Get Beach Beauty Ready With These 9 Easy Style Tips

Spring is right around the corner and you’ve already researched your top vacation destinations, booked the hotel room you’ll be sharing with eight or so of your best friends, and started obsessively preparing to bust out that bikini and make a splash on the beach.


But without the right preparation, your plans for a little fun in the sun will fall apart faster than you can say, “Party’s over.” Check out these tips, and make sure you have everything you need to pull off the perfect beach getaway.


Have Your Basics Covered

In all the excitement to hit the road, it’s super easy to forget to pack the simple stuff, like a phone charger or a stick of deodorant. You should also count on needing some less obvious items like Advil and coconut water to take care of your body. Check out this list of even more must-have supplies to make sure you don’t forget to pack anything you’ll need.


Easy tips to be a true beach beauty

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Get The Most Out Of Your Makeup

You only have so much space for supplies on the road, so it’s extra important to economize by packing only the best beauty products. From an SPF foundation from BareMinerals that’s easy to travel with to an oil-free lip and cheek stain from BECCA that will actually repair your skin, the beauty editors at The Everygirl have picked out their top-10 beauty essentials for you.


10 travel essentials for the beach beauty in all of us

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Pack All Your Best Beachwear

A good foundation and an extra phone charger are must haves, but you’re planning to hit the beach at some point, too, and last year’s swimsuit isn’t going to cut it. Whether you prefer a bikini or a one-piece, or just want to accessorize your ensemble, you can plan your beach party apparel to turn heads with this awesome guide.


All the best beachwear for your next vacation

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Don’t Be Afraid To Get Creative

A little creativity can go a long way to saving money on supplies and space in your bags. Did you know black tea can help soothe a sunburn, or that the right sunscreen can actually double as an SPF foundation? In a pinch, you can even use Kool-Aid as a dramatic lip stain! That’s just the tip of the iceberg, though. We found a ton of amazing tips just like these.


Kool-Aid lip stain and other beach beauty tricks

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Save Your Skin With Good Self-Tanners

Today, we know better that even the UV light from a tanning bed isn’t worth the damage to your skin. But what’s a beach vacation without a warm beach glow? Luckily, self-tanners are better for your skin and look more natural than ever. Tanning expert Kristyn Pradas is here to help you pick the very best self-tanning product for your needs.


Self-tanners for your next beach trip and how to use them

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Show Your Locks Some Love, Too

Take care of your skin, but also remember the sun’s rays and the ocean’s harsh saltwater (or the hotel pool’s super high chlorine levels) are just as hard on your hair. Keep your hair healthy with the top nourishing oils, scalp protectors, and repairing conditioners, just like these.


Get the right oils, conditioners, and more to protect your hair this spring

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Keep An Eye On Hollywood’s Hottest Hairstyles

Nobody is more on top of the latest beauty trends than Hollywood’s stars, so what better place to get inspiration for your perfect beach look? Or, maybe you just want an excuse to look at these 43 amazing celebrity photos. That’s okay, too.


Get Katharine McPhee's beautiful highlighted spring do

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Katharine McPhee looks great lounging in the pool with her medium length cut. The understated highlights keep this low-maintenance look super stylish.


Get Gigi Hadad's simple surfer look this spring

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Gigi Hadid strikes a sexy pose with a surfboard. The simple center-part lets her longer hair frame her face fashionably without taking too much work.


Charlize Theon's pixie cut and more celebrity spring hairdos

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Pictured here with her son Jackson, Charlize Theron has never looked better than she does with her trademark super short pixie cut.


Know Your Hairdos and Don’ts

All that said, we understand if you’re not ready to set your glamor standards at Charlize Theron’s level. You can still keep track of the season’s hair trends to plan out the natural look that fits your face best, while avoiding the extensions or the perfect curls that will lose all their hard-won luster just as soon as your hair gets wet.

Find out what's in and what's out for your beach look this year

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Keep That Beach Getaway Look All Year Long

Spring may come once a year, but all this work to put together the perfect look doesn’t have to be so fleeting. Who says you actually need a beach to be a beach beauty? Not beauty and travel expert Lexi Tollefsen, who put together a list of items you’ll need to get that sexy seaside look anytime of the year, anywhere in the world.


Learn how to get that seaside look no matter where you are

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