Epic DIY Fails To Make You Feel Better About Your Life

I love DIY because it tests our creativity and gets us to look at the world in new ways. When a DIYer needs something they don’t ask, “where can I get this?” They ask, “how can I make this?” Want a coffee maker and have some copper pipe lying around? No problem!


mywebroom blog diy fail baby in a pumpkin

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But not every homemade craft is a work of art. As satisfying as the perfect project can be, getting there is often more error than it is trial. These sometimes spectacular DIY fails have even developed an online culture around them. Here are just a few of my favorites.


Colin Furze – Assassin’s Creed Rope Launcher Fail


mywebroom blog colin furze assassin's creed rope launcher fail

Image Via: Colin Furze


Colin Furze is one of the top extreme builders on YouTube – I even picked out one of his videos as one of my top DIY hacks. So when he posted a video of his Assassin’s Creed rope launcher fail, I took heart. If someone like Colin can mess up, there’s hope for the rest of us.


Simone Giertz – Lipstick Robot


mywebroom blog simone giertz lipstick robot fail

Image Via: Simone Giertz


Simone Giertz is another personal favorite. This YouTube star takes the DIY fail concept and gives it a brilliant twist by designing robots that are actually supposed to fail. Projects like her lipstick robot are even more hilarious to watch knowing she’s in on the joke.


ElectroBOOM – How NOT To Make An Electric Guitar


mywebroom blog electroboom electric guitar diy fail

Image Via: ElectroBOOM


Mehdi Sadaghdar, the man behind ElectroBOOM, cautions viewers not to try his projects at home. After watching the video for his failed homemade electric guitar, I’ll definitely be leaving the heavy duty electrical work to the professionals.


Ellko – Lip Plumping Beauty Hack Fail


mywebroom blog ellko lip plumping diy fail

Image Via: Ellko


DIY isn’t all grappling hooks, robots, and electrical burns. The best projects are the ones that offer simple solutions to everyday problems. In her series Fail Or Holy Grail, Ellie Kodia (AKA Ellko) tries out homemade beauty hacks like this lip plumping scrub to see if they really work.


Pinterest Fail


mywebroom blog lacey weatherford books hedgehog cake pinterest fail

Image Via: Lacey Weatherford Books


What I find amazing about this whole phenomenon is that with the help of sites like Pinterest Fail people are actually going out of their ways to show off and share their failures. I have to say, there is something very reassuring about knowing I’m not the only one who can’t bake a cake.


ABC News – 5 Pinterest Fails


mywebroom blog abcnews cookie monster diy fail

Image Via: ABC News


The Pinterest Fail in particular, where somebody tries unsuccessfully to recreate a project they found on Pinterest, has become enough of a phenomenon that news outlets like ABC are even reporting on them. Looks like it’s time to grab a bag of flour and go get myself internet famous.


Sonja Foust – The Pintester


mywebroom blog pintester diy fail

Image Via: The Pintester


Another one of my favorite online personalities, Sonja Foust runs both the Pintester website and the YouTube channel, where she has been screwing up pins so you don’t have to for the last two years. I came for the fails, but I stayed for her refreshingly foul-mouthed irreverence.


Bradlee Wannemacher – DIY Chocolate Shoes!


mywebroom bradlee wannemacher chocolate shoes diy fail

Image Via: Bradlee Wannemacher


Do you like shoes? How about chocolate? If your answer to both of those questions was “Yes!” (and of course it was), then Bradlee Wannemacher has the project for you. Or rather, he would if he could get the chocolate to melt right, or if wearing edible shoes actually made sense. I’ll probably still try it, though….


Aspyn Ovard – How To Deal With Your DIYFail


mywebroom blog aspyn ovard waving

Image Via: Aspyn Ovard


With almost 3 million subscribers on YouTube, Aspyn Ovard is a lifestyle vlogging superstar. So when even she admits to constantly messing up, it’s reassuring. I think what I really like about the DIY fail is that it encourages us to accept and even embrace when things don’t exactly right.


myWebRoom – DIY BB-8 Paper Snowflake



With that in mind, I gave a project that I’ve had my eyes on for a while now my best shot. I absolutely loved Handimania’s intricate Star Wars paper snowflakes when I originally saw them, but I kept putting it off because I didn’t want to screw up. Well, no more! So how did I do?


Want a DIY project that will turn out better than these ones did? Find hundreds in our DIY Lover Room!


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