18 Essential Websites Any Game of Thrones Fan Should See

Brace yourselves – season five of Game of Thrones is coming! Are you ready for this? Will you be able to follow your favorite characters as they maneuver their way  through tricky situations, navigate deady political intrigue, and battle for the a rightful claim to the Iron Throne. If you need to brush up on the complex realm of Westeros, worry not! We’ve searched high and low to find the best websites for Game of Thrones fans. Whether your a fan of the show or the books, we’ve designed a whole new Common Room dubbed the Game of Thrones Castle. Find all of the support that you need to withstand the emotional journey ahead. Our fans and curators teamed up to bring you over 300 websites with frequently updated content, beautiful layouts, and active communities.  Here you can quiz your knowledge of the noble houses found throughout the Seven Kingdoms, brush up on the vast number of characters, find local events, and merge the world of Westeros with your everyday life! Check out our top choices ordered by your love of the HBO series, the books, and the overall fan community! Enjoy!

Game of Thrones Cast in armor.

We’ve even made it easy for you. We scrolled through all of our awesome bookmarks and sought out the most worthy! We’ve listed a few of our favorite resources to look through when it come to HBO’s Game of Thrones, Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire, and all of the amazing fans that helped catapult the entire saga into the stuff of legends! You’ll find up to date websites safely guarded within the items in our online medieval keep. Maybe you’ll even find a few fellow survivors tucked into all of the immersive online communities dedicated to the series!

The Making of Game of Thrones on HBO

Daenerys Tries to Tame Her Dragons.

Thanks to clever casting and detailed production, Game of Thrones has changed the face of television! The show features a diverse cast of talented actors, skilled writers, and amazing set designers who combine all of their skills to give a weekly feast for the eyes. We’ve gathered websites that highlight all of these amazing talents into the objects of our kingly castle. Grab details from the latest filming news in our wall shelf.


Cast of Game of Thrones at premiere.

Find the latest inside scoops, interviews, featurettes, and sneak peeks at the official Game of Thrones HBO show page. For any die hard fan of the series, this is the perfect place to start your exploration of the Seven Kingdoms.


Find out what all the action is about in the myWebRoom Game of Thrones Castle.

Game of Thrones is sending shockwaves throughout Hollywood. The stars are finding exciting cinematic opportunities outside of this epic television series. Keep up with all their entertainment buzz over at Time.

game of thrones characters cheat sheet.

Cheat Sheet – There is no question about it, GoT is teeming with fascinating individuals that we either love to support or love to hate. We even mourn when our favorite characters inevitably fall to a lethal stroke of George R.R. Martin’s pen. But get a sneak peek at a few of the new folks we’ll meet in season five over at Cheat Sheet.

Behind the Scenes of the HBO Series

Yes, watching these amazing people lead an epic war as they battle for the throne is incredible experience, but it wouldn’t feel as immersive if the producers didn’t put so much effort and thought behind the scenes with set and costume design. Peek past the camera to all of the amazing details strewn throughout this fantastic world in our box.

filming game of thornes and the iron throne

Creative Review

game of thrones on set

Former set designer Gemma Jackson shares her experience on the set over at. Creative Review. If you ever wanted to know about any of the decisions made while scouting for filming locations, building the actual sets, and the crazy amount of details that is fed into every object on site.

Watchers on the Wall

filming game of thrones on set With the premiere of the fifth season just days away, Watchers on the Wall will give you an idea of where most of the action is going to take place with this sneak peak at the upcoming sets.

The Fashion of Game of Thrones

Let’s get to talking about those clothes! Each of the character’s rock these amazing fashions that it’s easy to forget about the hands that crafted them. Find everything you could ever want to know about the history behind each outfit and get ideas on how to cosplay in our fancy dresser.


got tyrion and sansa wedding

game of thrones cercei costuem

The incredible amount of detail on the costume design is enough to send your mind whirling. Smatterist tells you everything you need to know about a character’s history in the intricate embroidery found on each article of clothes.

Michele Clapton

game of thrones costume design

As one of the head designers for the show, you can get a closer look at Michele Clapton‘s work with this visual gallery of all of the costumes featured in the first three season of GoT.

Explore the Books: A Song of Ice and Fire

Where would the HBO series, Game of Thrones, be if it wasn’t for the books that started it all? Throw yourself into our bookshelf for all of the go-to-information for A Song of Ice and Fire – along with the man who keeps us on our toes with every brutal murder, George R. R. Martin.

Georg R.R. Martin’s Official Site

George R.R. Martin, writer of Game of Thrones

Read up on all of your book series updates at the author’s official website. You can find information on the published books, keep track of George R.R. Martin‘s tours, and scan though the latest excerpts from The Winds of Winter.


a song of ice and fire book series

This is THE place for everything Game of Thrones online. Westeros.org has been the hub for all things GoT has been around for a while and has always been a haven for fans of the books and show alike. It’s also one of the few sites supported and endorsed by Georg R.R. Martin himself.

Buzzfeed – Catch up on all of the differences between the ASOIAF and GoT with their gif-heavy lists.

Entertainment Weekly – Rejoice, for George R. R. Martin has made a noble decree! After years of waiting, we can hope to have The Winds of Winter clutched in our worthy hands sometime next year. Martin reveals that he’s gonna buckle down and complete the novel.

A Legendary Fan Community

We get another three seasons and two books to look forward to, but let’s be real. This fantasy realm is to epic to be contained to just two mediums. Luckily, there are some amazing fan out there that make it ridiculously fun to be a Game of Throne fan! From online game series to real world cosplay, there is a ton out there for the dedicated fan – and we just made it easier to track them all down.

game of thrones daenarys cosplay

Let’s say that you’re constantly at your computer. Maybe you’re a hard working student prepping for an exam or hammering out an essay. Maybe your a professional, working on this week’s spreadsheets. Heck, that doesn’t mean you can’t delve smack dab into the middle of this epic world. Take a leaf out of Tyrion’s book, pour yourself more wine, and watch a few of our favorite videos we’ve saved in our television.

Honest Trailers

Laugh out loud to Honest Trailers' version of Game of Thrones.

After all of the bloody murder, we need a little something to cheer us up. Laugh along with Honest Trailers‘ painful truths shared in GoT parody video.


Nerdist covers Blank Space for Game of Thrones

What do you get when you combine Taylor Swift and George R. R. Martin. Nerdist is the best site for geeky superfans and features this hilarious take on characters pleading for their lives in Martin’s grim and bloody world.

Late Night with Seth Meyers – Ever wondered what would happen if you invited Jon Snow over for dinner? Kit Harington and Seth Meyers invite us to their latest forays as hosts.

Throw yourself into any of the gaming or LARPing resources you’ll find in the GoT castle’s 3D puzzle game. Here’s a sneak peek at what we’ve found to share with our fellow Westerosi enthusiasts!

game of thrones board game

Telltale Game of Thrones

Telltale's Game of Thrones online game.

The award winning company Telltale bring you their new episodic versions of Game of Thrones, which plops you right in the middle of the political dangers of Westeros as a member of a the house of Forrester. Choose your allies wisely and just hope that the majority of your family makes it out alive as your play the Game of Thrones.

HBO Drinking Game

game of thrones wine and drinking

Season five of Game of Thrones is scheduled to premiere soon. Why should the characters have all of the drinking fun? Commit yourself to a rowdy night of celebration as the hour unfurls and see if you have what it takes to best Tyrion Lannister in a game of ales.

Game of Thrones Cosplay

game of thrones cosplay

Go ahead! Gather up your closest friends and engage in an epic marathon of gaming. For once you’ve tread upon that path, you won’t want to step back into your everyday schedule. So whether you’re plopping down for hours of bonding alongside your fellow online multi-player. Or hunt through your closet to pull together an elaborate outfit to rival the best of cosplayers and head out for real world LARPing. Just see if you have what it takes to rival the Game of Thrones Cosplay community.

Reddit A Game of Thrones LCG – This awesome thread keeps you updated on the official GoT card game with notifications on the latests decks, game strategies, and detailed information on each card.

Westeros Blood of Dragons – Brush up on the only author approved MUSH game floating around the internet. Chose your noble house and delicately work your way through the precarious politics of Westeros.

Game of Thrones on myWebRoom

game of thrones diy

Find all of these cool sites and way more in the new Game of Thrones Room, our new Common Room dedicated to all things Westeros. Seek the ultimate cosplay guides within our dresser. Find detailed DIY instructions with the hobbies treasured away in our sword to create realistic dragon eggs and gems. Gorge yourself on a royal feast with the Martin approved medieval recipes we have waiting for you in our food. Whittle away the time watching brilliant fan videos that rival the show itself with all of the hilarious parodies and blooper reels lined up in the televisions. Or head outside and find local enthusiasts near you in order to meet up and conquer your urban streets by peeking through our window.

GoT Margaery Tyrell cosplay

The Game of Thrones Castle

The myWebRoom Game of Thrones Castle!

Perhaps our Game of Thrones Castle will inspire you to live like the powerful ruler you are. With over 200 of the highest-quality sits to sift through you’ll be questing through the room for hours. Be sure to check out some of the great shopping websites saved in our shopping direwolf stamped sneakers while you’re at it.

The Game of Thrones Collection

Game of Thrones gifts and products from the khaleesi. Whether you belong to the exiled House of Stark, the powerful Lannister family, or the uprooted Targaryen clan, you can find everything you need to transform your home into a nobleman’s fortress with the new Game of Thrones collection.

You’ll be surprised at all of these amazing resources you’ll find in our dedicated online room. Just be sure that you’re willing to step into this fantastical realm. For if you play the game of thrones, you win or you die.

pugs of westeros game of thrones