Geek Out in the New Big Bang Theory Room

Let your inner nerd out and enjoy the new Big BangTheory room, available now for all your super-science needs! We have a good feeling that many of you out there are huge geeks and love to let your rooms reflect your love of science, sci-fi, and comic books. Let’s explore the new room, but stay out of Sheldon’s spot. That’s his spot.

Leonard and Sheldon’s room sports a lot of great items you can have for your own. The boys are heavily into science and technology, which can be seen from their choice in the Death Star-looking Jamo 360 music player, armillary sphere birdcage, Sony Aibo robotic dog and Map of Physics poster.

Fanboys will be fanboys, so the Big Bang Theory room is full of geeky things to drool over. Does the notebook look familiar? That’s the cover to Adventures of Superman #497, but you knew that, didn’t you? The poster on the wall is the familiar Flash Bazinga! print and another reference is sitting on the floor – it’s the Wesley Crushers bowling ball bag! Was that Star Trek: Voyager reference too much for you? We didn’t think so. And if you look closely in Sheldon’s costume closet, you’ll see the familiar Flash and – no, that’s not a zebra costume – Doppler Effect costumes.

If you’re looking to add Big Bang Theory swag to your room, check out the new additions in the store. We’ve released the BBT shopping bag, BBT social canvas poster, and BBT Clue board game items so you can place it in your virtual room or buy to place in your own nerd shrine at home.

We also know that geeks have a very particular taste when it comes to culinary delights, so we’ve lovingly crafted some new items for your food bookmarks. Thai food, Sriracha and chemical mugs make Sheldon Cooper a happy boy.

All this and more can be found in the new Big Bang Theory room. Go check it out in our store. You can get the whole bundle or sift through the items and mix-and-match with the other choices to make your perfect virtual room. Come on, do you think anyone on BBT would pass on this? Even Penny would like it, and she doesn’t have a Ph.D.

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