Discover New Websites You’ll Love in myWebRoom’s New Common Rooms!

myWebRoom is great for finding and storing websites and content that you love, but it’s also fun to find stuff that is relevant to your interests. Many of you have tailored your rooms just for one specific theme of websites, and that gave us a great idea. We have now rolled out a new website discovery feature we’re calling “Common Rooms!”

These will be themed rooms that will come pre-set with tons of awesome sites that have been hand-picked by experts on the themes we choose. Contributors will include bloggers, industry professionals, our devoted myWebRoom curators, and – of course – roommates like you!

common rom bookmarks

You can check out the first of these Common Rooms right now over at the Pawesome Penthouse! This is a dog-lover’s paradise, full of funny blogs, informative health articles, ridiculous videos, and all sorts of other great places to go for you canine compatriots out there.

Dog lovers room Pawesome Penthouse mywebroom

Anyone who signs up for myWebRoom with a Common Room will have all of the pre-set bookmarks already saved in the items in the room. After that, you can start adding more links wherever you want! Once you get started organizing your item folders it’s hard to stop! Luckily, myWebRoom lets you go into Designer Mode, which allows you customize your room however you want! Don’t forget, if you like your current design and want to return to that appearance later, just click the SHARE icon in the Designer and you’ll be able to save that room and share it to our public Style Gallery for everyone to see!

We’ve already got some awesome ideas for what our next Common Rooms will be, but we want your input!

We’ll be continuing to roll out more features for all of you roommates out there, so keep an eye on the myWebRoom News section for more updates to our website.

Our other Common Rooms:

The Creative Minds Studio

creative minds room

The Fashion Showroom

fashion shoroom common

The Game of Thrones Castle

game of thrones room

The Pretty Little Liars Loft

Pretty little liars lof

The Batkid Begins Room

Batkid Begins Common Room