Fill your WebRoom with Cool Furniture from Meb Rure Design Studio

By Aubrey Andel

If you want to add a jolt of color to your room or a cool and quirky statement piece, check out RURE, from Meb Rure Design Studio. We are excited to offer you RURE objects to add to your online room at!

Hailing from Istanbul, designer Meb Rure has won international design competitions and her newest venture is creating exciting modern furniture pieces that turn ordinary rooms into extraordinary spaces. Incorporating new materials and new forms, RURE pieces blend art and furniture in a gorgeous way that elevates design for living spaces.


Sit on this Recycled Silk Chair made of colorful, spongy balls of Nepalese silk to add a bit of warmth to your room. The wood is American white oak and the look is simply stunning.

meb rure recycled silk chair


Prop your feet up on the Recycled Silk Stool that complements your chair perfectly. Eco-friendly and atmospheric, it’s the perfect place to rest your weary legs.

meb rure recycled silk stool


Gather your favorite books and put them on the Has Been Read or Will Be Read section of your  Typograhic Bookshelf. Now you can clearly see your progress as you make your way through mysteries, romances and more.

meb rure typographic bookshelf

See all the latest designs from Meb Rure.

meb rure design studio

Go ahead and add RURE objects to your online room at, where you can access all your favorite sites by clicking the furniture in your room. Which amazing piece is your favorite?

meb rure furniture inside

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