Amazing Everyday Hacks From YouTube’s Top DIY Experts

The “wow factor” for DIY usually comes in one of two flavors: “Wow, I would totally use that!” and “Wow, that is CRAZY!” Expert Igor Vichikov, who first caught my attention with his perfect Star Wars BB-8 Christmas Ornament, put together a list of DIY projects that come in both.


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Igor is the YouTuber behind the awesome DIY channel Inspire To Make, where you can watch him make anything from a leather wallet to a fully functional mini cannon. His mission is simple: “to make videos and cool objects.” Here are his picks.


1. King of Random – Sugar Rockets


mywebroom blog diy king of random sugar rockets

Image Via: King of Random


I think we all remember making soda bottle rockets in school when we were kids. Well the King of Random, Grant Thompson, does those one better with these simple sugar rockets that cost less than 50 cents each to make and fly thousands of feet into the air.


2. Inspire To Make – DIY Bullet Shell Headphones


mywebroom blog diy inspire to make bullet headphones

Image Via: Inspire To Make


Yes, you’re seeing that right. These headphones are actually made from bullet shells. I had to look twice, too, just to be sure. They might also be one of the coolest pairs of headphones I’ve ever seen, and if they were mine I’d wear them constantly.


3. Simone Giertz – Amazing Wake-Up Machine


mywebroom blog diy simone giertz wakeup machine alarm clock

Image Via: Simone Giertz


Okay, so maybe the wake-up machine doesn’t quite get the “wow, I would totally use that!” reaction, but I love it anyway. It’s just as effective as the alarm clock that forces you to get out of bed, but way more entertaining. And if you haven’t yet, be sure to check out the rest of Simone’s channel. It’s pretty great.


4. Colin Furze – Motorized Drift Trike


mywebroom blog diy colin furze motorized drift trike tricycle

Image Via: Colin Furze


You don’t have to be a thrillseeker to appreciate Colin Furze’s DIY motorized drift trike. What’s especially great about this project is not just the crazy amounts of fun you could have with it, but also how tempting it is to head to the garage and put one together right now.


5. Rulof Maker – DIY Underwater Breathing Device


mywebroom blog diy rulof maker underwater breathing device

Image Via: Rulof Maker


Anybody who’s settled for snorkling while dreaming of that big scuba diving vacation will appreciate this project from Rulof Maker. You might not be deep-sea diving, but you can go amazingly far with parts as simple as nail polish bottles and water botter bottle caps.


6. I Like To Make Stuff – Secret Door/Bookcase


mywebroom blog diy i like to make stuff secret door bookcase

Image Via: I Like To Make Stuff


I’ve seen a secret door behind a bookcase in just about every spy movie I’ve ever seen, and I’d be lying if I said I never secretly wanted one. Based on how simple I Like To Make Stuff makes it look to build, I might just turn that secret desire into a reality.


7. King of Random – TNT Bath Bombs


mywebroom blog diy king of random sea salt bath bombs

Image Via: King Of Random


The King of Random is back to show you how to make these homemade sea salt bath bombs, which frankly look good enough to buy in a store. If you’re hoping to blow that special someone away with a romantic gesture, this is the perfect project for you.


8. HomeMadeModern – DIY Copper Pipe Coffee Maker


mywebroom blog diy homemademodern copper coffee maker

Image Via: HomeMadeModern


Who needs a Keurig, anyway? This homemade pour-over style coffee maker from HomeMadeModern will give you a more complex, satisfying cup in just as little time. It’s also easy to make, looks great and is guaranteed to impress your friends. What’s not to love?


9. NightHawkInLight – How To Scramble Eggs Inside Their Shell


mywebroom blog diy nighthawkinlife unbroken scrambled egg

Image Via: NightHawkInLife


I have a confession to make: On a list that includes a tricycle that would be right at home in Mario Kart and a bookshelf straight out of a James Bond movie, this is the one that blew my mind the most. A part of me still doesn’t believes you can scramble an egg in its own shell.


10. DIY Perks – Make A 1000w LED Flashlight


mywebroom blog diy perks led flashlight

Image Via: DIY Perks


I can’t seem to go online lately without seeing at least one new article about some crazy military grade flashlight that turns night into day. Now, thanks to DIY Perks, you can make your own artificial sun, and you can actually carry it in one hand.


11. DaveHax – Emergency Spare Key


mywebroom blog diy davehax emergency spare key

Image Via: DaveHax


It really is the simple projects that impress me the most. This tutorial from DaveHax to get a perfect copy of any key in only a few minutes is so simple you probably already have all of the materials on hand.


12. Giaco Whatever – Iron & Wood Pen Holder


mywebroom blog diy giaco whatever pen holder

Image Via: Giaco Whatever


A pen holder may not be as exciting as a homemade rocket, but it’s Giaco Whatever’s craftsmanship that puts this project over the top. I can actually think of a different way to use this classy item in every room, from holding my toothbrush in the bathroom to displaying my silverware in the kitchen.


13. Make Magazine – Elegant Home Crafted Leather Satchel


mywebroom blog diy make magazine elegant leather satchel

Image Via: Make Magazine


Speaking of craftsmanship, take a look at this hand-crafted leather laptop bag that looks like it came off the shelf at an expensive luxury shop. Igor himself worked with Make Magazine to put this one together, and it really is as awesome as it is useful.


14. kipkay – Make Your Own Hand-Held Video Game


mywebroom blog diy kipkay video game

Image Via: kipkay


The Game Boy enthusiast in me fell in love with kipkay a little bit when I saw his DIY hand-held video game console among Igor’s picks. I can’t count the number of hours I’ve put into Tetris and Snake in my life already. Pretty sure that number is about to go up.


Want to find more great DIY projects that you’ll love and actually use? Click any of the interests in our DIY Lover room and start exploring!


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