30 Essential Websites For Every Fan Of The Walking Dead

From shambling walkers to bitter survivors, AMC’s The Walking Dead has become one of the most compelling series on television. myWebRoom teamed up with our favorite websites eand podcasts to pull together the best websites for fans of The Walking Dead for all of our fellow survivors.

Whether you’re a rabid reader of Robert Kirkman’s original Walking Dead comics or you ritually watch episodes of the show as they premiere, we’ve got you covered. From official information and fan gossip to survival tips and the best online memes, these are the 30 essential websites for any fan trying to survive The Walking Dead.


The Walking Dead TV Show

I remember the first time that I watched The Walking Dead – I ended up bundled up in blankets and mesmerized by all of the bloody gore. I’ve never missed an episode since! Check out a few of these sources for official updates and sneak peaks!

1. AMC’s The Walking Dead

Michonne faces off against a walker in The Walking Dead promo pics.

Image via: AMC

As the home to both The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead, the official AMC channel give fans the latest access to official set photos, character shoots, and sneak peaks.


2. Talking Dead

The live talk show, Talking Dead, discusses the Walking dead with actors, writers, and fans

Image via: Talking Dead

As the companion live talk show for The Walking Dead, the Talking Dead airs immediately before the show, is hosted by Nerdist alumn, Chris Hardwick, and features fans, actors, producers, and TV lovers sharing a brief Walking Dead recap!


3. The Walking Dead Magazine

The Walking Dead Magazine covers AMC, the comics, and the games

Image via: The Walking Dead Magazine

Oh yeah! Are you looking for the latest news about the The Walking Dead comics, show, and actors? The official magazine gets its subscribers exclusive access to new show information and one-on-one interviews with the show makers!


4. Variety – Fear The Walking Dead

The summer of 2015 marked the rise of Walkers! Long time viewers of the The Walking Dead finally have a chance to see how the world fell apart when the walking plague hit with the prequel. Watch the first minutes of the plague before the living became survivors!


5. Cable TV – Making the Walkers

The Walking Dead Zombified: A Behind the Scenes Look at a Day in the Life of the Dead
Click image to open the interactive version. Designed by the CableTV team.

Have you ever wondered what it takes to become a Walker? Did you know that there is a lengthy Walker School, a literal training ground that breeds good zombie extras for the show? Our good friends at Cable TV made a epic infographic that traces the life of a walker from casting, through training, and into the makeup chair!


The Walking Dead Comics

Where would any of us fans be without the original Walking Dead comic series. I devoured these issues once I realized that comic Andrea was hardcore! When it comes to finding out more info about the latest issues or volumes, you should duck into these online shelters!

6. The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkland

The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkland

Image via: The Walking Dead

Heck yes! The comic series that launched a phenomenon. Every fan should dedicate time to reading through the original Walking Dead comics! Beloved characters sporting different personalities bring this epic story to life, and it’ll be great to acquaint yourself with your old favorites in a whole new light!


7. The Walking Dead – Discussing the comics

Michonne fighting off zombies in The Walking Dead comic.

Image via: The Walking Dead

From comic reviews to readers dissecting the latest plot development, this subsection of Robert Kirkland’s official website means that new and old readers can meet up and bond over the graphic novel.


8. Movie Pilot – Comparing the Walking Dead Comics to AMC’s The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Comics give major hints for upcoming seasons.

Image via: Movie Pilot

For years, long time readers of the comics have been able to guess which direction The Walking Dead is heading thanks to established storylines. It looks like they’ve done it again with recently released photos of the latest sets. Warning – there may be spoilers above.


9. Screen Rant Comparing Characters in the Walking Dead comic and show

the walking dead comic comparison Michonne

Image via: The Walking Dead Fanatics

For years, fans of The Walking Dead comics have raved about how well characters were cast in the AMC show. Screen Rant actually pulled together a series of photos that show the television versions against their original drawn counterparts. Whoa


The Walking Dead Games

It might take someone some time to warm to The Walking Dead. My sisters and I were bitten and immediately turned, but my brother didn’t understand the obsession. At least, he couldn’t until Telltale Games released The Walking Dead game. The intricate storyline, character development, and monthly episode release made him as rabid a fan as we were. Here are just a few places where you can get your hands on game survival info!

10. Telltale Games Official Walking Dead Blog

Award winning The Walking Dead Game by Telltale Games

Image via: Telltale Games

Are you excited yet! After release award winning The Walking Dead games and introducing gamers to the awesome Clementine, Telltale Games has just announced that it’s introducing a brand new mini-series. Gamers and viewers alike will be able to follow Michonne’s journey following the release in Fall 2015!


11. The Walking Dead Virtual Reality Game

The Walking Dead virtual reality game will frighten you.

Image via: Movie Pilot

Whoa – mega fans of The Walking Dead may now have a chance to take on actual Walkers! Starbreeze Studios has just released a Virtual Reality headset that lets gamers immerse themselves in a whole new world. Throw in the new Overkill The Walking Dead game and you’ll be in for a terrifyingly great time.


12. The Walking Dead Game Subreddit

Clementine and Luke in The Walking Dead Game, Season Wo

Image via: Telltale Games

It’s hard to keep track of all of the amazing games inspired by The Walking Dead, but you can follow all of the news about your favorite undead game developments at this lively Subreddit dedicated to shuffling things!


News from The Walking Dead Fans

Sometimes, the official announcements isn’t enough to scratch that info itch we get. For anyone that needs to have a better idea which way the show is going to go, here are your best bets to get on more news that the CDC.

13. The Ricktatorship

Rick and Carl sit on the stoop in The Walking Dead season 6 set photos

Image via: AMC

The best source of information comes from the most dedicated fans. If you’re craving more news than you can get from official channels, you should head over the Ricktatorship. You find everything from photo stills to inside scoops. Their lively Twitter account does an intense live tweet during each episode!


14. The Walker Stalkers

Image via: Walker Stalker

Image via: Walker Stalker

For everyone looking for The Walking Dead recaps, The Walker Stalkers have you covered. They have dedicated episode reviews, fan chats, a series of spirited podcasts. They even host one of the biggest fan conventions! We’ll mention that later!


15. The Spoiling Dead Fans

Walkers reach up on the set of The Walking Dead

Image via: AMC

Warning – there’s gossip up ahead. This detailed Walking Dead forum is full of the latest scoops and speculations on the AMC’s Walking Dead, the original comics, and even the Telltale game series!


16. The Walking Dead Subreddit

Original promo photo of the Walking Dead

Dedicated entirely to The Walking Dead on AMC, this subreddit is full of buzz for the show. You can find out about film locations, casting calls, rumors, and other juicy tidbits here.


17. Undead Walking

The Governor sits in front of undead head on the set of The Walking Dead

Image via: Fansided

With so many news and opinion articles flying around FanSided, a few Walking Dead fans got together to launch Undead Walking. They’re dedicated to finding and sharing the best in The Walking Dead news and views to a growing community.


18. TV Fanatic

the walking dead set photos of the cast

Image via: TV Fanatic

Oh! From reading The Walking Dead episode reviews to reading through awesome listicles, you can keep your spirits up reading about the show, your favorite characters, and the cast members that portray them.


19. Walking Dead Wikia

Promotional poster for The Walking Dead

What happens when a group of fans start pooling their impressive knowledge? You call it The Walking Dead wikia! This expansive database stores minute details about the tv series, the comics, and the video games. You can find everything from character histories to detailed Walking Dead recaps.


The Walking Dead Podcasts

Let’s say that you’re planning on a long trek soon. You might need to pack a bag and hike your way to safety. Sure – you could listen to music, but wouldn’t it be more fun to hear your fellow survivors. Here are a few podcasts suggested by our fellow Walking Dead fans!

20. The Talking Dead Podcast

Telltale releases new The Walking Dead: Michonne mini-series game

Image via: The Talking Dead

Imagine a bunch of friends getting together to talking about the latest episode The Walking Dead. Just throw in a pair of headphones and that’s exactly where you’ll be. This podcast has been running since 2009 and is an awesome way to catch up on your favorite show while commuting!


21. The Walking Dead Podcast

Walker in full makeup on the set of The Walking Dead

Image via: Fanpop

This is actually two different podcasts! The titular show runs twice a week when the show is on the air and features The Walking Dead recaps as well as listener feedback, while Evil Ed’s podcast wonders how you can survive during the zombie apocalypse! Just be careful – this show is rated PG13!


22 Walking Dead ‘Cast

Fear the Walking Dead set photo

Image via: AMC

If you want catch up on all of the behind the scene deets for the show, but you’re too busy fending off Walkers to scroll through pages, you can just give the Walking Dead ‘Cast a listen! They cover the show, news, events, and even interview actors and staffers on the AMC team!


23. The Walking Dead Enthusiasts

Rick, Michonne, and Carl flee from walkers in The Walking Dead

Image via: The Washington Post

With a fan site that covers the latest news, theories, and spoilers, The Walking Dead Enthusiasts are also home to a podcast dedicated to covering both the show and Robert Kirkman’s comic books!


The Walking Dead Survivalists

Listen – it’s tough being a fan of The Walking Dead. You have to steel yourself against heartbreak because some of your favorite people will die and turn on the show. Luckily for us, we’re a sturdy group of survivors. Here are some the best ways that we meet up, cheer up, and feed up!

24. Bad Lip Reading

Want to make fun of the fact that The Walking Dead takes place in Georgia? That’s exactly what the creative team on the popular YouTube channel, Bad Lip Reading, did! Listen to all of the nonsense that happens of the show!


25. The Walking Fred

The Walking Fred makes fun of the Walking Dead

Image via: Funny or Die

We get it – The Walking Dead is the ongoing story about a group of survivors trying to survive in a zombie apocalypse. Does anyone care how the Walkers feel? Funny or Die premiered a short series that told the same story from the eyes of Fred, a simple walker who wants to know why he’s friends keep getting chopped down.


26. Walker Stalker Con

The Walking Dead Fans cosplay as their favorite characters.

Image via: Screenrant

Meet up with all of your fellow Walking Dead fans at the biggest convention! The Walker Stalker Con is a huge meeting ground where fans can mingle with the show’s actors and writers as well with prominent figures in the entire Walking Dead community. This convention takes place in 10 different cities, so everyone has a chance to survive a visit!


27. The Walking Dead Locations

The walking dead film locations

Image via: Walking Dead Locations

The Walking Dead is famous for filming on location! The brilliant minds behind The Walking Dead Location actually scopes out previous show sets and compares stills from the episodes against the actual area.


28. The Walking Dead Survival Cooking

The Walking Dead walkers eating

Image via: AMC

It’s happened – the walking plague is among us and it’s time to fortify our homes. But what good is it to create a stronghold when you don’t even know how to feed yourself? Luckily, you can head over to the TWD Survival Cooking for some quick and easy recipes! You’ll be well-defended and well-fed!


29. 18 Terrible Rick Grimes Jokes

The Walking Dead dad joke memes

Image via: Smash

Characters on The Walking Dead get really gritty when there’s no running water. With so much going on around them, sometimes they have the best reactions! Here are some of the best memes revolving around The Walking Dead, terrible dad jokes, and puns!


30. Smash – The Best Walking Dead Memes

The Walking Dead memes dad jokes

Image via: Smash

I lied – there are never enough memes in our lives. From cat memes that even Michonne on The Walking Dead would love to more “Walking Dad” jokes, here’s a second compilation of excellent memes!


I can’t can’t wait for the premiere to spook me out in October. In the meantime, I’ll save all of these awesome The Walking Dead sites and articles in my Sofa’s Pop Culture Feed!

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Link Roundup

AMC The Walking Dead

AMC’s The Walking Dead

Talking Dead

The Walking Dead Magazine

Variety – Fear The Walking Dead

Cable TV – Making the Walkers


The Walking Dead Comics

The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkland

The Walking Dead – Discussing the comics

Movie Pilot – Comparing the Walking Dead Comics to AMC’s The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Fanatics Comparing Characters in the Walking Dead comic and show


The Walking Dead Games

Telltale Games and The Walking Dead Game series

The Walking Dead Vitual Reality Game

The Walking Dead Subreddit


News from The Walking Dead Fans

The Ricktatorship

The Walker Stalkers

The Spoiling Dead Fans

The Walking Dead Subreddit

Undead Walking

TV Fanatic

Walking Dead Wiki


The Walking Dead Podcasts

The Talking Dead Podcast

The Walking Dead Podcast

Walking Dead Cast

The Walking Dead Enthusiasts


The Walking Dead Survivalists

Bad Lip Reading

The Walking Fred

Walker Stalker Con

The Walking Dead Locations

The Walking Dead Survival Cooking

18 Terrible Rick Grimes Jokes

Smash – The Best Walking Dead Memes


Walking Dead Suggestions By

Debbie of The Ricktatorship

The Talking Dead Podcast

Buy Men Stuff

The Walking Dead Enthusiasts

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