10 Eco-Friendly Hacks For A More Sustainable College Life

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College hacks to make your life more eco-friendly.

The days are getting shorter and the temperature is dropping ­ so we went out and found some of the best eco-­friendly DIYS to spruce up your home. Make use of the shorter days by taking advantage of these energy­ saving housing hacks and cozy DIY decor.


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1. Keep Your Pipes Inslulated: You’d be surprised by the little housing hacks that you can use in order to make your home more energy efficient. Just sliding a few pool noodles over your exposed pipes will keep your water from freezing and your heating costs down! Check out the rest of the article for more eco-friendly DIYs.house beautiful pipe insulation


2. Help Your Windows to Regulate Temperature: Windows are winter’s best friends! They’re the guilty ones when it comes to heat escaping from your cozy home. Something as simple as laying down weather striping or fast­ drying caulk can keep your place at the ideal temperature!
weather proofing windows


3. Re-Use Mason Jars: Mason jars are for more than just canning jams and olives! In addition to all of the affordably cute glassware that your can rock, your can also make easy DIYs like salt and pepper shakers or garden lanterns.
DIYready how to plant herbs in mason jars


4. Make Use of Old Light Bulbs: Don’t throw out that bulb once the light fizzles out. There are surprising things that you can do with a burnt out, old light bulb. Just be sure to avoid an exposed wire when making these sweet vases or trendy terrariums.
diy recycle lightbulbs


5. Learn How to Re-use As Much As Possible: Be blown away by the number of projects that you can make out of old things in your recycling and trash cans! Did you know that you could make drinking glasses out of old beer bottles, bouquets out of coffee filters, or wall shelves out of old belts. Check out this link for more ideas.
diy ready things to upcycle and diy like beer bottles


6. Make Use of Old Medicine Containers: Just because you’ve run out of medicine does not mean that you should toss out these sturdy little bottles. You can make everything from an on­-the-­go sewing kit to an emergency first aid kit. Find all the hacks here.
diy ready pill bottle hacks


7. Turn Old Cans Into Useful Art: Who know that tin cans could be fancy? From trendy wine racks to playful lawn ornaments, you can find an incredible number of uses for your old tin of chili beans.
Momtastic DIY tin can


8. Consider Eco-Friendly Bedding Material Alternatives: At the end of the day, you just want to sink into your cozy bed and fall into the land of dream. Why don’t you make your bed into a friendly place for mother earth. From DIY pillows to a customizable duvet cover, you can find 8 clever home hacks here.
eco-friendly and organic diy bedding


9. Find Chemical-Free Alternatives to Common Products: Be a little more friendly toward the earth and save a pretty penny the next time that you do laundry. These clever dryer sheets are good for multiple uses, are super easy to make, and are eco-­friendly!
popsugar reusable dryer sheets

10. Try DIY Paper Towels: If there is one thing that I am guilty of, it’s using wads of paper towels when I cleaning up the kitchen! This “un­paper towels,” makes smart use out of old towels and cute scraps of fabric so that you can clean your home in an eco­-friendly manner.
a blossoming life reusable paper towels

 For more awesome eco-friendly hacks, check out this DIY dorm hack folder!


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