10 Delicious Homemade Holiday Drink Recipes

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Halloween is over and the holidays are fast approaching. Christmas decorations are popping up everywhere and Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Now that the holidays are practically on your toes, it’s time for one of the greatest things about this time of year: holiday drinks! I’ve rounded up some of the tastiest drinks you can create yourself – and of course use to impress everybody else.


1. Chocolate Ginger Martini with Cayenne and a Spiked Chocolate Rim: Let’s face it, there is never a wrong time for chocolate, and now you can put it in a martini. This recipe pulls together a unique mix of flavors that’ll tackle your tastebuds from all sides – sweet chocolate, zesty ginger, and some cayenne powder to bring on a little bit of spice. This sweet and spicey (and everything nice) drink will certainly add some life to the party that no one will forget.

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2. Cranberry Cocktail: We all love the simple things in life, and this cocktail is just that! For this drink, all you need is cranberry juice, ginger-ale, and a lime for the finishing touch! Vodka is optional, so this is a great non-alcoholic option or a lovely adult drink to make the night a little more festive.

mywebroom blog holiday drink recipes cranberry cocktail

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3. Hot Caramel Apple Cider: 100% delicious. 100% alcohol-free. This quick and easy recipe is the perfect fall drink for those times when you don’t want an alcoholic beverage. Everyone loves warm cider, and with a little whipped cream and caramel this drink goes a long way and is certainly one your whole family will love. The best part about this simple drink is it requires only three ingredients, so even the most impatient guest won’t have to wait too long.

mywebroom blog holiday drink recipes hot caramel apple cider

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4. Peppermint Hot Chocolate: This warm chocolate drink is guaranteed to get you favorite hostess status at your next gathering. This hot chocolate adds a twist with a little peppermint flavoring and maple syrup. The ingredients are simple and you won’t have go through agonizing hours of searching up and down the aisles for the right ingredients. Cacao powder can easily be swapped out for cocoa. For your picky friend who doesn’t like peppermint, you can easily swap it out for a different flavor!

mywebroom blog holiday drink recipes peppermint hot chocolate

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5. Silent Night: Not only is the name intriguing, but the color of this drink is stunning to look at. This is the perfect cocktail for coconut and pineapple lovers. Sweet ingredients blend together to create one candied drink that’s certain to lead up to that perfect silent night after enjoying. This cocktail is sure to sweeten up any holiday party.

mywebroom blog holiday drink recipes silent night

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6. Cranberry Egg Nog: No holiday is complete without egg nog, and this festive recipe is perfect for the upcoming cold nights. While this recipe requires a little more time than most on the list, the final result is definitely worth it and you are guaranteed to be the happiest grinch this holiday season while sipping on some delicious cranberry egg nog.

mywebroom blog holiday drink recipes cranberry egg nog

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7. Grinch Punch: A sure fire drink that everyone can enjoy guilt free. This green punch is a hit for the whole family during the holidays. With a dash of food coloring and ice cream, nothing can go wrong with this sweet treat. This recipe only has two steps for the entire concoction and will serve plenty, leaving every sweet tooth at the family gathering satisfied.

mywebroom blog holiday drink recipes grinch punch

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8. Pink Champagne Cocktails: There’s nothing wrong with a little pink!  These sugary drinks may look innocent, but you’re guaranteed to come back for more after the first sip! This recipe is super easy and the prep work takes almost no time at all! These light drinks will add just the right amount of flare to any gathering. These pink cocktails are the perfect addition to any cocktail list and you’ll be serving them at one party after another.

mywebroom blog holiday drink recipes pink champagne cocktails

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9. Frozen Cranberry Mocktail: Running out of time for last minute goodies for the younger ones? This is undoubtedly the fastest and easiest drink to make for kids that they’ll love. This frozen drink only requires a little bit of blending and the option of a mint garnish if you’re feeling fancy. This sweet treat is a classic, and one that you may even find yourself sipping on.

mywebroom blog holiday drink recipes frozen cranberry mocktail

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10. Smirnoff Cinna-Sugar Hot Chocolate: Classic hot chocolate just got an extra yummy twist – alcohol. Better than the average dessert, your sweet tooth craving is about to get knocked out of the park with this hot drink. This recipe is easy to follow with the already familiar steps of making hot chocolate. Now with vodka and extra whipped cream, hot chocolate just got a lot more irresistible.

mywebroom blog holiday drink recipes smirnoff cinna-sugar hot chocolate

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For more amazing drink recipes, check out the food feed in your room!

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