For Easy, Healthy Recipes

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Awesome blogs for finding healthy recipes.

It’s no surprise that we love food at myWebRoom – we constantly throw together Friday potlucks, we swap comfort food recipes, and there is a constant stream of delicious candies that rotate around the office! Here are ten food blogs where you can find healthy recipes and dinner ideas!


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1. Kath Eats Real Food: We love swinging by Kath Eats when it comes to finding easy, healthy recipes packed with flavors. Kath has blogged since 2006 and has amassed a massive number of delicious meals guaranteed to encourage a healthy diet!

Delicious and healthy recipes at the lifestyle blog, Kath Eats.

Image via: Kath Eats


2. Chocolate Covered Katie: We’ve mentioned before that some of our awesome roommates live a gluten-free life. Chocolate Covered Katie is our go-to stop for finding delicious dessert recipes – she comes up with healthy versions of popular sweets and even suggests substitutions for readers with dietary restrictions.

sweet and healthy desserts by Chocolate Covered Kate

Image via: Chocolate Covered Kate


3. Savoring the Thyme: Imagine a blog filled with family-friendly, healthy food! Jennifer of Savoring the Thyme shares her love of “real food,” and makes an effort to avoid anything filled with artificial flavoring and preservatives. She comes up with savory dishes that are cheap and quick!

Easy and healthy recipes from breakfast to dinner at Savoring the Thyme

Image via: Savoring the Thyme


4. The Lemon Bowl: Since myWebRoom is based in San Francisco, we love ducking to the local farmers’ markets whenever we have a chance. Liz of The Lemon Bowl is a great source to find dinner ideas based on the seasons! She shares healthy recipes that are good for you and for the planet.

quick, easy, and healthy recipes at The Lemon Bowl

Image via: The Lemon Bowl


5. Your Homebased Mom: If you’re hoping to find recipes for big but easy meals, you can visit Your Homebased Mom for some mouth-watering options! Whether you’re whipping up a deliciously healthy dinner for your family or surprising your roommates, you’ll have a good number of options here.

the best key lime pie recipe and healthy meals at your home based mom

Image via: Your Home Based Mom


6. Not Enough Cinnamon: This is the digital age. With all of the crazy stuff happening around us, it can be hard to make time for a healthy meal. Not Enough Cinnamon manages to share amazing dinner ideas through her delicious, easy, and healthy recipes. From homemade granola to roasted chicken recipes, you’ll find anything you’re craving.

Healthy recipes by Not Enough Cinnamon

Image via: Not Enough Cinnamon


7. This Mama Loves: Busy, busy, busy! There’s just not enough time in the day, but you can find more easy to cook recipes at This Mama Loves. This blog is bursting with Slow Cooker recipes, easy desserts, and healthy meal plans.

Home made cookie butter and healthy recipes at This Mama Loves

Image via: This Mama Loves


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8. Shoestring: It’s rough to eat really well when you’re on a graduate or student budget. In the words of Melissa from Shoestring, you can still live “the champagne life on a DIY budget.” Not only will you find amazing collections of cheap recipes – you’ll also find life hacks designed to spread the contents of your wallet far and wide!

Cheap and easy recipes on a budget at Shoestring

Image via: Shoestring


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9. Salt and Wind: This online magazine is dedicated to tracking down amazing flavors from around the globe. Not only will you feed your wanderlust cravings, but you’ll come across recipes inspired by worldly travels! From home cooked meals to the best street food, there’s a delicious food sample for everyone.

healthy recipes and travel suggestions at Salt and Wind

Image via: Salt and Wind


10. Suite and Savory: Food is the universal language! Suite and Savory is dedicated to sharing a love of food and travel. From cooking simple, easy meals at home to tracking down the best luxury food experiences in the world, you can send your mouth on a delicious adventure.

Easy recipes and delicious restaurants at Suite and Savory

Image via: Suite and Savory


For more awesome food blogs, check out the food feed in your room!


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