Everything You Need To Be Ready For Game Of Thrones’ New Season

With season 6 of Game of Thrones getting closer every day, the anticipation is kicking into overdrive. To make sure we were all ready, I went looking for all the greatest resources, latest updates, best cast gossip, most hilarious memes, and craziest viewing party projects. Here is everything you could possibly need before the premiere to win the Game of Thrones.


1. The Ultimate GOT Resources

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You can watch every episode and read every book (and I recommend them!), but the Song of Ice And Fire is so big it’s almost impossible to keep up with every plot thread (what in the world has Littlefinger been doing?) and theory (R+L=???) on your own. Some of the best fansites and communities on the web have sprung up around Game of Thrones specifically to make sure nothing gets missed. Here are a few of the absolute best.


Westeros: The A Song Of Ice And Fire Domain

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With huge collections of information and one of the best ASOIAF forums out there Westeros is the biggest and most complete fan resource for the series. You’ll know everything.


Winter Is Coming: The Premiere Game Of Thrones News Source

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Winter Is Coming is the first place you should go to get your Game of Thrones news, but don’t overlook their great humor content and speculation, either.


A Podcast Of Ice And Fire: An Award-Winning Game Of Thrones Podcast

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I’m addicted to podcasts, and the Podcast Of Ice And Fire is a commuter must-have. The award-winning show is always insightful and always seriously entertaining.


Alt Shift X: Easy To Understand Analysis Videos

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Alt Shift X regularly provides some seriously deep analysis and surprisingly clear explanations of the series in easily consumable chunks. Most of these videos are around 10 minutes or less.


Because Geek: Video Predictions, Analysis, And More

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I’m pointing you straight to Because Geek’s season 6 predictions because I spent so much time watching these videos to prep, but make sure to check out her whole geeky channel.


2. Updates And Speculation

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Season 5 might have had the craziest end to a season of Game of Thrones yet. Don’t worry: I’m not going to spoil anything here, but it goes without saying that there are questions that need to be answered. Here is all the essential information you need to be ready for the premiere and the best theories to keep you on the edge of your seat the whole season.


Rolling Stone: Everything You Need to Know for Season 6

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Image Via: Rolling Stone


Rolling Stone put together a quick cheat sheet on everything that’s happening beyond the Wall, in the North, at King’s Landing, and across the rest of Westeros heading into the new season.


iO9: The Most Intriguing Moments in GOT’s Latest Trailer

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Image Via: Vox


When the last GOT trailer broke, the race was on to break down every frame and mine that footage for every secret it held. iO9’s breakdown was one of my favorites.


Inverse: 5 Theories Supported By The Season 6 Teaser

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Image Via: Inverse


If that’s not enough for you, Inverse takes a look at what the season 6 teaser footage means for 5 popular theories. Was your favorite pet theory confirmed or crushed?


The Wall Street Journal: How ‘Game of Thrones’ Became A Viral Sensation

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Image Via: The Wall Street Journal


And for a behind the scenes look at how the show got to where it is now, The Wall Street Journal has a great writeup of the effect of social media, blogging, and even Reddit on the show’s wild success.


3. Game of Thrones Cast News

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As good as Game of Thrones is, it’s even better because it’s so easy to root for all of the people involved. Whether it’s Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams taking BFF selfies, Gwendolyn Christie enjoying her action scenes just a little too much, or Lena Headey generally just kicking ass, this is one of the coolest casts on TV.


E! Online: Sophie Turner Recites Adele And Goofs On Kit Harington

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Image Via: Net-A-Porter


Sophie Turner is one of the many breakout stars from Game of Thrones, and has turned that success into a starring role in X-Men: Apocalypse. She’s also a totally lovable goofball.


UPROXX: The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Cast Poses With Their Action Figures

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Image Via: YouTube


What I love about this is that it’s not just one shot of the whole cast with their Funko POP dolls. It’s different cast members all being adorable and taking these photos at different times.


Vanity Fair: Gwendoline Christie Confirms Brienne Is A Badass This Season

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Image Via: Wilson Joshua Animation


If there’s one thing I know about Gwendoline Christie, it’s that she LOVES when Brienne gets to be an action star. So it’s good to hear she enjoyed herself a lot shooting season 6.


Teen Vogue: Maisie Williams Talks The Benefits of Playing Arya

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Image Via: Teen Vogue


Maisie Williams has been one of the most outspoken, charismatic cast members away from the show, and just like in this interview she is always a delight.


4. DIY Projects

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The best way to elevate your viewing parties to the next level is by turning your entertainment room into your very own King’s Landing. Maybe you can’t make yourself an actual iron throne, but there are Game of Thrones DIYers all over the internet who can show you how to craft the most amazing Westerosi projects. Here are a few of my favorites.


Victor Does: DIY Pallet Table With Map Of Westeros

mywebroom blog victor does diy westeros map table

Image Via: Victor Does


Okay, so this one is a bit of work, but how freaking amazing would it be to set up your viewing party around your own table-sized map of Westeros?


Craft Lab: Project Stick Direwolf Sigil

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Image Via: Craft Lab


Maybe it wouldn’t be the best long-term plan, but who among us wouldn’t stand up for honor and justice by waving the Stark banner if given the chance? This stick direwolf sigil project will let you represent House Stark without any of the danger.


Threadbanger: Mother of Dragons DIY Costume

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Moon of My Viewing Party! This awesome homemade Dany costume won’t just impress all your friends. It’s also easy to make and pretty inexpensive.


DIY Prop Shop: $15 DIY Game of Thrones Dragon Egg!

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Image Via: DIY Prop Corner


Of course, you can’t be the Mother of Dragons if you don’t actually have any… you know… dragons. So here’s a great looking, affordable DIY dragon egg.


5. Funny Game of Thrones

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Image Via: PBS


Game of Thrones can one of the heaviest shows on TV when it wants to be. The people involved seem to take special pleasure in breaking as many fans’ hearts as possible, and that’s part of why we love it so much. But that doesn’t mean there’s no room for fun. To finish off, here are a few of the memes and stories that brought a smile to my face after season 5.


Buzzfeed: The Most Hilarious Tumblr Memes

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Image Via: Imgur


Game of Thrones fans have to have some kind of coping mechanism, and that’s why Tumblr was born. When the worst happens, these human meme generators are at their best.


Newsweek: Siri Tries Not To Spoil Game Of Thrones

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Image Via: Newsweek


It seems like Siri is full of Easter eggs just waiting to be discovered, and Newsweek found a few great Game of Thrones related ones when they tried to get her to spoil the new season.


iO9: What Happens When The President Asks For Episodes?

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Image Via: Blogspot


He gets them, of course. Listen, it can’t all be foreign policy and Supreme Court nominations. Sometimes the leader of the free world has to watch his favorite characters die, too.


Jimmy Kimmel Live: Lena Headey Insults Jimmy Kimmel As Cersei Lannister

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Image Via: Vox


I mentioned how great Lena Headey is, right? Well, here she is being great in a sketch with Jimmy Kimmel, slipping seamlessly and hilariously into character.


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