Designing Your WebRoom – Tips To Success

By Joshua Burton

We’re all about design here at myWebRoom, but sometimes it’s hard to focus, what with all of the great stuff you have available for you in the Shop. It’s so easy to just browse products for hours, right? Well, when you get down to finally designing your own room, there a few things to keep in mind:

Color Scheming

Sometimes it’s good to just start with a color. Picking a simple theme like this can help focus your mind and help you keep your WebRoom consistent and in-line with a creative motif. It’s easy to use our Designer tool to search for things by color, too. Find a color wheel to help match accenting colors or stick to a single shade to represent a particular feeling. For example, designing with yellow gives a sunny, cheerful feeling.

Canary Estate myWebRoom

Blues create a trusting, safe sensation. Earth tones represent a homey, calm feeling. Starting with a base emotion or feel gives you a good palette to begin.

myWebRoom blue interior designblue room mywebroom

Touch Base With Trends

Nothing makes a living space feel stale like NEVER UPDATING IT.

The vintage stuff at myWebRoom isn't as dusty as this.

Whether it be your real-life room or your WebRoom, be sure to add new decor or centerpieces often enough to keep your room fresh. There’s a reason we have a Trending section in our Shop.

Find awesome stuff like this mushroom lamp at myWebRoom.


chevron nessa bianca flora mywebroom


This gives you a good look at the newest and trendiest content you can find. A couple new additions to your wall decor or bookshelf selection can make a huge difference in your WebRoom.

Bright and Light

Another direction to go is a bright, pale color or an ethereal white. Combined with translucent materials (like glass or clear plastic) and silver, and you can achieve a simplistic, calm, and otherworldly room.

white room inspiration mywebroom

From here, you can splash in sporadic color and – BAM! – create that dramatic effect without compromising the whole room. Your room is  your canvas, use it!

Design with all of your pearly white decor at myWebRoom.

Pattern Weaving

Sometimes a color isn’t enough. Patterns are a good way to really show your personality. Want that sleek, trendy look? Try to toss some chevron in your room for dramatic effect. A little chevron goes a long way, so don’t go crazy.

chevron zig zag myWebroom design

chevron myWebRoom interior design

Wait, you’re more bohemian? Don’t stifle your creativity with lame patterns. Choose something rambunctious! Paisley, damask, and floral are all good patterns to choose for a look that’s anything but boring.

Find all sorts of funky bohemian interior design at the myWebRoom blog.

Learn how to use color and shapes to form your personal style of interior design at the myWebRoom Blog.

Re-Use Classic Looks

Here’s the thing, not everyone is all for the city-dwelling, fashion magazine lifestyle. Sometimes you want things to feel down-to-earth and natural. Here’s where your room can possibly integrate a rustic look to really reflect a lot of those earth tones.

Is your taste rustic? Find your specific style of interior design at the myWebRoom Blog.

Reclaimed wood is super popular and is ecologically friendly. It provides that dark, lustrous color and adds a fun inconsistency to the overall design with the mismatched lumber boards.

Everyone loves the look of reclaimed wood. Choose your own style of interior design at the myWebRoom blog.

Adding a little “distressed” wood items also makes your room have that ol’ family home look. Wood items with chipped or faded paint give furniture a used, loved, or antique look. Many of these visual cues hold a lot of memory to people. It’s a good way of accessing the mindset of being home. How better to outfit your room?

Distressed wood helps your interior design shine at the myWebRoom Blog.

Match color and style to find your unique brand of interior design at the myWebRoom Blog.


Add your interests! You’re looking for something simple to spice up your existing interior design flow. Sometimes you just need something that adds a little spunk to your overall look. In this case, something as simple as a flourish of colors with the seats and personalized wall decor can make all the difference.

What is your favorite style of interior design? Learn how to craft your room at the myWebRoom Blog!

Here we have a normal room that has the added tweak of some fun Star Wars curtains, a bright sofa, and a little bit of funky wall art to put a unique fingerprint to the whole scene.

personal design interiors mywebroom

Face Forward

Overall, this is your room on the web. If you’re going to put the effort of personalizing your own WebRoom, put your face on it! The picture frame in the center of the room is there for you. We’re not just a lonely place on the internet to find the best stuff. We’re a social group of individuals who want to interact. Feel free to request some keys from fellow roommates and check out what they’re up to. My WebRoom is below, come by for a visit!

Create your own personal room. Inspire your own style at the myWebRoom blog.

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